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Fifa Manager 09 Update 2-RazorDOX

Monday, January 19th, 2009 - 01:09
407 Responses

FIFA Manager 2009 Patch 1.2 (C) Electronic Arts

For all who leave comments here :) (also here is the full game if you need it)

Game Notes

-Live Ticker: Referee pictures are displayed (user generated content)
-Live Ticker: Number of assists is displayed after a goal (league matches)
-Live Ticker: Team Status is displayed
-3D match improvements (Version 3)
-3D camera improvements (TV and free camera)

Install Notes
1. Extract RARs
2. Install the update
3. Copy Crack to your install folder
4. Play


Manager09.exe (crack)
FIFAManager09Update2.exe (patch)

crack, patch

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407 Responses to Fifa Manager 09 Update 2-RazorDOX

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Is this also the solution of the sacking problem?

it should, now i don’t have the game to try it

apo ellada alexi?

IT IS WORKING! First I installed update 2 and then I put the crack. I already simulated 2.5 years and everything is working absolutely great, even with my saved games! Long live RazorDOX!

i don’t think this crack is too good: 1.I on health cluj beat 12-0 in the cup but they qualify it further
2.I beat in the UEFA Cup CSK Sofia 3-0 in the round, 2-0 in the return, but they go in groups X (
3.i beat 3-0 on the otopeni, but in the press are asked if they are under pressure after
defeated with otopeniul

In the stats are correct, so you’re talking about the bug that the game recalculate

I just simulated it and it passed. Tonight I will test it further. Please test it and post.

so does this fix the sacking after the end of the season?

Matty that is for sure! Also 3d game is working too. I just want to check if everything else is ok too. I ‘ll post the results.

Does anybody have problems with the game crashing all the time

why i can’t run the patch on vista?

I hadn’t such a problem. May it is better to uninstall the game kai re install it. Then apply the patch and then crack. You don’t have to install update 1 first.

Really works¡¡¡¡¡ thank for your fantastic job. No more sacking at the end of the season. thank…… thank…… thank…..

Is it real?

Great job razor… thanks was dying to play the game

it´s only for english version or works in other languages?

Thanks for your response, and forgive me if my English is not correct.

does it really workz??? i dloading it now..i will report it here when i install it…please god :D

totally works!! thank razordox a lot mate!!!

u can now play how much u want,without getting sacked :D with pirate version

Well i did download and install the patch…. after testing i found that although the sacking bug is fixed there is some kind of a crash bug in it………… whenever i save my game and then later on i try to load it the game crashes…. any one else is havin the same kind of problem? is there any cure to it?? please reply

Hey Mohit, dont worry. It seems the crash is a bug in the game. It is hoped to be fixed in the third update of the game. Below is the quote from their site (;

“Important: There is rare save game problem in Update 2. If a save game is corrupted and doesn’t load anymore, don’t delete or overwrite it. It will be possible to continue your game with Update 3. We would like to thank you for patience and apologise for the inconvenience.”

how can i install the update i don’t know how to do it…. it is an unknown file… i use win xp…please help

this is a joke…

a few months after the launch, and they still can’t make the god damn game playable :|
a very very bad joke actualy…

Ok I now that this has nothing to do with the patch :D but I don’t know who or where to ask….. What does it actually mean, in general orders for crossing position…. what is difference between choosing “by-the-line” or “deep”.. Can you please explain me what does it actually mean???

Hmm … nothing change … i get sack before the first season … i dont know what to do …

the crack works perfect if you start a new game.. saved games NO!

It fixes da sacking problem at end of season but when i started season 2 i cant watch any 3d matches it comes up as text mode wtf. Fuck these cracks for fifa manager 09 no one will be able to crack it proper so everythings works i’ll just buy da game itz only £17.99 on ea website

to avoid the crush just make a new save everytime you save the game, don’t overwrite!

Finally :)

Update and crack r just great :)

hi everybody i have a problem the patch don´t work on vista can anyone tell me what can i do? sorry if my english is so bad :)

i need a register code.

i proove centenaries of this codes and any cant works?

sorry for my inglish
can somebody help me?

What kind of application file is the update… it a rar file…… i downloaded thro ie and when i open the file i get the openwith thingeeee ,so i have to choose a program !!!! plll help

open with winrar

I download the crak but when you open this winrar it shows : COul not found the dll archive ¨GfXcore.dll¨ error 126.

What i do?

i get the same message too when i try o start the game

@ wiz thats what i waz doin saving da game all da time not over writing but still crashes even just after i win a game waz crashin & didnt make it 2 da saving screen 2 save it waz pissin me off. i bought da game now & just used da latest update 3 & no more crashin all works perfect :)

Thanks for the upload!!

so this works then..? that sounds wounderful if thats the case

Heyy !!! Thanks for all the comments…..Pl tell where do i get the crack for update 3 bocz when i installed update3 and open the manager 09.exe file,, it asks for registration code so plzzzz give me the crack for update3

Heyy !!! Thanks for all the comments…..Pl tell where do i get the crack for update 3 bocz when i installed update3 and open the manager 09.exe file,, it asks for registration code so plzzzz give me the crack for update3

I have downloaded the Patch and my OS is Vista.
The patch doesn’t installs on Vista for some reason.
I get the Administor premission window and I press OK but then nothing happens.
Please Help…

This is the link to the latest official update, UPDATE 3 out on 16th February.

I’m linkin this so someone able to work it out can release the files we need to play it.

Good luck

WARNING: in order to play with UPDATE 3, we need a new proper CRACK!!!

So no use of downloading and using update 3 until we get the crack for it…… right??? Anyone got the link to the crack please post!!!

i hope we don’t have to wait another two months for a proper crack….

I saw at another site that someone played with Razor update 2 crack with the update 3 and everything worked except he couldn’t play with the save games that crashed.
Did you guys try this thing?
And did anybody with Vista managed to install the second update?

No, it will not work fine: the game load and you can play, I suppose, but you need a new crack built from the new .exe if you want to see the improvements of update 3

Anyway, can you link us to this discussion you were talkin about?

Hi guys.
I just checked this thing out and there isn’t a sacking problem or something.
There is just one BUG I have seen and that is every game in the world is 0-0. nothing happens. No attacks no free kicks, nothing.
This is the only problem this crack has with the update 3.

I just finished my first season…i started my second.. i saved a new file and couple a quicksafes…now every save is crashing when i load it… can anybody tell how to solve the problem???

send me an email pls…

yes plz (razor) or reloaded we need a crack for update3

plz ppl forget about update2 and its savegame crashes

we need crack for update3 asap

hey ppl,it works with razor crack for patch 2,but there is a problem,when you play text mode,always will be result 0-0,nothing happens,you just got 0-0,computer controled teams,who play same day,got the same – 0-0. shit shit!
razor please,we need crack for patch 3!!

do anybody know razor mail or way to contact him ?

go on checking u shud ger a wrkin crack for update 3 in the next few days

No update on gamecopyworld, because of the serial protection which contrast with the site policy

why you all need to play with the update 3? it works just fine now, they made up this update to install new bugs for those who don’t have the “orginal game” and untill a new crack will appear :) just play with update 2 and have fun

^^ because update2 is unplayable .. the game crashes while loading
savegame .
and update3 fixed this error
so we need crack soooooooooon

how long do we have to wait ?
plz guyz respond ..
is there anyway to call razor or reloaded ?

Ahh my savegame crash… anyone have an cracked update of 3?

I reached year 2028 and the game never crash @ OS Vista (making a new save every time) so it’s your problem not update 2

Instal update 2 copy 2 files from FMDATA (Default.tmx and Default.tmx.extended)
then instal update 3 and copy this files to the folder FMDATA

copy Razer Crack

gl hf =)

@ qw1k
thnx in advance .. but i’ve 2 ask :
r these 2 files to fix the problem of every match end wiz 0-0 ???
that happened after installing patch3 then applying razor crack ..!!

btw where did u get this way ?

@ qw1k
i tried wut u said !! let me say 1thing
ur rly prince .. :D IT WORKED
thx sooo much the game is normal now
but i still wana no how&where u got this way ??
ppl , try this way .. it works

Thanks, guys I am extremely happy abt this….But what abt the saved games , i mean i am still not able to continue,,,,,, when i load that saved file, fifa manager 09 exits,,, is there any way or should i again have to begin a new game…but thanks for this particular workkk,, it’s awesome , Continue to keep in touch
thankx qw1k (who ever u are)

“@ qw1k
i tried wut u said !! let me say 1thing
ur rly prince .. :D IT WORKED
thx sooo much the game is normal now
but i still wana no how&where u got this way ??
ppl , try this way .. it works”

it works but a new game with CaC-Modus doesn’t work – there are no teams etc.

we must wait for a crack.

no it doesn’t work, not better than the razor crack for update 2. The saves crash always at the same dates(half-january of the first season for my part). Not the solution. unhappy

agree with maxi, still save games craches. need new crack

@maxi & @xxx :
did u try the way qw1k said ????????!!!!!

yes i tried. it works simply like update 2. Games don’t finish on 0-0 but saves always crash at the same time than update 2 cracked

did u try 2 uninstall the game and reinstall it ???

yes mido. Also, I restarted a new game because saves that crashed didn’t work and the result is the same: fucking crash! You will know it probably one day. I have tried everything but this game is a big shit even for people who have bought it. Too many bugs that prevent to do a sure game.

lOOk maxi : wut if i said i got it work just right now ??!! :D
i passed jan and even farther
im surprised 2 .. but i guess its bcuz i use autosave and never
touch F9 ! maybe its the reason i dun no

mido i played 2 full seasons and now in the 3d it crashes in mid JAN \: be carfeful about savin in these dates;…\:

thnx gogo
till i pass 2 seasons same as u ,
sure there’ll b a working crack for update3 hahahah :D

hey mido add me on msn naguib_nader@hot……

yes mido it works with autosaves. i’m in the middle of 2nd season but i have to avoid crash in returning behind so i have to replay some matches. But i’m asking until until when…

we need a new crack, someone please help us.

hey guys
from the comments it isnt clear what will happen in jan of the 3rd season
anyone tell us if it will crash out or nt

i did what qw1k said but all my savedgames r crashing & i cant play the game anymore
so any news about the razor crack or reloaded crack

when is the new crack coming? i have not played this game for about 2 months now and i am desperate to play it again since update 3 came out.. we need a new crack to rmv this registration thing :/

Please please can some1 make a crack for update 3? lookin forward to the bugs it fixes

i did the same like everyone told here, its only my first season so dont know yet if the game will crash
i did have the problem with every result being 0-0
i solved that problem with what qw1k said
but besides that 0-0 bug i also noticed that not one club/team in the world buys or sells players, except free agents
this is also a serious bug which i cant determine yet is solved with qw1k’s method
can anyone confirm this

ppl … its so easy :

1- qw1k method
2- use (only) i say it again (only) AUTOSAVE .. that means :
dont use quick save or SAVE AS …!!!!
3- all work perfect after using 1+2


mido, do u get some sort of bug where other teams dont buy or sell players?
just need confirmation this dissapears after qw1k’s method

@ the don
no don .. maybe u’ve to reinstall the game !!
anyway i deleted the whole game :(
i dont trust bf for the most buggy game in the world
im waittin’ fifam2010

Guys i have same problems as you.I played a season,and i got sacked.I installed update 2 and the crack but when i try to load a game it crashes and get me out.Same when i try to start a new game.Does anybody know how to fix this shit?It s a shame to have some bugs because it is the best manager game.Please guys tell me if you have a solution!Guys i forgot to tell you that i have already unistalled and installed again!

Mido i have followed your instructions carefully however i still have this draw bug (every result ends 0-0). So let me tell the steps again

1) Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2 (razor or official one?) (not the exe)
3) Move the two files (in another folder)
4) Install patch 3 (official)
5) Copy the two files back to FMDATA and copy manager09.exe (the razor one) back to fifa manager directory

is this working for you? (not getting 0-0)
also autosave can be a pain in the ass but every week autosave is ok i suppose.

The crack and the patch does not work on vista, when u try and open the crack it begins to open and just freezes, and when you try to apply the patch it does nothing and does the same for update 3.

No update 3 does work just the razor crack and patch which means the bugs are not fixed does anyone know why this does not work on vista?

Ok i got patch 2 to work but now its asking me for a registration key and i tried alot so far and none are working can any of u be of some assistance??

CRACK for update 3, A.S.A.P…please

i have the same problem whith you thrilosthyra7.please someone help

i wonder why is that as long as this game has been out that there is no proper way for it to actually play correcty i mean fm08 worked perfect with the torrent why cant this one? So im stuck playing football manager 09 whihc i have to say is really different than fifa manager 09. I think the best manager game is anstoss 2007 but the torrent ahs no seeders. Well i hope when fm010 comes out someone will have the correct crack and patches.

gauros try changing a team this can help. Even if u dont manage to play the game you will at least wont feel “kalpikos protathlitis” :P

sry nasos 4 the late reply
1) Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2 (official one)
3) Move the two files (in another folder)
4) Install patch 3 (official)
5) Copy the two files back to FMDATA and copy manager09.exe (the razor one) back to fifa manager directory
6) all problems are gone now even 0-0
7) use only autosave and advice : try 2 play every jan month one time
i mean dont close the game on this month
8) have fun wiz this crap game :S its my opinion

Hey mido your right this is a crap game i advise everyone to get football manager 09 and just downlaod the skins faces and logos do that and u have the pretty game that fifa manager provides. The match engone in unrealistic all fifa manager is a pretty game people dont waste your time on this shit game.

what mido said work perfectly…i did that and work like a drema no more 0-0 and BTW if you look at the fifa exe after u install the path3 u will see the game version is still 1.2:D so crack 1.2 will do for patch 3 as well;)


crashing’s happening and with autosave…(after 2-3 seasons) and it’s impossible to continue the game…

Are we waiting for some new crack,patch,etc. ?

STRANGE news .. update 4 will be released
so we’ll have 2 wait for a crack for update 4
so RAZOR forget about update3 crack :D
and all ppl forget it n wait some time till we get
update 4 … what a sh*t game

Hey mido where did u hear that news!!!! I am not gettin it… Tell me How many of u will actually buy Fifa manager 10….

I am really gettin fed up with this crap!!!!!

praveen :
i heard this @ the game official website forums
go to the blog and u will know every new
- i -myself- took a decision that ill buy fifa manager 2010
it deserves .. look @ the website and read about the new
improvments for the game .. guess it will be great game
but about fifa manager 09 , idk anymore

does anyone got crack for update 3 please link then ?

dw harkan .. since there is a crack for update 3 , ill post a link here asap.
but till we put our hands on update 4 .. we must find a way to contact
RAZOR . we need his mail or anything to inform him .. anybody has an idea?

What????? There is a crack for update 3…..Pl give the link …..
or is it that, copying those two files from fmdata.
What is it.. I cant wait for update4…When will update 4 get released..

Any one over here plays fifa 09 in ps3. plz give me ur id so that i can add u guyzzz

But mido if you got a crack for update 3 cant you please link it then ? pls?

yes guyz if i got (real) crack for update 3 , sure ill post it
but all we got are (crack for update2 + the 2 files story) = not real
crack for update3 … but it works anyway .
ill wait for update 4 and its crack coz i think it will be the final update
for the game , it will has database update and player pictures
so its a nice add to the game
so if we waited about (1 month) to get the update4 and the crack
we will enjoy playing the game till october !
and then we will have the greatest game ever fifam10

man, post the real crack for update 3, i dont care for update 4 i wanna play
will take some time to real crack for update 4 be made.

YES update 4 is available now as kaka said
now we want crack for it
i feel we will find it soon this time- dont worry ww3 ;)
we just need someone to tell how to reach razor or reloaded or any1
able to make a crack !

Now what. Wait for the crack to come and then install update4 or is there any other way ..

so how much more time we have to wait :) its been almost 6 months till we dont have any real fix to play pirated version of fifa 09. wish i m a cracker and i would have cracked this god damm game.

please cant razor post a crack !

someone try qw1k method on update 4 and give us feedback
im tired of installing the game many times :(
here is the way :
1- install update 2
2- take the 2 files
3- install update 3
4- install update 4
5- replace the 2 files
6- post razor crack for update2

someone try this plz and if any1 will do it
dont forget to check : 0-0 problem and transfers between other
teams in winter is it normal !
by the way .. update 4 has the name and the pictures of all real
EPL managers and refrees ;) enjoy

im going to try this, but how do i know if the saving problem still lasts ?

we already agreed that using (only) autosaves prevents saves crash .
but at any case try to play jan month all in one time
and dont be late to tell ur info ;)

well i m using the pacth 2 posted here of razor and razor crack. earlier i used to have save loading crash but for last few days i did able to load my new saves by using save as options and closing the game by alt-f4.i dont know why but i m into my season 5 now.but game is crashing while playing sumtimes but in loading its not a problem until now.but i m afraid next moment i will try to upload a save it will crash hahahahaha.


wtf? post a direct link to the crack plz

dont click that link guyz .. hes an idiot

I followed everybodys instructions, everythings working fine untill i load my game it crashes and then the game doesnt respond at all, can anybody help?

what update do u play with ?
anyway we say it again and again and again
to AVOID saves crash .. use (only) autosaves
and DONT use quick save !

i hope we have crack for patch 4 soon

I have used autosave i have never saved it myself and i removed the default files then isntalled 2-4 updates, put the files back and then started playing it was auto saving alot and then it crashed so i went to reload the game and then it just kept crashing everytime, on every auto save.

I did it this way:

sry nasos 4 the late reply
1) Install FIfa manager
2) Move the two files (in another folder)
3) Install patch 2 (official one)
4) Install patch 3 (official)
5) Install patch 4 (official)
5) Copy the two files back to FMDATA and copy manager09.exe (the razor one) back to fifa manager directory
6) Play!

so dez we can say that u (only) affected with the save crash
but all the other things went right …….. ?
i mean 0-0 problem
and transfers between teams in jan are ok?
for ur info save crash differs from one to another

everythings fine yeh, just the save crash is my problem. Jan transfers are fine too, everythings great, just when it auto saves i cant get back on my game.

Right the saving games is working but i keep getting 0-0


what two files are you moving in step 2???

DEZ .. u r playing wiz our minds dude :S
plz be clear and straight in ur words next time
we try to find a solution not to mix things up
HARCAN .. u said ull try
what is ur result?


Seems Crack4 doesn’t work well…

It works,but with crashing again as we can see… :(

strange i never got 0-0 problem so far.i normally simulate jan month. And i use multiple save as option b4 leaveing the game. and i close the game with alt-f4. sometimes sum loads dont work but as i m using multiple save games it works perfectly.

by the way i m not making anyof u guys april fool. :)

#Assasin: where have you found crack 4?

i m not using any patch other than the links posted above.

does anyone try install update 4, use d 2 file from update 2, like mido said, n crack using the crack for update 1??

i don’t know it’s work or not,
it just my opinion…

my friend told me that EA didn’t give more security in update 4,
he said that d security in update 4 just same as in update 1..

i’m no longger a FM 09 user,
since i’ve been sacked in 4 july 09 from my own team…
thats d independent day of US, actually…
oh my,
EA suck!!!

have a nice tried…

Hi Bros!
i m new here…
Just bought th Fifa Manager 2009 (The cracked version ofcourse,Coz in my country the origional version is so expensive that worth that money one can buy himself a whole new Pentium 4,or a Nokia N73 music edition)….I am very glad to find that u guys here are doing a holy social work….

I am sick with the game coz of just one thing…..When i cancel a 3d match….it TOTALLY recalculates the whole match….I play career mode…so when i score a couple of goals with my player…i cancel the match so that the REST of the match is recalculated in instant result mode….but when i see the result….Its a total whole different result there….the WHOLE match from very start gets recalculated….Now that problem is fixed in Update no 01…..But when i install the update 01….the game fails to work….and gives the error
“Manager09.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
Now i surfed internet for the solution for a week and found this place that could possibly help me….
Please HELP!!!!!!

Mate i tred the following 3 ways.
1- Update 01 +Razor crack….the game failed to start and crashed every time that i tried to run it…
2-Update 01+Update 03+ Razor Crack…..Got the 0-0 result problem in every match…and the match recalculated from the very START when canceled in 3d mode
3-Update 01+Update 03+Update 04+Razor crack………got the same 0-0 result problem in every match…and the match recalculated from the very START when canceled in 3d mode.

Please Help with the “Whole match getting recalculated from the start when cancled in a 3d mode”…Please…

and the most important thing that i forgot to mention:..

Ea sucks big time….

match getting recalculated is not an issue mate. if u quit games in fifa 09 u lose 3-0.and i think its fair. and i dont want to call EA sucks since they have instal new anti piracy method.By the way i do beleive EA sucks for quite a few other reasons hehehehe.

Come on…cant anyone give me solution to the Whole match getting recalculated problem?…
Is there anyway to run a pirated version with update 01…..????

@ tommy jax : read from the first comment
OK guyz i give up :(
ill try it myself
ill install the game , patch1 , patch2 , take 2 files .. , patch3 ,
patch4 , paste the damn 2 files and then put the patch2 crack .
feedback on monday or tuesday ..

@ SAPPY and @ MIDO:
Call me dumb…..or whatever…..but i didnt get what u guys wana tell me….I read the whole thread and there is not a single post about the whole match geting recalculated from the very start when u cancel a 3d mode…Like for instance….i am playing career mode….and in a 3d match i scored 3 goals with my player,lets say “Mido”…,if i cancel the 3d match at this point….the remaining part of the match will not be recalculated…but instead THE WHOLE MATCH FROM the START gets recalculated…so when the results of the match comes….its differs to what u expect it to be…now this problem is solved in Update 01 by EA….I read the change log and in the end they wrote that its fixed….but after when i apply the patch…the game does not work and when i apply the razor crack….the game crashes as soon as i double click the game icon…..

please help me with this if u guys know anything….Please put it in simple words…..

@tommy jax
like sappy said .. y u have to cancel or exit the 3d match b4 its end
u will be considered as withdraw player .. so its a normal result
there is another thing : getting different results was a problem
and it was fixed after patch 1 or patch 2
so all u have to do is :
1- DO not cancel 3d match .. just complete it
2- install update 1 + crack (ull find it everywhere)
i recommend u to wait till i test the game with update 4
and tell u the full result to enjoy the game updated to the max

Ea also thinks the recalculatiion thing of the WHOLE match is also a problem thats why they fixed it in Update 1… let me copy it right here from the change log:

Fixed Bugs:
· – canceling the match just recalculates the remaining minutes of the match
· – several rare crashes (e.g. scouting, personal life) removed
· – several other bugs are also fixed

I really want patch number one to work…….

i tried the new update number 4 and with the razor crack with copying the 2 files it works but with out the new featurs added there is only new anotpad icon in the game and they added most of the faces of real players but all what they saidin patch 3 or 4 was fault or the crack dosn’t link these new features so al you have is wait for the crack for patch 3 or 4 and it will work with all new added things this what i think

Waiting is a very difficult thing to do….
By the way who is going to creat the crrack?…

All i want is update no1 to work….

like what pato ..?
am about to try it right now !!!

Guys, guys… Stop arguing… It’s useless. I’ve been watching this thread for a month now. If Razor or Reloaded or any other were able to crack this game, they would have done it a long time ago. They seem to be powerless against EA’s new anti-pirating tactics. I my opinion, even if they succed in cracking update 3 or 4, it will be so full of bugs that you can’t even play it.
So, in conclusion, we are waiting for something that more likely will never happen.

can some1 send me the files
cuz im nt able to dl

my email
thx loads and lots

hello there. i dl-ed the files but when i copy the crack the game won’t start..
any1 can help xD

mcduba razor cracked same anti piracy system in fifa 09. if u use first versions of cracks which i used to use u get sacked in manager mode after season 1. so i have downloaded new crack from gamecopyworld.So its not that they can’t trust me they can. but this game is no where near popular to fifa series. so the urge of spending time is lot less.

so i have to install update 1 with crack before go with update 2?

dont use any crack b4 updating. use crack after all the updating is done.

I guess McDuda is right…… I dont think that wanyone will be able to provide fully funtional crack for this Fifa manager 09…. By the way so far i have noticed only minute changes in it…. I mean there is not much difference in 2008 and 2009 version….Just appearence wise its different…and that talent points thing is also eye catching….but there is no introduction of new club facilities or stadium expansion items….
But is pray some day a hero comes up with a prorper crack…

OK GUYZ .. time of FEEDBACK :

i did that :
1) Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2
3) Take the 2 files
4) Install patch 3
5) Install patch 4
6) Put the 2 files
7) Put RAZOR crack for update 2

and the result is …… WOn-derful
everything is working – database is awesome and updated
pictures of EPL managers and their names
i mean ALL is OK
but in the end , i decided to uninstall the whole game :(
its no longer the game that satisfy my needs towards football
i mean enough with fifam09.. sick of it
im looking forward to fifa manager 10 and its my final decision
coz everytime i read about fm10 improvements compare to fm09 ,
i get the feeling that i must over it !
btw .. fifam10 is a revolution to the series in everything : 3d and
editor and database … all will be massively great
wish u luck guyz and ill still here for any help

thanks mido for the info

Hii …
May I Know What IS The ”3) Take the 2 files” ??

i try to use da fm09 one more time..
i’ve tried the way that u’ve told..

the sacking bug was gone!!
in the third season,
the game crash!!!!!
damn, EA..

sappy: anytime dude
zack: review the thread
zzz: save crash problem differs from one to another
so all i can say im sorry for u pal

I did ur thing…the game was running fine…but i got 0-0 result problem…..and the recalculation of the whole match was still there…

and i research the whole thread and couldnt find the two files trick either?.

the 2 files is responsible for 0-0 problem
those files are in fmdata folder
their name are default.tmx and default.tmx.extended
but .. about (ur) recalculation problem .. i give up

Thanks mate…I quit playing Fm 09…..I started playing fm 08 with patch 02 again…and am having fun..
i dont think that any1 wil ever crack fm09 or fm 2012,,,

im happy for u pal
and bcuz there is no one able to crack next versions of fm properly
i decided -finally- to buy the fm10
i dont think ill regret it

can someone help me? i did exactly wat you sed cyan and i stil get sacked at the end of the season please help!!!!!!!!!

i think your all just full of shit, this patch is is a deadweight its good for nothin you lot must like wasting time

so u mean all of us just BS ? may be u got time but i dont. i will post some caps of my manager series.and i m not using original 1 since i can’t get any in india.and i m afraid to say that even if i want to buy fm10 i cant get 1 unless its atleast 8 to 9 months old. pls see those dates. and i m also making a website for my Team U.K.Indians F.C. :)

well that cyan is certainly lying about this patch, when i install patch 2 then add the crack to the installation folder the game wont even boot!! it keeps saying ‘has encounterd a problem and needs to close’ everytime!!!!! i dont understand why people say it works if it does not? can anybody tell me how to play the game without gettin sacked? or maybe cyan explained it wrong? either im doing it wrong or someone likes winding ppl up!!!!

Finally it works perfectly…

Patch 4 + Razor Crack for update 2 + Auto Save = No problems (finally no crashing problems)!

I’m not sure if it works with manual save…!

Cheers !

assassin did you have the problem where it crashed evrytime you tryed to boot the game?

and also where do i find this ‘patch 4′ ???

my mistake, i was using crack that came with the game i dwnloaded and not the one posted at the top of this page i simd 2 yrs n a bit and no sacking, my apologies ! thanx ppl!

ur welcome


ur welcome

as i said..don’t know if it works perfectly with maual save…but auto saving is fine…

dear oh dear, i have a problem, i started with tamworth in the blue square north and ive managed to take them to coca cola league 2 and now wen i load my game up it crashes and takes me back to windows!!! sumbody help! i made 6 different saves of my game just incase of sumthing like this but all of them refuse to load!!!!!

i dont know if anyone else is having or had this problem but the league system has been messed up! no more play offs just automatic promotion for example in the blue sq north the league winners gain automatic promotion and 2nd, 3rd, 4th ,5th battle it out in the playoffs….wat the hell is happening? sum1 please explain as im really getting annoyed at it! thanx


1- install update 2
3- install update 3
4- install update 4
5- replace the 2 files–REPLACE WHAT 2 FILES?
6- post razor crack for update2


forget that last comment–i found a cure!

I have done what the crack has told us to do and it is working like a charm. I am guessing for the people for whom the crack encounters problems its just bad luck honestly. I am playing with The Spurs and am in season 5. And guess what, I did not get sacked, my 3D match works, i do not get 0-0 scorelines, and no other problems! Thanks Razor for cracking this game! Hopefully this is the recongnition you deserve which noone is giving u. Cheers mate!

#chalkie: where?


Dunno mate…it works for me perfectly..i had the same problems with Patch 3—crashing problems after 2-3 seasons…and now with Patch 4 + autosave (every 3 days) it works fine…

@ chalkie glad 4 u pal .. but tell us what is ur cure to make all benefit

mido, or any one else…

i need help,
how to playable all league,..
i mean,
i’m indonesian and i can’t play league in my country..
i’ve try to edit the country in editor manager,
i make it just as same as league in england,
but still can’t..

anyone know or try to do that??

now i play with update 2,
and there is no problemo with all bug..

someone can update the files
Default.tmx and Default.tmx.extended
of update 2 for me?
or the crack for update 4?

Hey Assassin friend, I read every comment and I was like “wtf will I be able to play it”.. In my country (Bosnia) I don’t know if I can even get the original game, so I buy the cracked one I mean pirated version. I’m asking now do I need to install patch1 then 2,3 and 4, then crack it with crack for patch (update) 2 so it works.

OR – do I just need to INSTALL patch 4 and crack for update 2 without any other patches, and to turn AUTOSAVE future on, so the game works normaly.

Please ASAP some1 and u awcorse, answer me and help me, I apreciate it.

I followed this instructions by Mido:

OK GUYZ .. time of FEEDBACK :

i did that :
1) Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2
3) Take the 2 files
4) Install patch 3
5) Install patch 4
6) Put the 2 files
7) Put RAZOR crack for update 2

and the result is …… WOn-derful
everything is working – database is awesome and updated
pictures of EPL managers and their names
i mean ALL is OK

And the game crushed before I started to play 1 match decently, I choosed everything carefully I was so euphoric and happy to see 1st match, but just when I finished with tactics etc.. game was down :S SO FUCKING STUPID by EA. At least if the game was 20 Euros and not 40 Euros, I would buy it, cuz like this it is to much expensive for me :S :S omg

Some1 pls if u find solution please answer me, and Assassin please answer my quastion when u see it and read it.

Thanks guys :S we need some valid solution to enjoy this game :(

Hey mate…

Don’t know..strange problem..I (and we all) had a crashing problems,but in my case it happened after 2-3 seasons…and my game didn’t get crashed when i wanted to launch 3D match,but when i want to load save (save made maualy).

The problem is not because of bug in game,incorrect patch etc.–that’s for sure…Game is published to work fine till start of 3rd seson.

Can u play any match by instant results,text or videotext mode ? Check does it crash when u play in that modes…maybe the only problem for u is launching 3D match…and the only possible reason for that is probablly old VGA drivers..or bad Graphic card..check it out..and write the results… !

ey it’s not, I have really ultra PC, etc… but please read my 1st post, I asked, which is ur way u instaled patches and start playing..

and if I buy only ORIGINAL KEY – from friend, and put it then if I crack with a crack which I had in my CD case when I buy pirated game, and if I then install all other patches will it work normaly?


Dunno…if that doesn’t work now—probablly you’ll not make it working and with “original key”…
Every 1 pirate has to work…has to be able to run the game normaly… at least 1 season…Bugs in game coming later…

but ok..u can try…

btw…for few months Fifa manager 10 will be cool it down with 09 and wait for 10 :)

Assasin, can u up on rapidshare or megaupload the files of update 2 for me?
I wanna play and i dont have the instalation DVD. But my game is with
Update 4.


u can download it by the links in previous posts…

Well I followed instruction by Mido, and it seems it’s working so far for me very nice. First crash problem was becouse I have bug with my XFIRE program.
I must block fire ingame so there is no problems with FifaM.09.

Btw. so far I was with AUTOACCEPT every 3 days, I even tryed one manualy loading was working fine, then everything else was also working fine.
I’m near of half season and I play German league.

I must add that I never tryed to quit 3D match when I watch it, I didn’t wanted to risk getting that bug defeat by score 0:3 for oponnent :D :D probably I will not try it afterall cuz I like to watch games in 3D when they are interesting…

Well thanks for any help by Assassin and anyone from this forum, I hope this post will also help u in guidence for ur game. I will report if I see any bugs in future but I hope there will be no reason for doing that :D

Assassin, i’m not find the links

so guyz ……. wana control all ur players on the pitch ;)
i mean wow .. itll be gr8est fun ever !! :D
i want ur opinions u want or not ?

Yes I would like to control them Mido :D pls help me..

if u say me it’s possible I will buy u a ‘present’ :P


mido, i wanna play first, i cant load my games ho crash and i cant find the crack for update 4 on internet. i am almost losing the hope about this game.

MIDO !! :d do u have solution

loqzeyyyyyyy .. wheres my present :D
ok man .. open the folder where u installed the game
u’ll find a file named .. user.ini
open it and write this command anywhere
take care write this as it is i mean big letters
dont forget not to choose a specific player to play with
and choose decide b4 every match
now enjoy controlling all ur players and have fun
dont forget my present ;)

ww3 .. pal if u cant follow the steps then plz quit the game
i dont play it now btw

Man thank u very much, I will do this for sure.

But tell me I downloaded some FUSION patch, does that have something to do with this also ? =)

If this FUSION patch is not working I will just do it ur way. I will give a link from FUSION patch here so ppl can know what I talk about, so do u, even I know u already know about this, u are a pro =D=D

It is so hard to control players on the pitch and play against oponnent…

cuz controls are shit and gameplay by players are vbad.

This is amazing, is there any way to fix controls or to make game easyer =D

Hey guys what files do u mean with remove 2 files?

ehm..i can’t catch u up guys…about what u’re talking when u say “control all your players “…what kind of control ? what options ? for what is that control ?

yeah liqzey controls are so bad .. whole gameplay and controlling system
is just shit i agree . actually u’ve to accept it as it is or not .. its ur decision.
@assassin : we mean that u move control every player with kb or gampad ..
come on assassin is it too hard to understand ?????? o.O
control = make bass , shoot , through and move . got it ?

thanks mido, i just have to get a iso of fifa manager 09
for follow the steps.

Hey, I’m new to this comments’ page.
I downloaded the update patch 2 and also the crack. But as soon as i double-click the icon (game file), the EA Screen in the beginning is displyed. BUT AS SOON AS IT IS DISPLAYED, THE GAME CLOSES!!

Maybe is ur video card, o u need virtual memory, hey mido, can u upload the files for play?

what files for play ‘ww3′ ..

man u have every file above just don’t be lazy to explore this web page.
U need to go UP and read all post’s that’s the only way u can get this game to work with cracked style.
And if u ask me I recommend u to use MIDO style since Assassin didn’t explain his style good enough, but for me style from Mido is working.

Every file u need can be found in first posts of the page ;) hf

Yeah mido..i got u…

But i think i’ll not install that…We all know what is a job every1 manager has…definitely that is not to control all players,but to manage them :P

hi….excuse me, i had a problem with the game, i tried the simulation and every single game end with a draw, even if i played normally,my match is the only one that will have a “true” result, others will end with a draw 0-0…this is how i put the patch and crack to my game:
a) install fifa manager 09
b) install patch 2
c) install patch 3
d) install patch 4
e) paste crack for patch 2, the one that u give at this page

i’ve read your instruction and two things i didn’t understand, “take the 2 files” and “put the 2 files”….what 2 files? what do you mean by “take” and “put”?

i am telling about the 2 files the wonderweis is asking, i dont have the game, and i dont have the connection to download this game. So can somenone up these files?

@assassin : haha dude do u love watching every game while doing nothing :D
god bless u mate :D
@wonderweis : the two files names -afair- default.tmx and default.extended…
why you guys such lazy to scroll up and read posts to know how to do it ! o.O

hi how are you guys
plz i need the crack for fifa manager patch 3
if there’s a link plz comment it back
thank you :)

1) Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2 (Default.tmx and Default.tmx.extended)
3) Take the 2 files
4) Install patch 3
5) Install patch 4
6) Put the 2 files (Default.tmx and Default.tmx.extended)
7) Put RAZOR crack for update 2
everything is ok, no draw result, save game fix

1) Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2
3) Take the 2 files (Default.tmx and Default.tmx.extended)
4) Install patch 3
5) Install patch 4
6) Put the 2 files (Default.tmx and Default.tmx.extended)
7) Put RAZOR crack for update 2
everything is ok, no draw result, save game fix

ehe….thanks a lot…everything works fine

this is the link for the fm10 blog .. all fm10 newz

enjoy reading it

after all the updates of 2,3,4… everything seems ok but when i wanted to created a new game, i can’t even select barclays, and championship league and lower league, etc…? i can only select one league, BPL… top clubs only?

i can only select BPL. even i wanna sell players, only to BPL, no more Championship teams, lower league teams… can anyone help?

Hmn..can’t wait!@

Can someone make a upload of this 2 files from update 2: Default.tmx and Default.tmx.extended

thanxxx i looked for it much



why you guys such lazy to scroll up and read posts to know how to do it !


what means take the 2 files? i dont understand it. could be copy the 2 files? i dont know. please, answer me. I did:
1) Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2
3) Install patch 3
4) Install patch 4
5) Paste the 2 files
6) Put RAZOR crack for update 2
But i cant load my game

1) Install Fifa manager 2k9
2) Install Patch 3 and patch 4
3) Paste 2 file default to fmdata
link 2 file default:
4) Paste Crack razor 1.2
link crack razor:
Finish join game

so should i download this patch if i’ve vista?

im now in season 3 and my save game would load aigan :( need help

thanks man, i need to install all updates or just the 3 and 4?

Friends help me about FM 09 to play with enjoy!
1. I’m get sacking until 1 season, what must i do!
2. Friend tell me about steps from install game until end step with crack n patch
3. with link to download the patch or crack!
4. And what patch 1 its no to download!

3120 READ THE WHOLE POST!!!!!!!!!!!
people as you make this posts REALLY LONG, so please, if there is people kind enough to write solutions to problems, be kind yourself and READ the effort people already put in here, thx

PD: can’t believe there is still no solution for patch 4

1) Install Fifa manager 2k9 (ok??)
2) Install Patch 3 and patch 4 (from fifa’s site:
3) Paste 2 file default to fmdata (the 2 file of “take the 2 files”
link 2 file default:
4) Paste Crack razor 1.2
link crack razor:
Finish join game


Sorry friends, I’m just want to play this game with out sacking.
Please give me link to download patch n crack.

1- install update 2
2- take the 2 files
3- install update 3 – WHERE Link to download this patch!
4- install update 4 – WHERE Link to download this patch!
5- replace the 2 files–REPLACE WHAT 2 FILES?
6- post razor crack for update2 – WHERE Link to download this crack!

PlEaSe HeLp Me!


Oh, thanks a lot.

Mattias thank you very much . . . . . . . . . . .

So, you dont need patch 1 and 2 anymore, just the 2 .tmx files, right?

PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3120c REAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have links all over men.

the .exe is a virus :/

juz after razor crack 1.20 downloaded .. i use my anti virus to scan ..
o.0 .. got trojan inside ?

detected: Trojan program Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.mwt File: C:\Users\George\Desktop\Manager09.rar/Manager09.exe

after i did all the actions :
1)Install FIfa manager
2) Install patch 2
3) Install patch 3
4) Install patch 4
5) Paste the 2 files
6) Put RAZOR crack for update 2

and i still have the probleme that dont let me load my saves game… how can i fix it

guys some help plz….?

i was playing second season i saved game correctly and then i shut down game, then i wanted to load last game and i couldn’t ;/ loading is getting to 3/4 of loading then game is kicking me out to windows with no info or error;/ sory for my english, help me please! ;/

Anyone have a clean Manager09.exe that doesnt have the Trojan program Backdoor.Win32.SdBot.mwt. Every link on here plus every torrent I have downloaded so far all has the same friggin trojan in it.

Tried your link Anil but get this…

Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

It doesn’t harm your system

@SpeedNut, thanks for telling people this
@Anil, i remove your links..

i scanned it with norton antivirus 2009 and nothing found. Please scan with other antivirus and let me know their results. here is the crack:

guys still have the problem after doing all you said. there is an other way to fix the load problem?

Sorry guys its infected. I was using it for so many days. This means the razor crack is infected…

Can anyone help me,I’m new to this.I just installed FIFA Manager 09,so what do i do?And how do I install all the patches?I installed Razor’s update 2 dox(link: what do I do now?

Hello.I installed fifa manager 09(cracked) and i also downloaded update 2 by razordox(link: Now what do I do.Its all just unopenable files.How do i install the other patches as well.Please help me.

1. Install FIFA MANAGER 2009
2. Install Update 3 [ ]
3. Install Update 4 [ ]
4. Go to C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA MANAGER 09\fmdata and paste these 2 files [ ]
5. Use Razor crack
6. Enjoy the game..

Ok.Thanks.But will the game crash after the first season and will all the matches be 0-0 draw glitch?Does the game work fine in almost all parts?Thank you so much for helping me so far.

Ok.I followed what you said.But now everytime I start with a team,their transfer budget is negative.When I started with man city,they were supposed to have 30 mil in the season objectives.then when i try to sign a player,my transfer budget becomes -15 mil.same thing with other teams like spurs and man utd.Is there a way around this?

Everything is ok,but I always have a negative transfer budget with any team when i try to sign a player.Like when i used man city,i ‘had’ 30 mil in the board expectations page under transfer.but when i try to sign a player,i have -15mil.its the same with any there a way to prevent this??

Use the money cheat:

Get $1 Billion

Open the file “C: \ EA Sports \ FIFA MANAGER 09 \ user \ objects \ car.txt”. Search for the line: “Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, 15000, i30.bmp , 2008″ and replace them with the following line “Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, Hyundai i30, -1000000000, i30.bmp, 2008″. Save the file.

Then you go to Career > Private sector > cars and houses and buy the Hyundai i30. Then donate money to your club

Is there another way around it?And how do i install the Fifa Manager 09 Update 2-RazorDOX file?It’s all 001,002 files under the file type.Does Mido’s method fix the transfer bug?

anil… i couldnt fix the load problem…give me some help plz!

Guys, i have been using this game with update 4 for quite a few months and i have encountered a problem , i.e. now when i load my save game, it quits and comes back to my desktop.. What should i do .
Plz let me know ,I am desperate to continue playin with my saved file

Is there any patch or crack to fix sack problem without downloading the update 2 coz i cant download update 2.Please help!!!

Did not work for me the steps, i did everything like u say but my save game still crash.

i give up on this game. i searched but couldn’t find any clean crack. Im really disappointed.

WORM/SdBot.16920576 came with the crack lol

the crack file has a trojan,how can i fixed that

the game keeps crashing when i load my file and i have done everyting install patch 1,2,3,4 and used razor crack 2 Help me pleas!!!

no response yet,come on i need a clean crack

People, I downloaded Manager09.rar, and my anti virus said it has backdoor.win32.Sdbot.mwt TROJAN.

Now, it seems Kaspersky got rid of it. So, do you think I can use archive now, or should I get rid of it completely.
Now, when I scan the archive again, no trojan is found….

Any professional advice?

P.S. please use some antivirus, or else your machine will soon become a bot… and scan what you download!!!

..nevermind. after the antivirus cleaned it up… there were nothing inside of that archive.

i started playing fm09. everything is fine but afterfirst league match in 3d mode the game not coming out from 3d game.when i press quit highlights the whole game recalculating and giving surprising results,which dont have any resemblence to what played in 3d match.
Before the seson starts during friendlies, i used to press ESC button on keyboard to get out of 3d match after finishing the match. now its not going out automatically and also not going out by pressing esc button…………………………pls help me.
wat to do to come out of a 3d match after finishing the match?????????????????????????????
pls pls anyone there to help…………

i downloaded patch 1 by ea,i think………and installed.
now when i starting game it asking a serial to be verified thriugh internet.
how i know the code or the serial they wanted?????????????????????

pls help me friends……….

are there update 3 or 4 by razorDOx already ?

please, tell me how u get to solve ur problem about 3d mode, ’cause it’s the same that mine.

i already installed the update and patched the game. but my kaspersky detected a trojan and keeping to delete the exe. how do i solve the problem?

As Anil sayed a few posts above

1. Install FIFA MANAGER 2009
2. Install Update 3 [ ]
3. Install Update 4 [ ]
4. Go to C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA MANAGER 09\fmdata and paste these 2 files [ ]
5. Use Razor crack
6. Enjoy the game..

The file comes with a trojan wich on Avira Antivir site say its harmless bur ur choise if u wana use it or not. there are no clean versions of the crack.

Is this crack harmless for your PC? Yes it is. Is it harmless for your private data? I don’t think so… I played the game for a month but I thought there was some fishy behavior after I closed the game. A lot of icons in the taskbar, high cpu usage and one time I even saw a second lan connection pop up…

Today I installed new protection software because I felt something was up and I’m glad the problem is found & removed.

This crack is a big NO GO!


It’s easy to say : Use razor crack..

but how to use it…i can not download it,cause my NOD doesn’t allow me to open the file…

Few months ago i had it installed,and everything was fine,but now the Goddamn crack is a problem…

I tried to download it by other sites—same situation…

Any advice ?

@Invisble: please dont think all cracks are clean anyway..Its your choice wether to use the crack or abandon the crack and being unable to play the game..Easy as that mate..

evry1 read from the top.u will get all ur answrs.the game is wrks.gr8 job done by mido.u showed us the way.thnx a lt bro

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hello,when I extract the crack file,my antivirus says that it is a virus…Is that the case or the file is safe?

There is incontestably plenty to know about it. I think above are some points.

i can pass all the bugs except crash during bthe 3d match,can anybody help me?

As a Newbie, I am always exploring online for articles that can help me get further ahead. Thanks a million!

I am very happy I found your site on bebo. Thanks for the sensible critique. Me and my friend were just preparing to do some research about this. I am happy to see such reliable info being shared freely out there.
Best Regards,
Bradford from St. Petersburg city

evrytime i tryd 2 run de patch it says”Install main game b4 rapplying patch” what shuld i do???? gah!!!!

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hey ppl….
im using windows 7 64bit ultimate updated and the last avast anti-virus also updated
i downloaded the file bt i found no virus. its wierd i guess cause i think my pc is clean.
plz comment

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