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Avatar The Game Crack Keygen Patch 1.1-RELOADED

Friday, January 15th, 2010 - 02:19
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Avatar the game PC poster Free Image hosting

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game (c) Ubisoft

RELEASE.DATE .. 14/01/2010
PROTECTION …….: SolidShield + Activation
GAME.TYPE ……..: Action

1. Install the game. Optionally install patch v1.01.
2. Use keygen to activate the game in manual offline mode.
3. Play the game.

ps: keygen may be seen as a virus


just keygen:


  1. James Camerons Avatar The Game-RELOADED
  2. Ghostbusters: The Video Game Crack Only-RELOADED

Search for this release at:
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417 Responses to Avatar The Game Crack Keygen Patch 1.1-RELOADED

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Hi, The game installs and runs fine but the patch simply wont install!!! it gives an error “Could not find the installation folder/path” or something anyone got any ideas about how to get past this and install the patch. The patch has made several improvements to the game which is why I need it.

thanks Ciao

====================== PARTIE 1/3 PARTIE 2/3 PARTIE 3/3


nice post… i like it….that
thax for keygen

roda no windons 7 o keygen?

i like this game so much……………………………………………………………………………

The keygen is seen as a virus. Pls anyone tell me the activatin key

The keygen is seen as a virus. Pls anyone tell me the activatin key. I’m using WIndows7 64bit system.

usually reloaded don’t make virus keygens/cracks; i’m almost sure that it’s a false positive

i can’t found keygen free download, most of them was remove./block….please… hardware ID 4ABC9CA982AC499D2E8409B2C1E2A437

megaupload links seems to work

can you please help me to get a FREE keygen? I looked on the whole internet and find nothing.

can someone help me to find the serial for my id:CB770C6B82AF9347CA9E645C0A0E7E57

for 4ABC9CA982AC499D2E8409B2C1E2A437 = 7F4D5FEE2223361E48E467F0381C890A

CB770C6B82AF9347CA9E645C0A0E7E57 = 4A2868887AE6F1B81340097A08F84184

Can someone please tell me the serial for my ID: 3AD41B84AACE5422570BB316B41D97AC


Please help me get my activation key. the keygen is seen as virus. HI:C62F56622BDDD219A5125CBA58070270 thanks :)





Can someone help me:

hardware key:


can you help me please?
id: E735D7240D5CDDE99A082CBEE55B6DC5? thanks

371A0EC4CBE3A9271728E8B719836728 = C0A2DE2911B2B099F757C55B7FB2BEF5

71D7F6C00A514A6E64A46EDD7733D362 = 5416EE62F8823ED2240D926CFE91ABAE

E735D7240D5CDDE99A082CBEE55B6DC5 = 5E61FE140B0D0FC42779A876190CDF10

enjoy, happy new year

id:2960A3D605542B1D1BA622BA3A2AD1DB for this

please give me !!!!!!!!!!!:)


Plizzzzz help me..this is my HDD ID: 1831CAF5C03F87B08D3AF782C45623EC


0E636A0ADFD3749E07E1F3B27BD18532 is my hardware ID, please get me the activation key ..pls pls


Can someone please tell me the serial for my ID:

Can someone help me ? My Hardware ID : 7994E4F8B0F8B384E4D98EAB3B52AC9D

Can someone help me ? I need the serial for my hardware ID:7F4C30FA6B4762D4C4C51D5708157E10

D504B85810E8DCF8848A511761B8A573 = CB111B7997FD2AA973A4E3A375D87C05
7994E4F8B0F8B384E4D98EAB3B52AC9D = A8A03B07CABFCA377A7903F968BF9B13
7F4C30FA6B4762D4C4C51D5708157E10 = 92EE33FA3D8C022A4EB506EC538D5D06


please help me!
thank you

happy new year!!!!!


Hey btarena, can you
help me too?

ID: 0CDB2B4B19C2D4562FE5D83F7C8AD175

me 2 pls . my id is:093C5D009D427DA4DAF37499263FD9F9

0CDB2B4B19C2D4562FE5D83F7C8AD175 = E87118DDC043E9CD04E8F987A643F129
093C5D009D427DA4DAF37499263FD9F9 = E9253E8F95A80E7FB2D50639ABA79FAB

thx man!

Hey btarena, can you
help me too?ID:


thanks in advance
Yours sincerely


thanksssss <3

can anyone tel the activation key
Hardware ID:9AC971923D823F992E5C132FA60C459B

can someone tell me aswell my Hardware ID is : BE7397FC1D314C273D7AE022B79BC29E

The keygen is seen as a virus. Pls anyone tell me the activatin key

i didn’t had any problem with keygen, i use avira
try to disable antivirus, run keygen then enable AV.

Can someone help me for serial, cause my computer can’t open the keygen ID:1FEA842EA4397422A928677783D88DF3

hey some one please help me for activation key my product id is 7E19B002-4CA3-4C9F-BA92-91D101B97219


pomocy id=23A959FD2E6672F40741EF5CAD892EBA

pomocy ID-23A959FD2E6672F40741EF5CAD892EBA

please help!!!


please can help to me semebody? my HI:E41AAB399B7DD757152B4F9996C18ECD. thanks

same, HI:C62F56622BDDD219A5125CBA58070270
please help…

Hardware ID: 7F522307F6725A94679BE047BDAB87C4


hey guys,
can you help me? keygen acts like a virus.
Hardware ID: 673ECD74A3C8706E271DC554946B0078

isn’t a virus , just leave it run so you can get the key

HI!!!!….my mcafee antivirus reports the key gen is a virus and anyone help me with my activation key

it would be great

hi can anyone say the activation key for this Hardware ID:E2F271928B8E0E319ADB5CC9F381845D


ello can some one plz help me i cant open the keygen…
ID: BBBAF51951FF6A5568304889C1DA5BC1

hii my can u provide key for my hardware ID : E2F271928B8E0E319ADB5CC9F38184­5D

daj ktos klucz aktywacyjny do avatara. ID:D1FF060D575A4E179DE7B16BE6F6899A
z gory dzieki :D

Please help me My ID is 97021A1F0C6CBF2B174D654A4676AEA2
I need Activision key

help! my hardware ID 0D2011614018F401185F9EBFCDB8CE9B

The above patch works for me and it is even virus free :)

can someone tell me where to find the hardware od ? please :)

when you launch the game it will ask some activation and give you an id.
sorry i cannot give you key for your id in latest time, didn’t had time, i will next week

i need help my id is 24B5938E3F765C8722D3A93E55DE8814

my id is 7E19B002-4CA3-4C9F-BA92-91D101B97219
plzzzz help….

my id is 1EA32682D3747D27EC6EA93C1B0BCD4E can anyone please help…..

My ID is:985709F25B456BC8C3C011E13E185FF1
How to generate serial key plz Help me.

my id is 3D4D8961B1AC26203483E2467ECF73ED
Help please my keygen doesnt work…

My id is A088688AB779166C6251D8F6B4CB9780

please help with keygen

Help please my keygen my ID: BF75D67E4D0EF535B2EF1D2C53347D1E

my hardwatre id is C62F56622BDDD219A5125CBA58070270 please give avatar game key

sanjay 152B2FBB3DFFBEEB79E79C9DABFE74C7
BoB23 A148AE6D4B63BE9D850103776163FB79
Deimos 37D61530E8E0E560868EBFD2F6E1031C
ecks01 D0FD5FADEDEB305D28202A1793EB4079
ERavindrababu 78DCB15359E29D03C48F7DF537E3B67F
Mdemn 6141E60BD21173BBCCFAAE652810C617
Vikas F3BB72E24152C2D26373DA8CB752D2AE
mac F45181455D6091758A3F4C2FBB617A31

thanks very much alberto

my id:6DDD032A6F840644EB8A123156BA9567 please give avatar game key

my hardware id : 9863AA69494B6017D427F3F4B917F071…pls giv activation key for it….

hi alberto pls send key for me also…my hardware id : 9863AA69494B6017D427F3F4B917F071

pleaseeeeee,can anybody help me id: 6DDD032A6F840644EB8A123156BA9567

help me please my id is A4B2B40192E9A647495B562B2D24B3BE

thanks alberto

2falet DED4E9ED7632799DABDB72E79C334B09
tuki 7ED03A91EEE30B014B87FBFB14E313CD
gaja2788 2A2AD922C5F0FE52C1E1F61CF3F0133E

thank you very much alberto

sir alberto please send me a serial for my ID also. please please please, my nephew would really love to play the game but stuck at the activation. thanks!

my ID: BA42D1034D95C3EC60A5EB7A9381F673

my email ad in case you need it.

Collin D1BC81AB8E03541B93344EDD240364F7

can I get the serial code for my computer?
also, what would I have to go through to update the game to 1.02, before activating?

Dogapult 4B3EFF2EF84D8F5E14F28810464CDEAA

My computer can’t open the keygen.
Can someone help me.
hardware key:5153C308A8D666362770851B2D3A5322

my computer can’t open the keygen too.
Someone help me
my hardward key: FB4456B0F6EE5ACFB8B2F06C0E1F4B6A

help me pls My hardware key : FB4456B0F6EE5ACFB8B2F06C0E1F4B6A pls send to me by my yahoo: iamboybl thanks

pleeeeeeeeeease help me,anybody!

Thx alberto! :) :D

moon_ik 64440BCA315ACE7A5213CF343F5A60E6
Anh 08FA7AE3AA4DCB13D5D2806DB84DD80F

very very thank you! alberto!

plzzz help me this is my hardware id……10A8DDB06D5469D5C87660C477D53921…….need some help…tnx

anybody there plz help me my id 10A8DDB06D5469D5C87660C477D53921……….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

any body help hardware id is:B1D0722568D9BE38C8F34104FDA0BD73


virat B294925F67A2628FFF07682955A3974B
Mottaka 7280CEC0DF775E301D36B7CA3587AFEC

Please alberto help ID IS 869EAE0687DD7F24B721B61D20811ADC

please anybody help my ID is 869EAE0687DD7F24B721B61D20811ADC

thanks very much alberto

Can you please help me??!

Please :)


this is my HARDwARe ID…….pls help…

Taha 6A6794F99B93E629370D5DE33193F485
Kamel 471AB472F7A5C862144E615C05A6196E

thx alberto

Thanks alberto you’re the man

pls help me wid my serial code my id is 1DF8EDB024A648E13159DAE62D953EA0..

please……reply fast.

Alberto Sir This is my Hardware ID please send me the cd key please sir

my hardware id is CA59892FD7BB661404A3A554C485E3C4 plz give me the key

pla any one help me… my hdd:10B2FC3EEF44216E3D909F2EA85824DF

pla any one help me plss
… my hdd:10B2FC3EEF44216E3D909F2EA85824DF

my hardware id is 88C698573169E415436DBDE325275A86.plz any one help me by sending the key for me.
my mail id was

my hardware id is CA59892FD7BB661404A3A554C485E3C4 plz plz plz plz plz help me

my id:74022A1134D12B6BB291D0312293B80C please give avatar game key, please!!!

my hardware id is FB86362871CD1A78AD66414424300A98

please send me activation key please……………..!

pls help me wid my serial code my id is 1DF8EDB024A648E13159DAE62D953EA0

meu id é 1725266CECD51158A6DFD5C73650F469
qual o seria?

the keygen not working on me plzzz
my id is 0CEC8991A35DA53918E1D066B0CBD64C

Alberto Sir This is my Hardware ID please send me the cd key please sir
My email id

please help me id 8EF6DDBA82033EB281C29FDF551D818A

my email is please help

help me please

Id : C2C7C9E6560B90F03F57677BA5662065

Plz help for Key
My id

Dear Alberto Plz help for Key
My id

my hardware id is CA59892FD7BB661404A3A554C485E3C4 plz plz plz plz help me alberto sir

my hardwear id is 9E58D024E0F7DEFD77B82454968BB880 what is the serial key of avtar game on my pc

my ID BE134EDEA8D9D7B5C85AC4F2991ED6F6 Dear Alberto Plz help for Key

please help meeeeeeeeee MY ID BE134EDEA8D9D7B5C85AC4F2991ED6F6

what my activationkey my id is : 5F4FBF7D0F5DC09082B9E37855FBD6D4

please help my im search for this a week

Sir, my HardwareID is 122EA745BE79D2A19B804664FD845C94. dint find the activation key.could u pls hlp me out.

siiiiiir we r waiting and waiting but u dint response us!

i need yr help to sir .. been searchin for de keygen :-(
my id is 43E5F56F2D32A67A708AC3E8CE41D68D

help pls tarded comp wont open the keygen
id = 9420FA84A79A8E8D94A2E2C30CDB2F18

you will get ALL YOUR ID KEYs tomorrow
sorry for delay

0CEC8991A35DA53918E1D066B0CBD64C = 97B34D2588C11DD5248A179F3EC1AA31
10B2FC3EEF44216E3D909F2EA85824DF = 3640CA81E6D199B142FA936BD4D3AB8D
122EA745BE79D2A19B804664FD845C94 = A57445A1D6676691720C4353E443B77D
1725266CECD51158A6DFD5C73650F469 = 672AF38F4073C33F74431DE12671F34B
1DF8EDB024A648E13159DAE62D953EA0 = C0F3ADF375F06EA31F79865D83F0BEFF
43E5F56F2D32A67A708AC3E8CE41D68D = 4A942ADF5EE3FB0FF50CF0D164E273FB
5F4FBF7D0F5DC09082B9E37855FBD6D4 = 97DBBB3E87298C6E85B28508B5299D2A
74022A1134D12B6BB291D0312293B80C = D0DC826759E90B97859E07597FE85483
88C698573169E415436DBDE325275A86 = 989F543F49AE246F44B3140137AB2CCB
8EF6DDBA82033EB281C29FDF551D818A = 4526933E1A34DEEE15DE5C800834F49A
9420FA84A79A8E8D94A2E2C30CDB2F18 = F05BF247A0EBD1775CD4BC01BEEAD423
9E58D024E0F7DEFD77B82454968BB880 = 7578EA0B2687FA3BC02E8EFD3485C727
B5140E6B2D42AF82826611DC48EB7663 = 7DA40AA158F2DC1104DD73B34EF2EBED
BE134EDEA8D9D7B5C85AC4F2991ED6F6 = BCC8031971E08DC98BCDA98B7FE062B5
C2C7C9E6560B90F03F57677BA5662065 = 8A5B51B35F6ACE2317123A8D456A32DF
CA59892FD7BB661404A3A554C485E3C4 = 63C35336E4D423260081180022D630A2
DE1FBCFD9577B836604D8AD0667E5FBF = 01BE7FCDB2DDCFFD5E6648D7F8DE6179
FB86362871CD1A78AD66414424300A98 = 67DA364415694634347C0F4E23658780

i use windows Xtream ma id is 7784DBF07490529ECD19B7A108C4F0C4 please give me activation key please send me key on my email

i got ma key ,,,,,,
who use win 7 they just disable their resident shield of antivirus and then use keygen…..
and yes its work for mr………

please help my ID is
please send the activation code to

plzz sir …. I cant get the keygen to work.. My hardware ID is : 5A23C6D0CB2ADFC4B2D74C25AF5998D1. plzz plzzz help me find the activation key.. u cant send it to my mail id also: ……. I wud be very grateful..

Rupam Debnath your ID : D625D6A7BEEEE5575C47A01194EEB533

75EDBC0F66BC0B3F425924E134BC1BFB any help ? I tried all the possiblities But none of them work :) Can u please Help

Oh i’m sorry the Hardware id is 1A7D444187618E5BBA37D9B8F9A51CA0

cheers :)

plz give the serial key for id

plzzz…. alberto..

7784DBF07490529ECD19B7A108C4F0C4 = 79BC538C3393E3BC4F54E876518D00D8
5C172A6B483BF35EDC14A8894B2833FD = 99E1775D5A70018DE6995BA798705009
1A7D444187618E5BBA37D9B8F9A51CA0 = B19D695B58ED558B7156CE4D76ED5DF7
7E19B0024CA34C9FBA9291D101B97219 = F3BB72E24152C2D26373DA8CB752D2AE

Thanks alot dude :)

can u plz help me
keygen dont work on mine com…
my hardware id is CEDEBD0222268A2C9A8B3C6652F21F74
thanks a lot

can u plz help me
keygen dont work on mine com…
my hardwear id is =95DC64546423665C804C475EE1E83898
plz help me
in give my serial key

give me my serial key in my gmail account
my hardwear id is=95DC64546423665C804C475EE1E83898
please help me

@jenny, 1AE0C9F40D7D9A64499692F6DB7CA920
@kevinnathani, 37419C34E8516C24F3FA6A16FE188140

My ID: E6357C45A334651F3289A3BFC619603E

my id is 201F1F0EDFE8E1DC9F83818F3778A3B3 please send me the activation key

please send me the activation key for hardware id


please btarena thanks a lot can you do it fast please !!!

E6357C45A334651F3289A3BFC619603E = 0E824535C62015E55319121F941D3231

201F1F0EDFE8E1DC9F83818F3778A3B3 = B65B8A4967A858398371512B75AA6B75

E6357C45A334651F3289A3BFC619603E = 0E824535C62015E55319121F941D3231

plz tell me also my hardware id=869EAE0687DD7F24B721B61D20811ADC i m waiting 4 ur reply.



I need a real CD-Key for the Multiplayer…Any help please?

multiplayer don’t work
you need to buy the game if you want online..

my hardware id is
plz tell me the activation key!

WHY? Is there nobody with a damn original CD-key?? I can’t believe…

my id B79D5E639FDE8ADBB3CE2F542DAB484D

i m waitin 4 the reply
my hw id is
plz reply as early as possible

The keygen doesn’t seem to work for me either, here’s my hardware ID


plz help!

actually I have an original cpy but lost the damn box :( so i just tried downloading the keygen

please help alberto or bterena i want the serial key my id EDF5B19F9410158E1F7D614CB3591CE0 please help me please

plz help btarena i want to play this game n i m very excited but i lost the cd rom package box
plz send me the activation or serial key
my hw id is:

plz help btarena i want to play this game n i m very excited but i lost the cd rom package box
plz send me the activation or serial key
my hw id is:

plz help btarena i want to play this game n i m very excited but i lost the cd rom package box
plz send me the activation or serial key
my hw id is:

plz help btarena i want to play this game n i m very excited but i lost the cd rom package box
plz send me the activation or serial key
my hw id is:

F845FCC480B81B3AEC0F306BBE7EED5C Please help!

9457ADB93C3CADF8EE7F1A8C7525224E = CBE6C5A05D85D4D0B09EC67A8B859E9C
B79D5E639FDE8ADBB3CE2F542DAB484D = FFF11516713CE5067C663DB8BF3D75E2
9863AA69494B6017D427F3F4B917F071 = 2A2AD922C5F0FE52C1E1F61CF3F0133E
EDF5B19F9410158E1F7D614CB3591CE0 = D84986A0C91493D095021F8AC71477AC
F845FCC480B81B3AEC0F306BBE7EED5C = A58F4510561A13C06F470C7A641A261C

Can someone please help me with the keygen ID:56C64A0AEE8CC275CF63383EACF20154 thanks :D

Dan, A5AF9383576264B390E7694D6562748F

Thanks alot <3

my hardware ID is
can someone please help my find the keygen and send to my email

My id is 0C683E9C71F4FC8FC539E447A97E6A00

plz send me activation key. i need it badly

batarena me ajuda ativar meu jogo meu é id : 7259B1770B1BBBD180D3DC1045369C1B

my new hardware id:

plz send me the activation key

Btarena.. please help me..
my hardware ID is : C3D709A9F32D8D7107E88BF23125C6BD
please help me.. thanks :)

DF6C0E32E76DF59A692C314E919EFD77 = 95D11CE546F3EC555185043744F40141
0C683E9C71F4FC8FC539E447A97E6A00 = 9559AA293EB075599B116F2B74B00A55
7259B1770B1BBBD180D3DC1045369C1B = 986269F261719D2280DA92CC57724AFE
E51DF84A3005C706E6E2B2C1E92EFD66 = 1C83C2568D820086433B8B48D37E22E2
C3D709A9F32D8D7107E88BF23125C6BD = 104EE050D921AD0076E698BAE721D15C

52C1D2376E649C6339420F0FC7B843A7 – please can somebody help my to find my serial

thanks… :)


plis activation key ^^

activation Key please