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The Sims 3 v1.2.7 Update-RazorDOX

Friday, June 26th, 2009 - 11:10
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sims iii poster

The Sims 3 UPDATE v1.2.7 *cracked* (C) Electronic Arts

Date: 2009-06-26
Game Type : Simulation
Protection: DVD-Check

Game Notes

The freedom of The Sims 3 will inspire you with endless creative
possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise and
mischief! Create over a million unique Sims and control their lives.
Customize everything from their appearances, to their personalities and even
the home of their dreams. Then, send your Sims out to explore new locations
around town and to meet other Sims in the neighborhood. Go online to
download exclusive content and show off your own creations to the world.
With all-new quick challenges and rewarding game play, The Sims 3 gives you
the freedom to choose whether (or not!) to fulfill your Sims’ destinies and
make their wishes come true.

Important Note
If you have sims 3 v1.0.632 installed from WARG release you have to
copy the content of the -Before- folder to your gamebin
before updating.

Install Notes
1. Extract RARs
2. Install the update
3. Copy crack to install dir
4. Have Fun!






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332 Responses to The Sims 3 v1.2.7 Update-RazorDOX

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if you get:
“The setup has detected that the installed game region for this update is incorrect.
This update requires a differrent game region in order to be installed.”

you should install the razor release

Hey, at 21%, i’m getting an update error: invalid file found. Any suggestions?

I had initially downloaded RELOADED’s release, but then used that conversion fix to switch to Razor’s, followed by WARG’s .632 update. Any help will be appreciated.

Oh, and plus I don’t have any mods installed.

Waiting patiently.

This is where I’m getting the error at:


I’m getting an “invaild file found” error

i had this too but, after i used reloaded to razor1911 update didn’t work at all..
so install razor version then the update

I DO have the razor version installed ;_;

Oh no. I’ll have to download 5+gb again? Is there no other way?

Ahmed is having the same problem but he has the Razor version installed. ?

But I already updated to .632 so that might be the problem ’cause the updator thingy says .127 from .632

You mean it says 1.2.7 from 1.0.631.

Copy the files in the before folder to your gamebin folder first, then update. Let me know if this works. Cause I want to see if it works with the Razor version before I start downloading it again.


Yeah, I copied the files in the “before” folder and tried updating again and it worked! :)

Lol. Thanks Ahmed.

Guess i’ll have to start downloading 5+Gigs again.

This is extremely annoying. The game just closes by itself. The game updated perfectly and I did put the crack in place, and it loads for about 2 seconds and then it closes. It doesn’t even say anything about the disc. Also, the launcher runs perfectly.

Can someone please help me T_T, i just downloaded this patch and im runnin on 1.0.631.00002, but i keep getting “The setup has detected that the installed game region for this update is incorrect. This update requires a different game region in order to be installed” plz help >.<


Go to regedit, Navigate to HKLM\Software\Sims\The Sims 3

One of them is SKU. Double click on SKU and change Value Data from 7 to 2.

Try this.

@ Justin`

I had the same issue. I removed all the mods I had installed and it worked fine.

@ Maz,

OMG thx dooD! ur tooo smart xDD, appreciate man.

Oh crap, lolz now im getting the 21% Invalid File Error T_T

Same here 21% file not found right after copy help_updates.html

Can I install the patch and run the game smoothly without removing custom content? I have Razor version installed

try and if don’t update remove it, then reinstall content

Wait, what exactly is this “before” folder, and where ccan I find it?

but it says the save game will also be removed, I also got Invalid file error while updating

where is the before folder..can sum1 tell me that please

“The setup has detected that the installed game region for this update is incorrect.”

I am using the razor release. No mods installed. I copied the files in the “before” folder. Regedit has NO SKU entry to edit.

The update does not work for me.


dooD! The before folder comes with the rar file you download, after you extract it you should have three folders (Crack, Update, and Before) it should be there man :P


Are you sure there’s nothing in the regedit? make sure your following the right steps man: Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > EDIT SKU (Right click > Modify) > Change the value to 2. It should work man.

Also has anyone fixed the 21% Invalid File Error yet!?? or found a solution?

hey i used the reloaded version with the patch that made it a razor copy and i had a problem with the wrong region thing…than i tried the regedit trick and it worked but then i had a problem with a certain help file which said ”invalid file found”
so i uninstalled my copy(with the option to keep my save files and downloads untouched) and installed the original razor release and finally i updated the game!!and no black screen and stuff like that…


so that means I have to download 5gigs razor version?

Try replacing all the help files with this

yea me too im also getting the invalid file error though i have the .631* version installed what could i be doing wrong? tried everything before folder cracks everything nothing seems to work here….

I am getting an error during setup at “code_version.txt” what is supposed to be in that file?

Hey i have problems when it will installed the update at the data: code_version.txt (includes: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11190 Changelist: 624575 )

It always said ”invalid file found”

where do i paste the files from the Before folder? I don’t see a Gamebin folder in Program files. Please help me, I think I ‘m quite close

ps: this is something i downloaded to change my RELOADED version to RAZOR.
no need to download 5 gigs again.

Never mind, I guess I have to… it’s such a shame. :(
I copied from Before to gamebin, but I still get that error. Tsk…
Thanks for the help all. Get you a RAZOR version if you don’t want problems… :( Seeya.

the help pages cleared my first error of file not found at 21% Thanks Anon! But now i have another file not found at 87% after the copy of the file sims3gdf.dll

i am having the same error at 87%,can someone help me?

thanks! it worked!

I have the same error at 87%, I tried everything, but it doesn’t work anyway :(

Had “invalid region” all the time, edited register file, got error at 21%, added different help files, error at 87%…
I installed a pre-release version, installed Razor patch to get it to the proper version, no mods or anything :(
(Also tried copying the razor files again, and the ones from that ‘old’ folder..)

i am having the same error at 87%
Can someone help me?
or upload the file :”Sims3GDF.dll” ???
So I will see if works!

is this the game? or only an update?
i downloaded and extracted the RARs.
i now have three folders, ‘before’,'crack’, and ‘update’.
where do i go from here?

when i click on the sims 3 icons in the before and crack folders, nothing happens. when i click on the update icon in the update folder, install shield opens, and it tells me that there is no version of the game to update.

Is it possible that someone can upload their Bin folder from before the update?

Getting “Bin\code_version.txt” not found error. Anyone who can manage to update the game may upload that Bin folder for us?

Copied those bin files, applied the update, worked like a charm!
Thx for the upload Checker :D

so to summerize:
had reloaded version, used razor patch, no mods
changed register value for the “invalid region” like AznDooD said (Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Right click > Modify > Change value to 2)
copied help files from Santana
copied BIN folder from Checker (message above)
applied update and copied above mentioned razor crack
works now!

If someone could put the bin folder in rapidshare links i would appreciate. The links above are out of trafic

I need other link, because this:

Full Bin

is out.

Help Please

Likewise, I’d really appreciate some rapidshare links for the bin files uploaded :)

This is my first upload to rapidshare, so I hope it works :D

These are the Bin files ;)

Hm, mine still gets the error at 87% with those RS bin files.

Me too, error at Sims3GDF.dll file and i have sku value at 2

After installing the Razor version of the game, the update works just fine.

The game works fine too, but sometimes when I ‘save’ after long periods of playing, then it crashes :( . SO i recommend that you save periodically to avoid an issue like this.

I had the razor version, tried everything – bin files, help files, changed the register value, but i still continued getting the 87% error. I got mad lol :D I uninstalled the sims and downloaded them again, and the update worked just fine. Finally :D

Jolanta send me the bin folder from the game updated on rapidshare

If you get an error at 87% you need to copy the original Shaders_Win32.precomp file over the cracked one in the Game\Bin folder.

When you cracked the game the first time you should have backed up the original files, so just copy the same ones back and it works.


i’m getting invalid sku file could some one upload a goodone

what is the bin files why it must be replaced?
after patching it should change the version on sims 3 game menu or not?

ThanK a lot

Can someone upload the help pages again? Rapidshare blocked the files ( uploaded by Anon. D:

Thank i can Do it This dosen’t work anymore. Can anyone upload a new one?

Agreed with Revan.
If someone could please reupload the Help Pages that would be awesome.

Hey I found the CZE_CZ Help files :D

(The previous thing was actually all the help files)
Also, if ppl can’t get past the Sims3GDF.dll file:

Here for anyone who wanted the Help files, i dont know if they’re needed anymore though :P (Originally Uploaded by Anon)

Hahahaha thx Kiku for the Sims3GDF.dll, but now im getting some 91% Invalid File Error >.<. Come on guys we’re almost there xDD

Ya AznDooD is right, it stops working again at 91%. It stop at, Processing: Game\Bin\bin\fr-FR\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll

im error at 95%
can someone help this thing out??

Yeah tnx Kiku for Sims3GDF.dll but nows error at 91% at game\bin\bin\fr-FR\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll, looks like the bin files pack isnt that helpfull

Uploaded the entire GameBin file that worked for me:

Just extract and place all in your Game/Bin folder.

Kiku i replace your folder in mine but when i star the launcher there is no update….so why did u upload you folder with no the update? i’m going crazy with this *******.

ok…now it stoks at 91%………….MERCY!

@ Voul and them others stuck at 91%

Finaly got mine done, just use the pack Kiku posted and


from this torrent (i used utorrent to select just them files so i didnt have to dl the whole thing) you could just dl the whole thing tho it seems to be a proper RLD -> RAZOR patch

soo,who should i listen to,Kiku or mcal???
plz respond….

and kiku,does ur patch incl. crack?


It works now, I finish installing the patch perfectly. I owe you one, thanks alot!

@mcal Omg! it works! i dont believe it! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

@Stiff replace the bin with this Kiku and the download this upload from mcal and the copy and paste the files in the bin

Thanks all.
Works for me now.

What I did…
Used the Bin folder Kiku uploaded.
Then used the helppages and Sims3GDF.dll files uploaded by Kiku.
Then replaced all files in the “Bin/bin” directory with the files from the torrent.
All good now.

Thanks again all! =]

Can somebody upload the 2files from the torrent plz

FullBuild0.package probleme :( (( 7 %

ok,i did everything…so,its updated now or should i run patch?sry for this nooby questions….

I think you should run the patch, here it’s just for we can apply the patch i suppose

The patch does not include any of the EXE files (Excluding TSHelper.exe, which is necessary for the patch). So no, it is not cracked.

Guys when i run the game it writes to put the disk..but when i run the crack it runs perfectly……why does this happen?

I appreciate the help of everyone who’s posted so far! :] I’m also stuck at 7% like Warco with that FullBuild0.package problem :/ Gonna try reading over to see if there was something I missed.


Thank every Body

in thailand Gammer has same problem

But now has Clear Thankyou

can u give me the link?

Thanks lol

Jerry from india pleased to see that the game works with riverview after seeing u guyins opinion

Ok Warco, I downloaded the fullbuild0.package file via a torrent and was able to move past 7%. Then I got stuck at that sims3gdf.dll file. So gonna go try to find that ^^

Didn’t think I’d get to the end but I did. Thank you sooo much everyone for your help. Whenever I hit an error, I just downloaded the one file I needed from torrents. The torrent link Voul posted was very helpful.

I have a big problem.Whenever I tried to update from 1.0.631 to 1.2.7,there was always error File not found at 0%.The file is D:\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\StaticPages\Common\av_update_bg.png.I do not know what to do.Plz help me!!!!! I tried to download Kiku’s patch but it was corrupted.Can anyone help me,can u upload the whole bin folder for me,plz?

Hey Guys i had downloaded the Reloaded Version of the game then i had converted it from Reloaded to Razor Then i changed the value of SKU file from 7 to 2 then i downloaded the Help Pages Given By kiku and tried updating and it worked

Thankz maz and kiku n everyone else for helping me out


ABC , the folder \Game\Bin\StaticPages\Common :

please i want :

plz someone re-upload the patch

and upload the two important files from the torrent to a downloadable link!!

Hey i have problems when it will installed the update at the data: code_version.txt (includes: description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11190 Changelist: 624575 )

It always said ”invalid file found”

how to solve?

I was able to update to 1.0.631. When I tried using the 127 update, I received the same error message as Lolicon. I followed the instructions and I fear that might have to download the entire 5Gigs again. *sigh*

hey guys, can I install the Reloaded version => update to 1.0.631 => convert to Razor version => update to the lastest version 1.2.7??Is that ok? I am not sure about it so I havenot tried this way yet.

CAN SOMEONE plz upload those important files from the torrent to rapidshare/megaupload here plz plz plz??

for code_version.txt , change :
description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11190 Changelist: 624575
by :
description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11195 Changelist: 625803
this can solve the problem …

there is someone who can give me this file :

torrent contains the same files uploaded by Kiku, Jolanta, AzNDooD …
first, download them and search your missing files …

OR :
it helped me, so it will help you and will help others. Share it.

Okay guys after a long tough time, i figured out how to get it to work!!
————————-This is for Reload Version—————————–
1. Uninstall Ur Sims 3
2. Reinstall Ur Sims 3
3. Use the Reloaded To Razor Patch
4. Keep Those Files
5. Use the Bin Files Uploaded By Jolanta
6. Use Helpfiles Uploaded By A whole bunch of People
7. Do the Regedit Trick (Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Right click > Modify > Change value to 2)
8. Patch It!
Now ur gonna get a couple of errors along the way of the patch, use those Reload to Razor patch files for the % errors like Sims 3.dlls and stuff!! it works!

Oh yah dont forget to put the Crack in after u fully patch it!

Guys, Thanks very much.I finally can update to version 1.2.7
Thanks again ^_<

help, the link you have given does not work. so could you pls upload them again?

post updated

plz plz plz reuploud the bin files!!!!!!!!!!!!

For vista the SKU is well hidden so here is what ja do! Press the edit tab and hit search. press find and type in SKU into the search field and check off match whole string only. Now keep hitting F3 until your in the Sim 3 file. Simple neh? Doesn’t take a comp genius. For those who know already sorry for the nag…

Can someone please explain this to me. I have the “The_Sims_3_v1.2.7_Update-RazorDOX” downloaded, inside is 8 files. I don’t know where to go from here.

Thank you AznDooD for your detailed, step-by-step instructions (July 6th, 2009 at 23.30). I got the v1.2.7 update patch to work after about 5 or so errors wherein the reloaded to razor patch came in very handy, indeed.

On another note, I had initially wanted to install the update patch to resolve music issues during gameplay (no sound from stereos/buy or build mode). The update patch will NOT fix it.

hey,so i managed to update to version 1.2.7 but it says i need a disk to play.i guess i need to crack it..but erm..i dunno how.can someone plz gimme a step by step guide?I wud really appreciate it.thanx a lot:)

@ AznDooD

8. Patch it <<< ???

what patcher?

the 1.0.632. thingy??
or the v1.2.7 ??

no worries.i got it done:) i was talking bout bout the 1.2.7 thing.thanxs for ur contribution in the forum.really make my day when i finally installed it:)

ok and now here comes the prob that i think i cant solve it.. need help..

while patching v1.2.7

Update Error: I/O Operationg Failed (Attribute Change)

what did I miss??? -_-

What exactly is the “before” folder?!?! Its not been explained properly and i don’t get it. What is it and what do i copy?!?! Can someone explain please? Thanks in advance.

If you have sims 3 v1.0.632 installed from WARG release you have to
copy the content of the -Before- folder to your gamebin before updating.

When I try to update, always gives “Invalid file found” error when it checks/updates “Game\Bin\code_version.txt”.

for code_version.txt , change :
description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11190 Changelist: 624575
by :
description=Version: 0.DL-0.0.11195 Changelist: 625803

This didn’t help. Is there any way to update 1.0.631 from 1.0.615?

Sorry, read through, and dl the whole bin file but i’m stuck with extracting a file called ggtr00b.TTF from kiku’s bin file. and now it’s holding error during the patchup.

where is the before folder? aftr extrcting the download, there’s no before folder..AND can anyone write the steps that really works?

Important Note
If you have sims 3 v1.0.632 installed from WARG release you have to
copy the content of the -Before- folder to your gamebin
before updating.

Maybe it’s important, but where the hell do i find the before folder? i can’t find it, and i have the warg version i supose… because it can’t update first patch! help plz!

I installed Razor Release and it shows “The setup has detected that the installed game region for this update is incorrect.
This update requires a differrent game region in order to be installed.”

please someone help me .. ^.^

Does anyone know how to apply these updates for Mac version of sims 3, as macs cannot run .exe files? Running Razor’s versions 1.0.631 on MacOSX.

can someone please upload the 2 files from the torrent???…tnx in advance…

There’s no activity with torrent download. Can someone upload the two files from the torrent so others can get the sims 3 working.

Game/Bin/skuversion.txt from

Also it may be best if someone who has working version to upload all the correct files to get the patch to work. Because downloading from several sources is apparently confusing a lot of people! Thanks in advance.

When I download the file, there is no before folder. Only ‘crack’ and ‘if you dont have razor version copy this’ folder. Am I downloading the wrong file? I also get a
dfc-gorilla Error
Invalid file found

Game works when you follow everything they said above, but I still think someone should package everything in one. I think the torrent is the closest to having everything right.

Only problem is that the game crashes to the desktop for me, which is a problem A LOT of people have been getting with the legal and illegal versions and all my drivers are up to date. So I’ll be waiting for the next patch to come out!

I downloaded another entire 5g of the sims 3 razor version. When I run update_Sims3_1.2.7_from_1.0.631 I still get an Invalid file error. Help! I also tried updating using the game launcher I get the same error!

Yes, I followed the instructions.
I installed a razor version of the sims 3.
I install the update.
Then I get this shit

i have widnows 7 should i change the SKU? please help me

hey, i got a question lol ok, so here it goes. i have the razor version installed, got the patch to work fine right from the begining with the original razor files, EA donload manager says now i have version, but the problem is that when i click the Play button in EADM i get the error: “no disc of the game found” so i believe this is the uncracked version of the game, but strange, if i click on Sims3.exe game starts and runs ok, though the speed up time thing isnt going any faster than 1 speed even if says ultra speed, still runs at 1 speed lol. so, whats wrong? why EADM says no disc inserted, and why clicking directly on sims3.exe game works , but still at the slow speed?? i dont get it. plzzzz help!

sims3.exe is the old exe (check the version) it’s the beta exe so it has many bug …(the speed controls).. You need to apply the proper crack

I cant find good fullbuild0.package, can somebody upload it or something? I have version checker and it found out, that my fullbuild0 is wrong, it should be bigger, this is why I cant update it, so pls give some link. Thx a lot.

i’m having the some problem with fullbuild0.package, and can’t find in anywhere for download

This is it, I found it, it also contain fullbuild0.package and it works, there are two version, first is 1.0.615 (u can see it in skuversion.txt) and second the good one is 1.0.631 so if u have 615 u have to update firsty to 631 and then u can update it to 1.2.7 or 1.3.4 or to the newest 1.6, which is needed, if u want to play WA (World Adventures) so u must follow steps on this site :

It really works I did it few minutes ago.

hy,i have several problems,pls help me :(
so i cant instal the world adventure,when i am trying to instal it requeres the sims 3 update but when i am trying to update it it gives on eror the same eror i read upper but i cant handle it pls help :(

hi…my sims 3 version is razor final speed…i have a version 1.2.7…but i want to update this version to a version that will work for sims 3 world advantures…..can you help me…can you find me a working link to an update patch-…..please

i cant find Game/Bin/bin/fr-FR/Sims3Launcher.resources.dll anywhere and because of it loading stops at %88. do someone know the rapid links??

I have the ”invalid file found” when i try to update

I get the same Invalid file found but at the end, so i can’t really see witch file i is reffering to. Anyone knows how to solve this? (I already tried the help files thing, and now I’m downloading the bin, but since it is at the very end, I don’t think it will work)

Like I said, downloaded the bin files, and they also didn’t work =/

im using Vista and im unable to find the registry to edit. i saw 1 comment above about searching for it (“For vista the SKU is well hidden so here is what ja do! Press the edit tab and hit search. press find and type in SKU into the search field and check off match whole string only. Now keep hitting F3 until your in the Sim 3 file. Simple neh? Doesn’t take a comp genius. For those who know already sorry for the nag…”)
Following this came up with nothing. any other ideas??


I have vista and it wasn’t hard to find.
1. On the search space write “regedit”, click on it and five permission
2. Click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->SOFTWARE->THE SIMS 3 (maybe you have electronic arts before, please check)
3. Then, on the right you have a SKU file. Click on it and with a right click, choose modify and then change the number to 2.

Hope it helps:)

Thanks Mue for help , it works now :D :)


I’ve got Sims 3 World Adventures with version, but when i choose a family and he’s loading it, the game suddenly turns off to the desktop :S with earlier versions he did the same.. and the normal sims 3 (downloaded too) doesn’t have this problem..

Does anyone knows what’s going on?

I tried a lot of thigs: updated my driver (NVidea GeForce 6600 GT), reinstall it, turn my comp off and on etc.

Please help me =]

My version is but i can’t update to It’s giving update error “Post patch verification error”

What will i do?? Please help me :S

———–This is for Reloaded Version—————–
*1. Uninstall Ur Sims 3
*2. Reinstall Ur Sims 3
*3. Use the Reloaded To Razor Patch
*4. Download and replace the HelpPages file and the Sims3GDF file.
*5. Do the Regedit (Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Right click > Modify > Change value to 2)

NOTE: For the people that cannot find the SKU is because you have a 64-bit version of windows. Go like this (Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software >WOW6432Node > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Modify value from 7 to 2.

*6. Patch It.

If you follow this exactly how it is, you will updated your sims.

Forgot to post the HelpPages and the Sims3GF files.

Here is the link:

I hope this can help you guys save some time. I spend hours in this lol.

Im stuck at 97% tslhost.dll. What do i need to do?

Iodice try to use my TSLHost.dll file.
Replace it in c: > Program files > Electronic Arts > TheSims 3 > Game > Bin

Download it here:

can i get a from those rapidshare files?im still lost on what i should do here, im kinda downloading everybody’s problem’s still stuck on the “region code doesnt match with expansion’s requirements”

oh, and there’s only one folder in the regedit..Electronic Arts>Sims>The Sims 3>ergc with a (default) binary data registry entry

hi im at 88% because f XeroX’s instructions, i stop at “blabla launcher”. can anyone please help? thank you.

my problem is on Bin/bin, im at 88%, please, someone upload their working “bin” folder.

my error says “invalid file found”, it stops on Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll

This is my Bin, I hope it can help you.

hi guys, i am stuck at 89% need sims3launcher.exe can someone upload pls

XeroX, I downloaded your Bin file, but the “Game\Bin\Resources\ggtr00b. TTF” file was ‘broken’, and could not be extracted, therefore creating another “Invalid file found” error.

Need another Bin file, or just another ggtr00b.TTF file.

I pay good sushi =)

look peoples, quite a few people are getting the same error as me but no one seems to be taking note of thier posts. the sims 3 razor 1911, fresh install nothing done to it, when you attempt to patch (the 1.0.631 to 1.6) you get right to the end and it hits you with an ‘invalid file found’ error, and you cannot see witch file it is referring to as it is at the end. does anyone know how to fix this?

hi everyone, i got a problem that same like you. my error on updating, is located at “code_version.txt”. it message is invalid file found. i hope somebody on there can help me.

mm, my sims3 is reloaded version, and i never update my sims3 since the first installation (i dont know what version of this)

for the kindness, please help me everyone

i want to update my sims3 but it’s getting error and the messege is “invalid file found” at 11% when it is check FullBuild0.package
is there anyone very kind who want to help me? i have been stucked for 6 hours in my computer to fix this problem. T_T

For all those who are still having trouble with installing this sims 3 world adventure and/ or updating i think i may have everything figured out on how to get it working i was getting the same errors such as regional error and tried many things all of which helped me out and played a small part in getting the game working

I wanna try and get this Sims 3 world adventure working and i think i have …not to sure yet im currently trying my best to get it up and ready for everyone so by tomorrow i will post the steps i took that will guarantee yours Sims 3 updates.

what is the “before” folder

I followed XeroX instruction except for the for the no. 4 instruction. I only copied the help pages folder and did not include sims3gdf file. Thanks XeroX.

OK sorry for being some days late but had stuff to do its Christmas after all

Before i start i think i should say what most people should already know but just in case ….when u look at your Sims 3 version look at the last digit and download all updates ending in that digit .

1. You install Sims 3 game (all the instructions on how to install u should know already)

2. go to the Sims 3 directory (were u installed the game ) go in games>bin>look for the SKUversion file copy it and put it somewere safe u will need it for later.

3. if u have the RELODED version of Sims 3 or the (1.0.615….) which i had, download and copy whats inside this Rar to ur sim3 directory (Replace) /Sims_3.from_RELOADED_to_RAZOR_release_patch_GTI
If u have the razor version or the 1.0.631 version u don’t need to download file above

4. Next u must ,as was said before and i quote”Do the Regedit (Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Right click > Modify > Change value to 2)

NOTE: For the people that cannot find the SKU is because you have a 64-bit version of windows. Go like this (Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software >WOW6432Node > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Modify value from 7 to 2.”
( the parts wit the help pages and stuff i didn’t do it and it worked just fine u can do it if u think its necessary its really up to u all)

5.Next you then must go and download and install this update first
that is to change the version from 1.0.631 to 1.0.632

6. remember the SKUversion file i told u to keep get it and copy it into the sims3 >games>bin (replace it)

7. Now u can start with all the other updates (u can look up for sites u prefer to download from but this is just the patch from 1.0.631 to 1.8 (i no your version will say 1.0.632 but it will work)
[ click the 1.0.631 to 1.8]

8. now then u should be up to date and if u want now u can install world adventure

Ty for reading and hope it help …if u still getting problems which u shouldn’t …post your problem i will see what i can do

thanks a lot paul , my sims3wa is working now !
but, i still have a same problem during i install the 2.2 to 2.3 patch..
sorry for my english :D

thx for your time paul!! :)
I followed all the steps but still the same problem…
installation stops at 21% :(

Hey guys, I need some help please! I don’t understand this: (Run > Regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Right click > Modify > Change value to 2) THE CHANGE VALUE TO 2!
My sku says:
GameVersion = 1.0.631.00007

where do I have to change to 2?
This is not working. Could you upload it again please?

east indies – i haven’t installed those patches i only installed up to 1.8 then installed world adventure. i will try to update after WA and see if i get a prob and a solution . what prob exactly are u getting ?

rocker – were are u getting the installation prob ? is it on the updates or the game

magrifas – ok now if u go to start on windows XP u see run thats were u type in Regedit and the rest u look for (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Right click > Modify > Change value to 2) THE CHANGE VALUE TO 2!) its like the steps u look for to take .
On a vista pc go start and type in Regedit in the search bar .

Only other 1.0.632 patch i could fiind was a torrent
hope u know how to download torrents if not check google about it
Ty for reading and hope it help …if u still getting problems which u shouldn’t …post your problem i will see what i can do

Hi, all…I have been reading and I don’t see anything that relates to my prob.

I have game installed, Razor version. Everything runs smoothly…did all the cracks and copy/paste to the bin, etc.

When I load the game, it will go through all the splash screens and when it finally comes up, I get a message that it is detected that I have an invalid version of the game. I click on “OKAY” then the game shuts down. I can’t get past this one.
Thanking everyone in advance…:-)

Hey Paul.

Thanks for you post, i was able to follow it up to step 4 and now where my issues starts :) .

First for the files you provided under the rapid share link, you also have a crack folder, when i installed my game and applied the patch from 1.0631 to 32 i also applied the crack folder is this correct?

Second, for the updates from 1.06 to 1.8 there are two types one for the US and one for the Worldwide, the one for the US fails and reports an error saying ” detected region bla…..”, so i used the other one and it worked up to 21% then it failed. I think it is similar to Rocker issue it has to do with the update not the game. Not sure what to do, i will try to replace the help files, and remove the crack ts3.exe and the .dll file to its original and see what will happen. Looking forward for your response.


Did you apply the crack file?


Now i can get my installation up to 94% after applying the helppages folder as recommended from the other posts.

The problem i am encountering now, things works great up to 94% and it fails @ BIN/skuversion.txt any idea?

wohoooo never mind problem fixed. What i did, instead of following step 5 in paul’s post for copying the original skuversion.txt, i used the razor patch skuversion.txt and repaced it in my bin folder.

Things are running fine right now will try and run the game and see if anything comes up.

thanks for the help guys.

ok everything up to date now but, clicking on TS3.exe or the sim launcher will not startup at all. Any ideas?

in addition to my last post. The game was working fine before applying the updates, the moment the updates are applied i started to expirence the issue above.

Letty – the prob i think is with the crack , it seems it hasn’t been cracked properly . check your steps over again and make sure u put in the crack and in the right folder.

moe313fm – are u getting an error wen u try to start or it wont open ?
did u try restarting your pc to see if the installations apply. you can also try to replace the crack and try to start it again .

Thanks all…I think I prolly f’d things up LOL
I will uninstall, redownload, reinstall everything and use Paul’s step by step process…will let you all know how it comes out :)

hi everyone,
paul, my problem is when I do the update, its stops at 21%
the same problem as ‘moe313fm’
I read all the solutions proposed from the beginning, they all say that we must replace the file that stops the update, but all links don’t work !!!

UGH!! I keep getting confused on how to do the crack…anyone wanna get on CrossLoop and install it for me? :-)
My email is if so….

thank you for your help, I finally update my game
i have just one problem with the crack, when I updated my game the old crack does not work :(
if you have a link where I can download it… I’d appreciate it
thx a lot!!! :)

thx,I found the crack on this link

I’ve gotten to 95% and invalid error comes up at 95% skuversion.txt.

I followed paul’s steps but I think I have copied the wrong skuversion.txt.

Can someone please tell me what it is suppose to look like or upload a link?

GameVersion = 1.0.615.00107

Thanks Paul!!!

nothing works after installing the latest update “1.8.25″

riverview has disappeared!!! and all saves inside too!!!!!
when I load somthing in the first city, the game shutdown :-S

if anyone has a solution, I’m interested

nothing works after installing the latest update “1.8.25″

riverview has disappeared!!! and all saves inside too!!!!!
when I load somthing in the first city, the game shutdown :-S

if anyone has a solution, I’m interested
thx!! ^^,

After quite alot of reading in this thread, ive managed to get my prerelease reloaded version of the game updated to 1.8.25. Ive fixed the region code error and ive fixed all of my invalid file problems as far as the update wizards are concerned. However, when I attempt to install World Adventures I still get an invalid region code error. Im stumped and at a dead end.

I followed Paul(Mr. Bionic)’s instructions to get where I currently am, which worked for the most part but required me to manually edit my code version from 1.0.62 to 1.0.61 to get the 1.0.61 to 1.8.25 patch to install properly.

Henquist… can you please send me your sku file??

Well, I finally got the game working…don’t really know how…just a succession of repeated events.
Now…I don’t know how to play it!!


Thanks everyone for your help….

can some one plz give me a torrent or mediafire link for
rapidshare and megaupload dont work for me

Henquist – did u try changing your # in regedit to 2 for Sims 3 ? and i think u getting the prob because u manually edited your file i did that too to get WA install and it worked but i couldn’t get it playing in my instructions i said to replace your sku file with the original sku file that was in the Sims 3 directory before u started updating.

Jack – the prob with u is that u didn’t do step 3, if u did your version would be upgraded to 1.0.631. yours is still the RELOADED version what u do is , wen u download the file in step 3 , u extract into a separate folder and the files in there, u replace wit the files in the Sims 3 directory but make sure and save the sku file first before u replace ( Sku file that was in the original Sims 3 directory) i suggest u reinstall Sims 3 to get the sku file if u lost it

Nikolay – this is wat i could find on the patch for 1.0.632 hope it helps

rocker – when u start the game and u see the Sims logo wit the loading ,the words that slide across the screen …how does it look ?

hi Paul thx for ur time,
the game loads without problem, but I have one more line in the menu
and there is nothing written nothing but numbers something like this “93442803455….”
and I can not see “riverview” as if I’ve never installed and saves in it also
there are just “Sunset Valley” but when I try to load something in it the game starts loading and then it is reduced and closes without any message or anything :-S

In Sims 3 there is only Sunset valley .
Before u go into the game(family) try lowering your graphic settings and/or change game to windowed mode and see if that helps.

Hi, i did what you said, but now i even can’t launch the game. If i press the launcher, i have a message with “send error report and “don’t send”. Ofcourse i click don’t send, i try to launch the game with TS3.exe but nothing happens. Weird. I have razor version, updated to 1.8. Cracked game didn’t launch, non-cracked either.

I tried all the options you have suggested
but I still have the same problem
I think I’ll uninstall and reinstall from the beginning :-S
anyway thx for your help and your time :)

Guys, i fixed it up to 1.7 crack. The issue is there is no crack for the 1.8 update, i don’t know how others are getting it to work. But here is what i will suggest:

1- Don’t apply the crack until all updates are completed.

2- Follow Pauls step up to 4, when it comes to the sku files use the one downloaded from the “.rar” file.
3- Go to this site and download all the patches up to 1.7 DON”T download the 1.8 patch. As you are installing the patches one by one , verify that the sku file is changing version to the latest patch you have installed. The site is

4- once you reached and applied patch 1.7, now do a search in piratebay for sim3 crack 1.7 and download it.

5- once the download is completed, get the ts3.exe and replace it in the bin file.

You should now be good to go. I haven’t applied the 1.8 patch yet i am looking for the crack 1.8.

Hope that helped.

Guys, so i got sims 3 up to patch 1.7 and it works perfectly.

Then i installed the add on for river view and it also worked like a charm.

Now the moment i apply the patch update for 1.8 and then apply the crack riverview won’t show up anymore?? Any ideas!!!!!! how can we fix this issue????

I need the help pages link, it stops at 95% TSLHelper.exe and i guess ur link has expired. please help!!

Can anyone help me please??

wow.. i dont need em anymore.. downloaded xerox bin folder it worked!! now i can install TS3WA
thanks xerox

Ok.. I think im going mad now.. I installed worlad adventures after i replaced the sims 3 bin folder with xerox’s bin folder.. but now i get black screen on the loading screen everytime i launch any of the 2 games… what did i do wrong? and how to fix this?
I hope I’ll get an answer this time!! Thanks

oh i forgot to say that it also crashes after the loading is finished!!

Need some help guys. Stuck at 88% which is the Sims3GDF.dll. I think I need the razor1911′s new version of it? If anyone has a link for me to download it, it would be much appreciated.

hey guys. im really a noob at this.
after downloading this torrent, how am i suppose to install this patch?

can any one give me update for sims3 1.0.615 to 1.0.631
i want it plz????

there is no update for 1.0.615 to 1.0.631……………..but u can use this:

for every1 whos having the problems with the update
go to your sims 3 game folder
there u should have a file called “default”
open the file
change the “GameVersion” to
it should work now

- It worked for me!! :)

I got the Reloaded release so I updated it to Razor. However, for every update that I throw at it, it will always say that Setup detected no version of the Sims 3 is installed, even though it IS installed in my C drive. Can anyone help me?

Those with ”region problem” change sku, you have how in the posts above… then you should download and get ”before”, ”crack” and ”update” folders… from ”before” folder copy to game/bin… if installation fail, it will be because of some file, which you can copy from sims 3 disk.

btw…someone have registration code for world adventures?

Need some help guys. Stuck at 88% which is the Sims3GDF.dll.

same as Joe … please someone post the link to the Sims3GDF.dll … i’ve been downloading stuff for 5 days now… i want to make it work so i can finally install world exp…

Hey guys

Done everything I can, but still can not upgrade. Says the region code is wrong, despite using the registry.fix, Regedit and everything else. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Any ideas?

@Matt have you tried downloading the update for another region? For some reason i had to get the Digital Download one…

@Fred Sorry for being a pest, but where did you get the different versions? I’ll try anything at this stage :D

this is the page i hope it works for you…

i still need the Sims3GDF.dll …. anyone???? =(

@Fred Thanks! It did start to update but it also stops for me at around 87% at the Sims3GDF.dll file. Crazy!

JAAAAAA i downloaded another version (razor 1911) and now it all works =) stupid patches and stuff….

Any chance you could post the Sims3GDF.dll to here? I can’t torrent anything at the moment, at Uni.


I’ve gotten as far as “Sims3_1.8.25.003002_from_1.0.631.00002″ update. It starts doing it but crashes EVERY single time, saying something about an invalid file, it took a while but I managed to ss the updater, it dies at 21%, something about gamplay.package (I THINK! it goes too fast so its hit and hope with the ss button)

anyone got any ideas or suggestions how to get past this? its further than i’ve gotten before :s

I’ve tried pretty much EVERYTHING, got all the patches, tried every suggested way on the web ! I’ve ran into several problems and the current one is having that 87% problem with updating from the PATCHES on the WA DVD its the SIMS3GDF.DLL I need now, anyone ???

Can anyone help me with my problem? I can’t even get the updater to start! Whenever I try to update it says that no version of Sims 3 was detected in my comp. but I know there is!

downloaded the help like a charm. thanks a lot :)

Can someone help me?
I’ve the 1.0.631.00002 razor1911 version patch and when I try to install the 1.2.7, it says “Invalid file found” at 89% in Game/Bin/Sims3Launcher.exe

Any suggestions? =/

SIMS3GDF.DLL file download:

Please help me! I had a crack version of the Sims 3 before I purchased both games, Sims3 and WA. Now, when I’m trying to install WA, it says Update Error: Invalid File Found. I tried to remove all the downloaded content, but I still get the error message. Any suggestions?

Actually it didn’t quite work I can’t load my family in WA,half way thru loading game crashes.

Okay Guys I really need some help from someone!! I have downloaded the patch and got that working (Thanks a million by the way) and now Im working on getting WA up and running. I have it installed (took me forever but am finally there) but it keeps telling me to update… So far things have been going well in all the updating until right now!! I am getting an error that says my content_version.txt file is problematic. I have replaced the file with the original file from the original install and even tried the one required to run WA with no success. I have checked online to see if there is a number off in my file but everything seems to be in place. This is what i have Version:1.Content.Devtest.1397
Any Ideas????? If anyone has a purchased copy let me know what you have (ps its in the sims3\gamedata NOT in game\bin)

it i work after patch from here

and patch HelpPages from here

then change sku version from 7 to 2.

thank million guy who help here.. now i can play WA without prob :) .

when i downloaded razor and installed and then tryed to update it gave me an error about the dl setup thing was missing or something and now i cant play the game or uninstall it i need help bad

Anyone can upload the sims 3 common files?

Can anyone help me? Im updating my sims 3 version (1.00.631) to version (1.10.6). Because its says Update Error: Invalid file found

maybe you don’t have the right update.
what version is when you try to play the game.
also if you can play the game, why you want to update ?

help please i can`t patch my sims 3 because of this error…dfc-gorilla error…i have no mod…and i remove all the gamedata,resource,cache… but still have that error please some help me… with that error please…

…i think nothing wrong will happen if sims 3 is updated/patched per version (not yet cracked) and crack it after the latest/1.10.6 version is patched…

oh great…now it’s looking for the “DeltaBuild0.package” file…does anyone have it?

oh…here it is…for those who don’t have the DeltaBuild0.package:

for all people who has got following troubles do this

If you got the region error
Find the Run on Start Menu
and press enter
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Sims > Sims 3 > SKU > Right click > Modify > Change value to 2(probably 7 to 2 and don’t change anything beyond this)) (on 64 bit Machine it would be wow64 or similar)

If you got the code_help.txt error

then Download Reload to Razor File
coz that trouble probably happens the version that has been written inside the file
I have changed to the Reload version but nothing worked infact Reload version is not the final version that’s why you can not patch via your launcher
the solution is download this file (torrent) and replace with ur files in Sims 3 Installed Directly (do it correctly if u don’t it won’t ask any overwrite message)

if you got the Help_Updates.html trouble (any language)

that’s it then you can proceed with expansion or the World Creator beta

Download the World Creator (free without register)

and you also need to Crack your Executable file after u patch at every-time so make sure u got the latest patch with along the crack

you can search the Crack from this site

you can patch ur game via launcher or if you lazy or need a redistributable
file then open up the launcher and look at the shown latest patch file’s version
then search that on Google so you can find dozen
I can’t give u a specific site coz it will update time to time but the basic procedure goes like that way also if you don’t have any trouble with the Original version then don’t afraid to move on any Expansion pack (current one is Sims 3 World Adventures, till this date 2010/04/08 )

notice that you can still find that files if above links don’t work from or searching by via
(use to bypass the region)

I can see some people still got troubles with various files so I suggest you to move to RAZOR version then IT WILL PROBABLY ALL RIGHT (sorry for caps :D )
(you can find the link to razor version from reload on above )

I suggest you to always use Razor releases coz they are reliable and got the real RTM core ,if you on razor version and have got still troubles it means it’s time to re download your Sims3 again coz I could not fine any solution beyond that – but you can try above procedure if it doesn’t work then re-download)

Some links will be suddenly disappeared due to some morons flag on those links so it’s better to notice the file names and download them from either or by searching on

if you got the better result plz don’t forget to mention that coz other people may see that

Hi all
Thanx Every one and GOD!! i GOT IT FINALLY AFTer reading for ours!! got a setup dll prob downloaded da file….once again thnx a lot…srry but may be will not visit this page….

i downloaded torrent file from

i also had extracted it. but it came with 001 files, 002 files. I don’t know how to install them.

Does anyone have the sims3launcher file??

no… no…
I don’t need sims3launcher file…
What I need is “code_version” text file…. I need the fixed “code_version” text file… Plss…. I need it…
thanks a LOT!!!!

every time it finished patching is closes saying that the wizard was interrupted, and that it could not complete.. what could be the reason

I am getting invalid region error while updating patch… I searched registry but there is nothing such as SKU… I have only ergc inside sims… what to do?? please help….

Hey so, i’m trying to update my newly installed sims 3. & when i open it, it works.. but when the game actually starts it says it cannot verify if i have a legit version. how do i fix this? please someone help. i’ve been trying to fix it for almost a week now & am loosing my mind about it.

Hey everyone:
Finally got it going past the Sim3Launcher stage.
How? I used the torrent given repeatedly in the posts.
At first I thought it wasn’t working because I kept getting the Sim3Launcher error, but then I realised that there was MORE THAN ONE SIM3LAUNCHER FILE.

What I did was replace my Sims 3/Game/Bin/bin folder, but this also had the same problem (Sim3Launcher error). So what did I do? Well I screamed for a bit and called EA every name under the sun. Then I replaced my old /../bin folder (from the reloaded to razor patch), and copied each Sim3Launcher file individually for every error that came up with the update.

For those of you who just want the Sim3Launcher file(s):
Here they are:

Instead just replace it for every Sim3Launcher error given (e.g. ../…/xx/Sim3Launcher.resources.dll, where you replace the file with the appropriate one from the xx folder, where xx is something like ‘fi-FI’ or ‘es-MX’ etc.)

Sorry for the long post, but I like to give as much info as possible.

I’ve just installed the 1.4.6 and I’m now trying to install the 1.6.6, the problem is that it says “invalid file” and exits the installation, what can i do to stop this?

I copy-pasted the skuversion file more time, the installation did run a bit longer but stopped after a while again.

What should I do?

Problem in 7% – FullBuild0.package

guys i need the Sims3Launcher.exe file very bad pls hlp me…!!!!

I have the same problem as 1-2 others.. in the regedit, there is no SKU. In said The Sims 3 folder is only a file called (Standard) of type REG_SZ. Using Win7, 64bit, not english. Would appreciate some help..

it took FOREVER to download the sims 3 last year ._.
when the update starts, it stucks at ‘sims3launcher’, saying that exists an invalid file. i’ve the same problem as skull.
i’ve been trying this for a year! jeeez! can anyone help me?
thank you.

@None: Are you in Regedit/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/Sims/The Sims 3? Took me a whole day to figure out it was in the wow6432node folder since I’m running 64-bit and everyone else’s instructions were for 32-bit.

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Hi, I can’t get ANY of the links for the update to work. Keep getting ‘file removed’ notices or there are no seeders or peers to download the torrent.

Can anyone help? Are there newer locations for this?

Help!i m stuck at 97% when i was installing patch 1.2.7!Can anyone help me?How to solve this?

do you have the sims 3 razor1911 version ?

I’ll show you how to do..

1st download this 7 parts mediafire links: – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6 – Part 7

This archives will generates an setup.exe, RUN IT! don’t be scared, you will see messages like, you are ’bout install “aofhsldgjnlodskjf mòsàòlsiahn dlfahsdnò ofnaòsdnklfjòasldfò askj df ask” and shit like that, DON’T CARE! Press “next” and select the desktop as directory to make the installation..
You will have 2 folders on your desktop now:
“Game” and “Gamedata”.

1. From the Game folder you gotta take the “Bin” folder and put all of his content into the you game directory, like C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin REPLACING THE EXISTING FILES.

2. From the Gamedata folder take the “FullBuild0.package” file and replace the one living into your directory, like C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Gamdata\Shared\Packages

3. Follow the Tetris steps in the “Sim3Launcher stage” (LOLZ) downloading his “Bin” folder HERE: replacing your own “Bin” that you got into your “C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin”

4. Download the uipoB HelpPages HERE: and put it into your game directory.


peace to everibody and thanks to all of you that help me in this bitch!

Oh, I forgot the last step.. CRACK THE GAME.. u can use the crack contained into the Razor torrent good torrent, got seeds, works fine!

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Its says “Windows cannot access the specified device path or file You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item” Everytime i try to run the setup.exe, i’m completely baffled as to why?

do you tried this on administrator account ?

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i didnt get any -before- folder in my patch, only seeing 001, 002, 003 files.. why?

open 001 with winrar and extract

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Can someone upload your updated bin folder please? I keep on having trouble with damn code_version file while updating.

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Need a copy of the \HelpPages folder but links here are not working anymore. Anyone care to upload their copies?

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Fantastic. Followed the instructions and it installed like a charm. Thing is I haven’t tried it yet because I’m not sure which launcher .exe to use. :P There’s Sims3Launcher.exe and S3Launcher.exe in the Game/Bin folder, are there supposed to be two?

Alright, just tried both and they seemed fine. Both said the game was updated to 1.2.7 so I imagine it worked perfectly. Will test the game now, thanks a ton.

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soo.. i found my SKU in Regedit/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/Sims/The Sims 3 but my value is already set to 2? any ideas?

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can anyone reupload the skuversion.txt?

I tried updating my game to version from 1.0.631.00002 but fails at 95%. I tried all the links above and the torrent files for razor’s patch for the skuversion are not working. Can anyone please be kind and share me a link to the file? Thanks!!

I copied the files in before and replaced them but when i update it from update folder it says that it detected no version of the sims 3 :( ….I have already sims 3 razor 1.0.631 and did the Sku thing ….but it still makes the same error …any help will be appreciated :)

Please post new links as the above links have expired.

Please. :(

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