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Monday, May 18th, 2009 - 09:25
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The Sims 3 (c) Electronic Arts

RELEASE.DATE .. 05/2009
PROTECTION …. SecuromSerial
DISC(S) .. 1
GAME.TYPE ….. Sims

The freedom of The Sims 3 will inspire you with endless creative
possibilities and amuse you with unexpected moments of surprise and mischief
Create millions of unique Sims and control their lives. Customize their
appearances and personalities. Build their homes – design everything from
exquisitely furnished dream homes to quaint cottages. Then, send your Sims
out to explore their ever-changing neighborhood and to meet other Sims in
the town center. With all-new quick challenges and rewarding game play, The
Sims 3 gives you the freedom to choose whether (or not) to fulfill your
Sims’ destinies and make their wishes come true.

Install notes:
1. Unrar
2. Burn or mount the image
3. Install the game.
Use the keygen in the /Crack dir on the DVD when prompted for a serial.
or these cd-keys:

4. Copy over TS3.exe to “install.folder\Game\Bin”.
5. Play the game.

PS: Prevent the launcher and main game from going online. And don’t install download manager !

THE SIMS 3 Minimum System Requirements

* Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
* 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
* 1 GB RAM
* At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content
* 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0

* Windows Vista (Service Pack 1)
* 2.4 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
* 1.5 GB RAM
* At least 6.5 GB of hard drive space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content
* 128 MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0

For computers using built-in graphics chipsets, the game requires at least:
* Intel Integrated Chipset, GMA X3000 or above.
* 2.6 GHz Pentium D CPU, or 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, or equivalent
* 0.5 GB additional RAM

NVIDIA GeForce series
FX 5900, FX 5950
6200, 6500, 6600, 6800,
7200, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900, 7950
8400, 8500, 8600, 8800
9600, 9800, GTX 260, GTX 280

ATI Radeon™ series
9500, 9600, 9800
X300, X600, X700, X800, X850
X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950
2400, 2600, 2900
3450, 3650, 3850, 3870,
4850, 4870
Intel® Extreme Graphics
GMA X3x00 series


The.Sims.3-RELOADED.torrent (archived)
The.Sims.3-RELOADED.iso.torrent (just iso)
-Crack Only


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  2. The Sims 3 Generations-RELOADED
  3. The Sims 3 Seasons-RELOADED

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477 Responses to The Sims 3-RELOADED

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Is it real?
I don’t believe that someone have it before relasing data!

yes is real, i just played few hours.
thanks reloaded & btarena :)

wow thats so cool..
I love that game,
thank you a lot!!!

Hey i dont understand how to download can someone give me a easier understanding of it. idk what unrar and all those terms mean

you can download all parts from rapidshare:

or with utorrent.
then extract from any archive and will result an iso file; and after this i tink you know how to install

I cant get the TS3.exe to be copied to Game\Bin it says it has no more free space.

When i try to play it it tells me i need to connect to the internet.

What’s burning an image? Sorry, I’m a n00b at this stuff.

@bmb, c:\program files\ea games\the sims3\game\bin
(or something like that)

burn to dvd or mount with daemon tools (or any similar software)

I cant get the TS3.exe to be copied to Game\Bin it says it has no more free space.

When i try to play it it tells me i need to connect to the internet.
I’m having the same problem, can anyone help us? :D

I’m having the same problem as bmb and D. Not the connect to the internet part but the “no more free space” in game/bin part. I’m not sure what the deal is, it’s very frustrating. Help would be very appreciated.

has anyone a working version?

It works, I donwloaded it yesterday and I’m playing now on create a character.
Thanks :)

okay, thanks.. and what about the “no more free space” problem?

didn’t try it myself, cause the download’s not finished yet

Hi! somebody can tell me where is the TS3.exe and where we have to copy it pleasee?!
and i don’t know if i’m the only one here to have this problem but when i launch the game it ask me to write the register code so i put the “activation code” which finish by RLD you know? and it says that it’s not the right code!!! :s :s :s

how i already said you need to copy the crack from virtual disk, not to virtual disk !;
or just download crack only and copy to where you install the game !
(for example C:\program files\…..\The Sims 3\Game\Bin
will ask to replace chose yes and play :)

i’m sorry, i’m portuguese and i don’t understand everything lol^^
can you give me a link to downoad this crack ?
i know that i’m borring lol but i don’t undertand everything in english so i have problems to do everything we have to do…:s
thanks man

ohh my friend i just understood everything you said and it works!!! thank youuu my friend but i can’t play becausemy grafics card is good to be on the garbage lool

This is the real deal. It works great, except I’m having a little problem. It won’t let me change the speeds within the game (Normal, Fast, Ultra Speed). It will let me select them, however, the actual speed will stay the same.
Anyone else having this problem? How can it be fixed? It’s really annoying to have to watch my sim sleep in normal speed.

Thank you.

hey how come when i try to install it on a mac when it gets to about 2 min it wont go no further

So when it downloads and the 29 winrar files are in the download folder, do i extract ALL of the folders or are they all the same thing and I only need to extract one of them?

When I try to extract the files it says they’re all damaged and need to be redownloaded. I’ve tried this a bunch of times but still get the same message. Is anyone else having this problem?

are you sure download all files ?
there are over 50.. not just 29, and yes extract just from any of them

Could anyone who’ve downloaded it and installed it be gracious enough to write a tutorial for newbies on how to install and crack in the forum? I’m new in this and am trying to do it on my own instead of constantly bugging my brother. Thanks, if anyone decides to do that or not i’ll just ask my brother to teach me when he gets back from outstation. >.<

how long does it take to download on average? is limewire ok to use as a torrent?

@erika, depends on your download speed, can take few minutes to few hours.
try to use utorrent ;)

I need help. I downloaded everything and it went into my downloads folder where I see two files. One is a folder for The.Sims.3.Reloaded and the other is rld-sim3. I been reading tutorials and I went and got the daemon tools to mount the iso?? I assume the iso is rld-sims3 right? Well when I follow the instructions the Autoplay pops up but it only gives me the option to play the game on WMP. How do I install this game? When I open my Computer I see it sitting in HD DVD-ROM drive k.
I am getting ready to give up. This is getting to be so complicated. I can’t seem to figuere out how to install the game. the rld-sim3 file when I open it opens to some roxio burning program. Have I done something wrong?

Yes please inform us more specifically, becouse we all aint from USA so please help us noobs, this just doesnt work when i go “play sims 3″ then it come “please check your registercode and write it again”

Ok I finally got it to start installing but errors keep coming up saying certain files are unreadable or corrupted and it won’t continue to install anymore afterwards. Whats causing this? I am about to give up and just wait until June 2nd….sighs

i have a problem with sims 3. please help me! i don’t understand why, after intalling the game, when i want to play, appear a window where is writo something like dat “enter your registration code here…”…why? please help me

Wait how do U copy over it?

Hey all! install went well. i wasnt connected through the internet. I added the crack in the Game\Bin folder. i go to launch the game and it wont launch, it gives me this error- Unable to start game. Service Initialization failed (0x024e424f)

I have uninstalled it and tried again and again…. what am i doing wrong?? do i have to unmount it before i try to run it with the crack?

i got error code 12 : World file save failure.
why i can’t save ?

Andrew – This is what you have to do. Before mounting the file, copy the TS3.exe file that is found in the extracted folder in “Crack” and go to C: Program Files/EA/Sims 3 and go in the “Game” folder then the “Bin” folder then click paste and if it asks you if you want to save over it say YES.

Then mount the file and it should work.

It works smoothly for me, I can save and everything runs cleanly. It’s a great game but the map is TOO BIG. It’s impossible to fit all the activities in a certain day.

Also, does anyone have a crack or patch so you can speed up the time? When I click on 4 it does nothing and I basically have to sit and watch my sim sleep in regular time…

@Mampy That’s what I said! none of the other speeds work except for normal speed! I need that fixed. It’s so annoying to have to watch your sim sleep and work in normal speed.

Hey, i was just wondering if the 15 Part Files check out, anyone know if its legit cause im downloading them right now and i don’t wanna virus ^.^” Plz and Thx

how do you install this. I know how to mount and stuff. But what do you do with all the files. Do you combine them . Please help me out

For the .Rar files just select them all and extract, thats it

Downloaded it took two daes now i have an error during instal.
It says;
“CRC ERROR: The file C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\HelpPages\DUT_NL\Help_Content. html doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be sorrupted; contact yur software vendor”


I downloaded the game and everything is installed, but when I go to play it asks for me to verify the registration code and when I put in the cd keys listed above or those that are generated from the crack it does not work. If anyone knows what I need to do please let me know.

don’t leave the game and installer to connect on internet !

is it normal to say its going to take over a week to download? its taking forevahh! how can i make it go faster? im using utorrent

Hi.. When i start the game after having applied the crack, it gives me this error message:
“Unable to start game

Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware.”

My graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT.. Isn’t that supported? Or how do I fix the problem?

Mampy, I’m having the same problem as Andrew (the unable to start game error). So are you saying that I should unmount the ISO, replace the TS3.exe with the crack and then remount the ISO? Because the ISO or image I have is only the installer for the game so I dont understand how that helps. Unless youre saying that I have to uninstall the game, unmount image, place the crack in the bin folder THEN reinstall?

Sorry! I’m probably making this way more complicated than it is. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated — I really want to start playing this game.

Please… can anyone help? :(

same problem…all four speeds “normal” “fast” “ultra” “ultra speed through action” are all the same as normal. The game itself has no slow down and runs perfect but all the speeds are the same. Anyone have a solution to this glitch?

The files won’t extract

i have the same problem with Michael, i have successfully installed the game and done everything correctly, But when i click the ts3.exe it gives this error

“Unable to start game

Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware.”

i have the same problem wirh kitty and michael.. anyone help???

@Luna i’m having the same problem with the speed :( it renders the game virtually unplayable. i mean who wants to sit for minutes and watch your sim sleep or work? how does one fix this??

I was so excited to play but i am getting this error on install –
“CRC ERROR: The file C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\HelpPages\DUT_NL\Help_Content. html doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be sorrupted; contact yur software vendor”


400 mb Links are dead please reupload I just need parts 12,13, and 14

HEY I get this error
Unable to start game
Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware

Please Help

My graphics card is 8500 GT NVDIA

Hi love the game alot to do in an works well on my laptop but

HOW do u save im geting a mgs that say

Error must me set to live to save

is anyone eles geting this problem to
pls made a house then lost it all sucks

How do u save

im geting a error msg that say i need to be on live mode

“CRC ERROR: The file C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\HelpPages\DUT_NL\Help_Content. html doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be sorrupted; contact yur software vendor”

What does this error mean? How can i fix it???? I really want to play the game!!

ELISE – Yes that’s what you have to do. Don’t even open the mounting device yet but you have to copy the TS3.exe from the crack folder and paste it in Program Files > EA > Sims > Game > Bin folder and OVERRIDE the existing file in there.

hi,everyone,I installed the sims 3,and I play,but in a game,when I create person,their faces is black or other strange color,and everything is not real,how to fix that,pls help me!!

I’ve copied the crack into the correct folder and overwritten the file. But whenever I run ts3.exe or start the game from the games launcher, nothing happens.
ts3.exe does begin in task manager but then it just stops running without giving any messages or just doing anything at all.
Can anyone give me ideas as to why?

Same thing happens to me *never* I have no idea what to do now???

How do i do this please!

Hey, the links dont work anymore.
Any chance you can re-upload the last 4 archives from Netload?

im askin agian how to do this , im the only one getin this error pls help

How do u save

im geting a error msg that say i need to be on live mode

Any chance you can re-upload The Sims 3 400 mb parts from Netload again?

Thank you Mampy. Although I have already found the problem. It was nothing to do with the crack or the game – its my computer! It doesn’t have the system requirements to run the game. But apparently my PC does, so I will be trying again on that. If I have any problems, I’ll be sure to post back here. Thanks again for all the help!

PS everyone here: GO TO if you are having problems lauching the game. It tells you your system requirements and if your computer can run this game. It really helps.

Testé sur Mac (macbook 2ghz, 2go ram, 9400M), fonctionne bien, je l’ai téléchargé sur rapidshare.

I’m having the same problem

Unable to start game
Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware

=( i google it but i didn’t found anything

Mac OS X installation

1. Extract the contents of the multi-file RAR archive by opening the file ‘rld-sim3.rar’ with an archive management application such as StuffIt Expander. (Note that StuffIt Expander deceptively shows a full progress bar for most of the extraction process when extracting items from multi-file RAR archives.)

2. If the Sims 3 installation volume isn’t automatically mounted, mount it manually by opening the file ‘rld-sim3.iso’ with DiskImageMounter (which ISO-9660 images are opened with by default).

3. Open ‘The Sims™ 3 Installer’ and complete the installation process normally. Enter any of the following registration keys when prompted:


You can also generate your own registration key by opening the file ‘rld-sim3.exe’, which is located in the ‘Cracks’ folder in the root of the Sims 3 installation volume, with CrossOver or Darwine.

4. In Finder, navigate to the folder ‘The Sims™ 3’, which was just created by the installer (the folder is created in the system-wide applications folder by default).

5. Secondary-click (or control-click) on the application named ‘The Sims™ 3’ and choose ‘show package contents’ from the contextual menu.

6. Navigate to Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin.

7. Rename the file ‘TS3.exe’ to ‘TS3.exe.1’.

8. Copy the cracked version of the file ‘TS3.exe’ from the ‘Cracks’ folder, which is located in the root of the Sims 3 installation volume, to the current folder.

If you are familiar with the command-line interface and your system account has administrator privileges, execute the following command every time Mac OS X starts to prevent the Sims 3 launcher from communicating with Electronic Arts’s servers:

sudo /sbin/ipfw add deny all from any to

Otherwise, you should use something such as Little Snitch (

Works perfectly on my Macbook (OS 10.5.7)! Thanks for uploading!

I installed the game correctly and it says this error when launching the game
Unable to start game
Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware
my video card is 8600 GT so why does it say that i dont have a supported video graphics card? help pls.. i updated the driver and everything and it still doesnt work

Hey can anyone help me get the game running.. i installed and put the crack in the bin folder but when i click the game to play it, nothing happens.. if i click the ts3.exe to start the game a black box appears for about a second and disappears and nothing happens o.O.. is the crack messed up? any help will be greatly appreciated =]

Kyle, have you tried starting the game normally from the start menu?

yea i tried that it does the same thing.. idk if this is happening from me puttin crack after i installed it and it has to b done b4 or if the file sumhow messed up or sumthin else o.O

Any chance of re-uploading the 400 mb part files, I missed out on part 14 and 15 and am sitting here with one through thirteen wishing I had something to do with them, lol.

Hi. Sry i’m from Germany and my english is nood so good ;)
okay i have download this parts, and all was okay, i have entpacked the parts and have click of “autorun”. The Game started. i have install the game! all is okay.and i have install the download Manager! so, when i will play the game, i click of the button “sims 3″ then come “the sims launcher”! when i click “Play sims 3″ then come a rigistrycode. and this can i find in the email. But, what a e-Mail?? okay when i click finish, then came this again??? WHY CAN’T I PLAY THIS GAME?? HOW CAN I PLAY SIMS 3? What must i do? Can ypou help me? okay again: what must i do,to play this game??

Roschi you are not supposed to install the download manager.. Do not be connected to the internet when you try to play the game and lastly did you put the crack in? the crack is in the crack folder called TS3.. move TS3 to the bin folder.. this is found by going to where the game is installed then game and then bin folder.. or you can right click the sims icon on your desktop and click open file location

I need some help. Were do I find the ts3.exe? And when I start the game, wich I installed it says it needs a serial. But it wont accept. What to do? Help please.

So, it looks like you need a registration code in order to play the game. I tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling with my internet off and I still have the same problem.

I have the crack and the keygen, but i’m so puzzled about all this ,’ got to sims3, game, bin etc. It’s just too complicated.
everytime i go to copy rld-sims3.exe to TS3.exe it says ‘unable to start game, error code 282′ ??

Okay, the keygen is right!! and i can play the game! hmm okay when i click of autorun to play this game than comes the sims launcher. and here i click of “play sims 3″ !! and then comes a windows. and the text in this windows is that i must have an registry code .?!?! this isnt the crack. the game is already install!! the game works !! but i say again. when i open the game, then come a window=sims launcher. and then i click of play sims. So im now connected with internet. when i have click play game came a windows. and in the windows is the text: ” PLease give the registrycode ! you can find it in your confirmation email!!” and then is here a code in the windows. when i click finish come the windows again. and when i click not contiune then comes the registrycode is wrong!! and when i not connected with internet and i make it again comes the windows that i must connected with internet because the registry!!! What should i do ???? WHERE CAN I FIND THE RIGHT REGISTRY CODE?? or should i registry of this page?? and when i have registry me than i become the email with the code?? should i install the download manager ?? yes or no?? SRY MY ENGLISH IS TERRIBEL !! I KNOW!! I HOPE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND ME ! So, can you say me what i should do? to play this game?? and what is this with the bin foulder??
thanky for help!

ok so i downloaded the sims 3 and when i try to start it up it asks me to re enter and verify my registration code so i type in the code i used to install the game and it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me please?

Kendall, when you will start the game, click you of autorun?? i make this and when i click of autorun comes the sims 3 launcher ! click play sims !
do you mean the registrationscode ore the crack to install the game??

Supplementary instructions


1. Extract the contents of the multi-file RAR archive by opening the file ‘rld-sim3.rar’ with an archive management application such as 7-Zip (

2. Install Daemon Tools Lite (

3. Mount the Sims 3 installation volume using Daemon Tools. Detailed instructions for doing this are at

4. If the installer doesn’t open automatically, open ‘Sims3Setup.exe’ from the root of the Sims 3 installation volume, which was just mounted.

5. Complete the installation process normally. Enter any of the following registration keys when prompted:


You can also generate your own registration key by opening the file ‘rld-sim3.exe’, which is located in the ‘Cracks’ folder in the root of the Sims 3 installation volume.

This is all the assistance I can give because I don’t use Windows anymore. :>

Mac OS X


To the people above: You have to download the KEYGEN and CRACK to play the game. The crack will bypass the registration code thing and you’ll be able to play. It worked for me. When you download both, copy TS3.exe into the C:\ Program Files\ Electronic Arts\ The Sims 3\ Game\Bin them the crack+keygen here:

I installed it on my PC, although there are occasional crashes. Other than that, the game works perfectly :)

Unable to start game

Service initialization failed (0x039e8474)

I tried to open it and this shows up.
I replaced the EXE with the crack exe but it still says this… HELP. D8

Hey !
i have forget to say:
when i start the game and click by sims launcher of play sims and the window comes, (with the text for the regisrty code) is the regisrtycode : ETZR-ZMUN-ULT2-QVLD-ARLD
and when i click finish come this again!! that is mei only problem! and when i doesn’t find this rght registry code i dosnt can’t play. i was so funny when the game was install and have stardet! But than comes this shit (sorry) windows with the registrycode and the confirmation email :-( and now i cant play the game becouse the registry code!!! :-’(

When I try installing it this error message keeps popping up:
Feature transfer error: File:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll
Error: Incorrect Function

Is there a way to fix?

Roschi93, did you follow the instructions? You need to replace the official version of the file ‘TS3.exe’ with the cracked version.

ehmm… it is right when it beginnig that comes the sims launcher? Or should comes a other ??

I can see that other people are having the same problem as me in regards to the different speeds in the game. Only normal speed will work. Does anyone know how to fix that?

It wont let me replace the file. Anyone have any tips on how to copy the ‘TS3.EXE’????

“Unable to start game

Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware”

How can i check my video graphics card…. evrything was fine till this message …… how can i fix this????

Erm you get that message because you did not copy the crack to the bin folder

Get the crack then go to
my computer
local disc
program files
electronic arts
then i cant remember all the folders but look in all of them until you find bin then paste the crack and overwrite when asked

:( This is driving me insane lol
I have copied the crack to the bin , ovewrited it but why when I use play on the launcher does it come up with a black box which disapears and then doesnt do anything.

There have been known to be issues with the game.
Just download or update your grapics driver.


I am having troubles with the sims 3. Can anyone help
i would play the game for 15 – 20 mins then the game
would randomly shut down. Its getting irritating now
as my story is getting really interesting. Has anyone
seen how cute the babies are

hmmm. have anybody the REGISTRYCODE?? i’m mean the Code of registry!! look at my videolink pls!! this code i mean!! can anybody help me and give me the full code pls pls pls :) this would be a great help!!

How can I increase the download speed. It says that it takes 13 days and some hours to download. Is there anything that can help?

ooo_e_ooo, the documentation for your BitTorrent client should explain how to achieve optimum download speeds.

I completely downloaded Sims 3, but when I click on the button to play, it says
“Error: The Process could not be started”.
Does anyone know why it is doing this?

I need more seeder’s it takes 4ever to download please help!

Well i’m uploading at 60 kbps which is ok, for some reason im dl at 200 but it wont upload at more than about 80…

But what is really beggining to annoying me is the lack of bloody seeders, all i see in my peers list is a load of 1kb uploaders.. guys, if u want a high download, do more uploading, not only does this enable faster downloading through the client, but also; it will supply more download for other people, and if ur that other person, ur gonna get higher dl…. assuming loads of peeps do it.

Person who put name as reply, have you tryed getting directx10fix3, find that file, i had the trouble ur having with loads of games, this fixed them all (except battlefield 2, but that had other errors aswell)

Jamie, get a program called ‘unlocker’, this will allow you to copy, rename, delete and edit any file that denies it, so, just make a copy of the original exe in a folder, then use unlocker to delete the original in your directory, then just place the crack in your directory, if its the crack that wont copy, do the same but use unlocker to force the crack to copy.

For anyone who gets the error; please insert cd or disk or whatever, download a file at the top of the page called ‘crack’ then copy the file into the plac where you installed the game, if it says overwrite, say yes, if it still doesnt work, copy it to the subfolder called bin, if it still doesnt work, copy it to the subfolder called data.

If the links arent working for you, just find another website with more link, or dl the torrent…. but the seeding community is rly low….

Hey, I have a problem before I play the actual game itself…
Whilst installing, or rather, before installing.
I have mounted the .iso…extracted the files out of MagicISO, and then double click ‘Sims3Setup’ I then get an error message/window:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (143)
@Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (6001)
IE Version: 7.0.6001.18000

I have installed the latest install manager (Version 15.0) in the hope of solving this…but it still doesnt work, and happens when i click either the Sims3Setup or the Autorun applications…
Help appreciated

it works on an iMac running 10.5.7.

Just run the sudo terminal prompt and you’re away :)

Hello, i have download The Sims 3-RELOADED from
And i have the file .iso, what do i do with this file? Do i use Virtual or DEAMON or do i burn it to a dvd? And how to i install the game? Is the install file Sims3Setup.exe (program) cause when i open this program it shows a black windows in 2 seconds and then nothing happens. CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE HELP ME CAUSE I WANT TO PLAY THE SIMS 3 NOW! :D :D :D

Can someone make a video or something on how to do this. I have no .iso file. I don’t know what to mount. Either someone make a video or write a detailed explanation.

Yes Bobby thats a good idea !! can this someone make pls ;)

i get the same as Mischa Feature transfer error: File:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll while installing ????? someone help!!!!!!!!!!!


christina it sounds like ur specs of ur computer cant play sims 3 :/ or maybe u need to update ur graphics card

anyone know a good unRAR ? i think mines is the problem :/ ?????

No i have checked if my computer can run the Sims 3 and i have download the newest driver for my graphic card.

I’m having the same problem as Roschi93. I have the game all installed and ready to go but when I click play an a message comes up asking me for my confirmation code. I use the generator but NONE of the codes work =( and when I use a firewall to keep offline it says I need an internet connection =( can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US!

Anyone else getting random reboots throughout the game? It’s starting to get really annoying now.

Tried it on Vista and 7 on a high end system.

Now i tried to download this The Sims 3-RELOADED file and i tried to unzip all the 58 files with 7-Zip. But this many errors concourd when i installing the game like the install program don’t find the file, what should i do?

i found the problem its that fat32 systems cant extract files over 4gb properly!!!!!!!! u got convert ur harddrive to NTFS now i can play sims 3 :D

also the bug that u cant speed up game and save has been fixed but they wont release it till the game releases i guess

I also get : “CRC ERROR: The file C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\HelpPages\DUT_NL\Help_Content. html doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor” – - Someone please help! i know how to crack , i know how to use daemon tools but shiet i need to install the game first!!

Surely someone’s found a fix for the random crashes?

It’s not temperature, it’s not drivers – It’s gotta be the software.

HIIIII :D IM SO HAPPY !! I CAN PLAY THE SIMS :D D JUHU i have made the video of youtube!! this was my problem!! now i have open the folder TS3 and in this i have search “TS3.exe” SOO THIS I HAVE COPY AND HAVE MADE IN THE FOLDER TS3>GAME>BIn !! and have klik to the copy ! and then the game have start :D D sry for my terrible english :D D IM SO HAPPY! WHEN YOU HAVE THE PROBLEM OF THE YOUTUBE VIDEO, then say my i can now help you :D

I have a Geforce 6600 instaled with the lastest drivers (185.85) and i have updated my chipset and IDE drivers, I have also run a drivers scann and it says I have all my drivers ok.
The thing is that when i try to run de game it gives me the error
“Unable to start game Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware.”
I have windows XP installed.
I also enter the website (can you play it?) and it told me that my computer satisfy the minimum requirements.
I dont know what to do… pleas if anyone fund a solution for this add ti.
Dont try to solve it by changing the BIOS features because I have already tried it…. If you know of any other version of this game to download also add it… maybe another version will work.

Just burn the iso to a dual layer dvd-r. Install don’t regeter for online shit, than put crack in bin folder. Then you can take the dvd out and use it for other computers. Game works better then ISO mount. I can fast forward to 4 and go to 1 speed no prob. Also i can save games no prob. I do get random crashes so i save every 15 min and it takes 2 sec to get back in the game. JUST BURN THE DAMN ISO FILE a dual layer dvd cost 3 to 5 dollars. You can get free ISO buring software to from Microsoft (cdburnerXP)

Can anyone help me. I play the sims 3 for 15 – 20 mins. Then suddenly the game just shuts down out of no where. When i did the system requirement test i was way past the requirements and now i am getting this. Can anyone help

Steps For Installing TheSims3
*For Burning To DVD*
0. You will need a 8.5 GB DVD R/RW
1. Then you use a free unraring software like Winrar to extract the iso (
2. Then you drag all the files you just extracted to whatever burning tool you have then you burn
3. Then once its done you put it in your DVD drive and install.
4. Then you will be prompted for the serial so you then go to my computer and explore the DVD
5. You should then see a folder called Crack and inside it will be two things. Double click the rld.
6. Use the keygen for the serial.
7. When the installation is done. Do not start the game. Go back to the crack folder.
8. Copy TS3 file and paste it in MyComputer>Local Disc>ProgramFiles>ElectronicArts>TheSims3>Game>Bin.
9. Enjoy

Reaper, ur running windows seven, correct? Well, we rly cant help you, it wasnt designed for windows 7, i would recommend xp for everyone until windows seven has been out for a few months, so the combatibility updates for bugs can come out and to see if its any good….

Sky, have you got the latest drivers, im not to sure of ur Prob

Look, anyone who has problems, im afraid ur gonna have to wait till it comes out because help is limited, sorry……

Roschi, write your problem in your language and we will use a translator….

i get this error when i start the game “Unable to start game Device 0 cannot run this title.
No supported video graphics card detected. Please check your system hardware.”
i have 8600 gt and i have the latest driver.i also used the website and my computer passed the test. Any help on this problem?


i have the same problem as phanpy, i have 8500GT and the latest driver, i’ve passed the test at, i have formated my computer too, i’ve google it and i haven’t found any solution, please help anyone

I have recently downloaded the RELOAD 5.6g version and installed it twice as Language: English and location: Great Britain but the characters still speak in a foreign language. I have checked the regedit – local key and both settings read as GB and an-US so should have no problems there. Have also tried changing to EN and en-EN.
Further on scrolling through the prog itself programme files/electronic arts/the sims 3/game/Bin/bin there is no english version in the language files – should there be one and if so can someone forward this file??????
If any-one has a solution to my problem please post I have read many other posts about the same issue but not one working solution.


I have checked the regedit – local key and both settings read as GB and an-US so should have no problems there. Have also tried changing to EN and en-EN.
I have checked the regedit – local key and both settings read as GB and en-US so should have no problems there. Have also tried changing to EN and en-EN.

Hiii :) Can someone give me a link where i can downloads extras for sims 3?? the directlink pls? i dont find with downloadmanager or sims lauchner xDDDD can someone pls give me the DIRECTlink for the downloads :) i’ve heard it gives download for outfits or a new city or hairstyls!! *.* when onesome have this page then give me pls the directlink for downloads! (PS: when i must registry me of this page, this isn’t a problem :D

Yep, Running Windows 7. Tried it on Vista aswell and it’s still crashing.

Ray/Raylynmax – Sims speak in Simlish. It’s not a real language. You can’t change it as far as I’m aware.

run it on xp mines workin perfectly i can save and and speed up time not crashed once run it for about 10 hours none stop

I am installing on a Mac OSX 10.5.7, and it won’t let me copy the TS3.exe into the Bin folder. The Bin folder is located on the sims3.iso disk, and my computer says that it is read only, and I cannot modify it. Any ideas on how I can get TS3.exe into the Bin folder. Do I need to copy the Bin folder to some place on my hard drive? Your help is appreciated!!


there is a problem… i start the game, it loads, but then when i go to create my sim it crashes and sends me to desktop. And not only that my desktop is messed up too. Its resolution is high and when i get it right a black left side turns up.As many times as i try it that keeps happening… I fixed the resolution but any help to play the game would be helpful

ADDITIONAL DETAILS:The graphics are bad when i start the game

i can only play the Tutorial :S

I have a problem with The Sims 3 install
An error pops up when i install the game:
CRC error: The file C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Caches\Sunset Valley.objectCache doesn’t match the file in the setup’s .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor.

and after i ignore this then many others pops up.


When I tried to play,it said that I needed “the whole registrationcode”, but I don’t know where to find it. Anybody?

Hannah, did you follow the instructions I posted a few days ago (search this page for ‘Mac OS X’)? You must modify the copy of the game installed to your HDD, not the copy on the installation volume (which can’t be easily modified anyway). The installer installs the game to /Applications by default.


I extracted the file. When I clicked on the “Sims 3 Installer” icon, nothing happened. At the top of the window it says “1 of 2 selected, Zero KB available.” I thought it might be a space issue but I’ve got 5.27 GB available. What’s wrong?

Hiiii !! Can anybody send me the URL where i can download the Sims3 Extras ? for example hairstyles, new outfits, new furniture and and and! can anybody send me the THE DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK PLEASE :D hats cery friendly and e big help :D DDD

Roschi93 i dont think there is anythink u can download atm
Jackie u need more harddrive space u need at least 6-8gb
Live its says up top
GJ99-VX9Z-P4WC-FP4U-GRLD < one i used and its fine for me tbh u dont need crack lol
if u need more help on sims 3 my msn is
rememba dont connect to internet

Jackie, did you single-click or double-click on the icon? You must double-click on it. Examine your logs for clues using Console if nothing happens when you double-click on the icon.

I’m so stuck, the rejestration code, I have no idea what to do !!

And i didn’t download the download manager thing, and Im offline – so I click play and it still tells me I need to connect to the internet, and when I do connect to the internet, that rejestration thing comes up

my pc spec CAN handle the game. why when i run it does it say “Unable to start game Device 0 cannot run this title”?

i HAVE replaced the ts3.exe from the crack folder with the previous one in the folder named bin, i have no problems with the keygen.

Did anyone actually come across THIS problem and actually get past it? and how please?

This goes for all my friends with thw preoblem “device 0 cannot run this title …”
I tried everything, including formatting my PC and installing a new version of windows (I don’t regret it because my PC used to be full of virus) and anything worked out. Then I find the solution, pleas if this works for everyone do not just forget about all the other players with this problem, leave messages with the solution in all the forums you can.
The solution is this_ the game does not support some resolutions, so some monitors that do not support the correct resolutions for the game cause this problem. But if you install the drivers for a monitor such as samsung 2043nw which support these resolutions then the game wil run.






christina this one works fine its just some ppl dont know how to install it :/

to copy crack open the exracted file copy and paste the crack folder to destop open it up copy TS3(.exe) to c:\program files\electronic arts\the sims 3\game\bin

i write a full installation guide

BTW ppl is comin but they not fully releasing it to after release date atm u can go on forums there lol

I have AOC 716Sw, and XP OS, i dont know where to download xp driver for my monitor, neither installing the driver, btw thanks for the advice


i have samsung syncmaster 740nw do you have any idea how i can update my monitor driver?

Finally for all those with TheSims3 crashing there is a patch for you to download. The Patch Updates the Reloaded Version To Razors [1.0.631.00002]

TheSims3 Reloaded was a release. This means the game’s version was the Feburary version before the full release. For that reason the game coudn’t autoupdate itself and also had some bugs and crash problems. But Razor’s release was 1.0.631.00002. it means this game is a official release; full version. Autoupdate available, no more bugs and crash reports. This patch is for the people don’t want download another 5GB. With this patch, you can upgrade your game to full release version. Just install RELOADED one, crack it (you already did this), then install this patch. After patching, no different crack is required, just enter the game and enjoy!

Happy Simming

I need help! I have download the game and everything is fine, but i can’t open the cheat windows! It won’t appear! I have tried everything. And yes i know i have to use ctrl shift c like in The Sims 2, but it’s not working!

Please help me!

I have the same problem as Jackie. It doesn’t let me download a folder but I do have space in Mac OS X. A lot of space. What is wrong?

Brittany, what do you mean by ‘download a folder’? You need to explain in far more detail.

I found this guide on a PB forum. *Original Poster ASHNOOB* Hope this helps.

For those of you who are new I guess ill briefly explain.

First, go download Daemon Tools if you dont have it. Then Download the program Winrar.

K.. when you have those installed. Go to your bitcoment downloads folder (normally C:\Downloads) and open up the sims 3 folder.

Right click on the first rld-sim3 file and click extract files… Then select for it to go to the desktop so you can easily find it later.

When that finishes, open up Daemon tools. It will put a little lightning icon down by your clock.

Right click, go to Virtual CD/DVD rom, put your mouse over the first device and select “Mount Image”

Now you need to find the file extracted earlier to your desktop. Select it in Daemon Tools and the Sims 3 Launcher should start.

Use one of these serials to install :





Once installed. Dont try to run the game. Go to My Computer and right click on the drive daemon tools asigned, it will have a sims 3 icon on it and click “explore”

There will be a folder called “crack” open it.

Leave that folder up for a second and open my computer again, go to C: Program files / Electronic Arts / Sims 3 / Game / Bin

Now go in the “crack” folder drag the TS3 icon from the “crack” folder to the sims 3 file you opened just before.

It should ask you to replace the file… click yes.

Now that icon, make a shortcut of it (right click, create shortcut) and put THE SHORTCUT. on your desktop. click and play.

Make sure you use the shortcut you made to load the game, the standard one sims 3 put on your desktop wont work.


The links you provided for the patches have been blocked. Is there an alternative site?

please upload again the sims 3…i have 29 part to go…please…..please….:(

if u connect sims3 to the internet it doesnt do anythink :S all it says ur sims3 is up2date lol u can still play and everythink just a pop thing says this is a non-final sims3 plz buy sims3 to get 1000 sim points for sims 3 store and to get into sims 3 exange (cant spell)

i’ve downloaded the patch and it doesnt fix my device 0 problem please help

Why are you all downloading this? I hope you actually BUY the game!

stfu because we can. what are you even doing on this site? ^

I found out the “device 0 cannot run this title” problem, I am running in dual screen and this message appears when I am using both screens, if i plug out the second screen when i start the game it dosent apear.
I hope this can help all of you

how do you Copy over TS3.exe to “install.folder\Game\Bin”.
and please explain in a simple way.

to the user “meh”
how did you overcome the problem with regards the cs-cz file not beng recognised.

please help. i keep getting the Service initialization failed (0x024e424f) message!

Has anyone else encountered the Error: 12 (World file save failure) and have any suggestions for how to debug it without losing potential save information? (Not sure mentioned the same issue earlier in the thread but as of yet there have been no replies – thanks in advance!)

RIVERVIEW available for download today @ Key needed to sign up and download the neighbourhood.

If you have riverview please post rapidshare links!!!

I have sims 3 collector’s edition when i open it the games says that the game is incomplete and i have to renestall it . i did but it does no work plzzzzzzzzz say me y???????

my video card’s 9500GT.. but i keep on getting the “device 0 cannot run this title” problem.. please any solutions from those who have overcome the problem.. thanks

Is this the full version? It’s not a beta or anything, correct?

in that program I downloaded the game The Sims 3?

Tanks ;)

@johan, didn’t hear of collector ed.; try to download this version from here
@need_help, install latest drivers for you card
@A, yes; fully working
@zé, use utorrent to download one of the torrents from links from first post

therefore, I use uTorrent but the program says the file exceeds the limits of the program to download, u already did the download?

So… Can anyone post Riverview on Rapid, Torrent or somethin’. Share it with the world if you got one. :D

I have dowloaded the Sims 3 and when I press play it ask me about a registartion code, anyone who knows the code? Please help me I relly want to try sims 3.


Run TS3, when it starts to install, it will ask for a key. Type one in.


Finish installing. Then go to

C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin

Delete TS3.exe and replace it with the crack which has the same name (TS3.exe)

Delete any shortcuts on your desktop, etc.
Launch the game by clicking the crack in that folder.

I keep getting this message when i double click TS3.exe:

“Unable to start game
Service initialization failed (0x024e424f)”

How can i fix this??

Before installing TS3, unplug your internet cable.

Did you install the right crack?

im running on AOC single monitor and still get this error

i downloaded it and everything and i extracted the rld 00 (first file in the sims 3 folder) and i mounted it with deamon tools and i get the installation now i thought that everything was going well but now it appears that there is one file damaged its: caches/sunset valley.objectcache
it says the parameter is wrong (no idea how to say parameter in english if this is wrong) i think its stuck at 10 percent or something O_o who knows what else could be wrong..

wait a sec…..i think i know what i did wrong….i mounted the iso file that was in the sims 3 folder when i extracted the rar file but i did not wait till it was 100 percent extracted but i thought this iso file was there because of some other thing i extracted…..but after some checking up it clearly wasntxD
and so people know:
the only file you need to extract is the rar file!
the others dont work when you mount the iso file!

Collin i’m getting the same error.

I click the shortcut to launch the game and it says, “The Game executable could not be found.”

Then the launcher comes up and I press the play button and it says, “The process could not be started.”

I would like some help please.

i also have the “error code 12″ problem
any solution ?

The Sims 3 – Razor1911 Final MAXSPEED

i cant find the extracted file in the desktop folder when it asks to mount the image..whats the extracted files name and where do i find it?

ok so i think the game is installed but when i go to play it i get a box asking for registration code. i have tried so many codes and none work..i downloaded the crack & keygen thing but im not sure what im meant to do with them, what now?

hi, i bought my cd and i already installed it but it keeps on asking for a serial to show ownership nd it always ask me to go online. please help me.i used the cd keys above but it says there thait is invalid

hey meh hw did u solve dat ntfs problem .. . I still cant extract da file .. it says 4 gb sumfin.. plzz help sumone

when i install, it says that setup needs next disk.. m stuck


i have downloaded the game it it works perfectly fine tho im running a slowish computer

AMD socket 939 3500+
4gb ram
1.7gb video ram
windows 7 (yes i am running windows 7)

the only problem i have is i cant install downloaded content.
it comes up with an error saying the software might not be up to date????

please help if u can

I have tried to install a few times now but keep getting this error…

CRC ERROR: The file C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\HelpPages\DUT_NL\Help_Content. html doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be sorrupted; contact your software vendor

This is what I have done:

1) Extracted the file.
2) Mounted the image
3) Started “Autorun”

The installation goes for about 3-4 minutes and this is when the error pops up. I have read a few people have encountered this but I’m not sure if it has been fixed??


Hi, I cant download part 25 and part 29. they are dead. can u please post new ones???

Error 12 World File Save Failure .. got this message yesterday after 6 hours of gameplay. Needless to save it was very frustrating not being able to save the game. The readme file says to contact customer support, which I will do tomorrow when they are open. I see a few of you have encountered this problem. Curious if anyone has found a fix for it yet!

Hey, I noticed you didn’t list Geforce 6100 as a supported video card, even though it does support pixel shader 2.0! Mine is a geforce 6100 with 256mb ram, will it work?

Ps: I am buying a new pc in a few weeks, but still, I’d like to give a crack on it now!



Hey, I have the same problem as Mixxex. I can`t download part 29 and 25. Can someone upload them again??? I have other parts, but those two cant be downloaded. The message says: File not found or file abused. Please Help Me

BTs3RZ.part29.rar –
BTs3RZ.part25.rar –

will be reuploaded, also try to download from torrent it won’t be deleted like rapidshare or other links ;)

how do i extract a file? please help?
and i dont hav the crack folder, why is this?…

The Sims 3 – Razor1911 Final MAXSPEED

To all the people who were getting the “Service Initialization failed” error. I have found the solution. Rejoice.

Uninstall the game and restart, then go to ‘regedit’ and delete the ‘Electronic Arts’ registry entries from both ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE’ and ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE’.

Reinstall the game and use the razor crack. Works.

To all the people who were getting the “Service Initialization failed” error. I have found the solution. Rejoice.

Uninstall the game and restart, then go to ‘regedit’ and delete the ‘Electronic Arts’ registry entries from both ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE’ and ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE’.

Reinstall the game and use the razor crack. Works.

This was mentioned earlier and nobody answered it, but what do I do if the people are all black to the point where you can only see their eyes and their hair. I cannot see their skin color.

Solution for Error 12 World File Save Failure!

I talked to the Sims 3 tech support this morning. They told me it was a rare error, but this is what they had me do.

Go to your documents, Click on Electronic Arts, Click on thesims3, click on Saves. In the Saves folder you will find all of your games and the backups for your games. If you find any backups marked BAD move them to another folder on your comp, just in case you need them. I don’t see why you would, but that is what the tech told me to do. I found 3 bad saved backups and moved them to a new folder I created on my desktop.

So far, so good but I do suggest you save periodically in your game play if you plan to play for a while just to make sure everything is working correctly!

Hello everyone,

Just wondering…I have a problem with my game. I installed it and everything, got it starting, and it crashes my computer after about 5-8 minutes of running the game. I have enough space on my computer and I’m pretty sure the graphics card I have is fine. Anyone have any solutions??

hey guys.can anyong giv eme a complete web for razor crack?

It downloaded, but everytime I try to open the installer it “unexpectantly quits”. I’m on a mac, please help!

the rapidshare-megaupload links are not working

please upload them again

try now

the rapidshare working now?

i don have a mac..but when i open it comes out *service intialization failed*

helpman , where can i find razor crack?the rapidshare is not working

I tried magiciso and daemon tools lite and it says unable to mount the image HELP?

nvm i found the problem

Anyone watch Big Brother last night? Get Siavash Out!

“CRC ERROR: The file C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\HelpPages\DUT_NL\Help_Content. html doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be sorrupted; contact yur software vendor”

i would greatly appreciate your kindness if anybody can find the solution to this problem

Hey Guys =]
I Really Need Help With The Sims,
I Got It Yesterday And Still Cant Get Onto It,
I Have It Installed But Once I Click On The Play Button It Says No Supported Video Graphics Card Detected, What Does This Mean?
And How Do I Get To Play The Game :(
I Would Really Appreciate It If Yous Helped Me Out As Quick As You Can,
Thank You =)

hey guys :.
i realy need help..
when i wana to play the game,it says unable to start game
“Service Intialization Failed”
Help me please…
Ur help is Really Appreciate by me.

hey guys >:[)
i hope u guys can give me the steps to download the sims 3.
i really need to play the games..
i have unistall it thrice and still cannot play the games…
help me pleaseeez.
ur help is needed.
thank you



I share the same unresolved issue with the no saving ‘error code 12′ world file save failure. I followed Lorra’s instructions and moved the bad saves out of the Saves folder in Sims 3, in EA folder. But I return to my game and it still won’t allow me to save. If this is what an EA tech suggested, then I am asking anyone who can improve on their suggestions to please help me out.

I played for a week, and it saved fine up until today which I find bizarre. I save throughout play to be safe and today has been very annoying as I don’t want to keep playing if it’s all going to be lost.

Thanks to anyone cool enough to know how to fix this.

help! i have downloaded it all, and when it goes to run, an EA message comes up saying enter your registration codee?! i keep entering a few but non seem to be working? any answerss?

i downloaded it then installed it but when i click to play it it says re-enter and verify your registration code please carefully re-enter the entire code found either in your confromation email your game manual. product packaging or game card… matter what i put in this it dosnt i work i downloaded the key gen but still i just cant seem to get it to work any suggestions?

the game is working but u have to start the game from C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\TS3. this is where u paste the crack ;)

The rapidshare links have been removed. Can someone guide me to the working links? Thank You for your time.

The rapidshare links have been removed. they dont work plaese help me and zAAx

I keep getting an error message when installing about thumbnails. I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Hi! This is a great torrent! But I was just worried about the game going online. How exactly do I “prevent the launcher and main game from going online” ? Thanks =)

With all the problems,people,just buy the game! He,He,He…

>>i get the same as Mischa Feature transfer error: File:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll while installing ????? someone help!!!!!!!!!!!

meh, how have you overcome this problem? I keep getting this message, it drives me crazy. Please help.

I have problem with unraring file 14 and 19 :(

File: g:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sim3Launcher.resources.dll Error: The Parameter is incorrect

why? what should i do? i need help man!!!

I have a problem…
When I install the game in the middle that shows a massage that says:”Insert Disc 1 that have the file GameData/Shared/Packages/FullBuild1

I can’t install The Sims 3 on my mac. Is a warning, stating that is damaged or incomplete

when i install sims 3 this shows up:
File: f:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sim3Launcher.resources.dll
Error: The parameter is incorrect.

Can someone PLEASE help me?
So i can finally play.
thanks (:

I can play the game and there is only 1 problem this is version 1.0.615.00107 of sims 3. to get the patch of 1.27 you need to download it. therefor you need the download manager. So do you need to download it or not, because you can do more things online and i need that patch >:(

I found the patch but i can’t install it, because it says that i need an other patch for sims 3. so i downloaded the other too and i still get that error…Can someone help me?

Hi every1 …can some1 tell me and probably half of these people …can the reloaded sims 3 game be updated with the 1.27 patch or not????

I understand the reloaded one is pre-retail but has any1 got theirs updated.

Hey guys~
Where do i find the TS3.exe file to copy over?????
PLease help?

someone help me please!!!

i’ve been install THE SIMS 3 from CD..
then i uninstall…
but, when i want to install again from internet..
it doesn’t work..

can you explain me slowly,,
so i can install it and play it…..
please help me…

(sorry about the languange,, i’m not american or english)

one more…
why every i download the torrent,,
it always 52 kb..
i’m so confuse…
help me please…

A few ppl hav asked this, but couldnt see any replies:

Does anyone know how to fix the sound problem? I have no sound…
Does anyone know how to fix the speed problems? I can’t speed up time at all…

Would really appreciate it if anyone can help.

Sarah x

Thanks for upload, great game though it took me 1,5 months to download it.

I had error messages pop up while installing that said sunsetvalley and fullbuild0 things and it wont load up it just says the same two things over and over again..tried retry a few times, some data redundancy error or something…what should i do..please help!!

I have bought 2 copies of the actual sims 3 game and 1 installs good but when i go to run thegame it crashes. Next copy keeps giving me the message: games/bin/help pages/dut_nl/help_content.html error
Any suggestions?

None of the codes work when I try to play the game

Where do I find the TS3.exe file to copy over?

download crack only or you can find it on crack folder from iso

Did anyone ever figure out how to solve this problem when installing Sims 3?

CRC ERROR: The file C: Program files\electronic arts\The sims 3\Game\Bin\HelpPages\DUT_NL\Help_Content. html doesnt match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be sorrupted; contact your software vendor

If there is a solution, please someone help out. I see there are different solutions to problems I have not run across, but this problem, if solved, was not posted.

during the installation it stops and asks for the file that contains Cashes\SunsetValley.objectCache.
even tho i have it..!
plz help!

hi. i am from Romania and i don’t understand everything in english.
i have a problem. when i start the game, before i can go in a town, there appears a message: “Disc Authorization Failure We are unable to verify that your disc is a valid copy of The Sims 3. Please contact customer service.” then i must click “Accept” and after that the game is stopping. what can i do?

alexandra, ai copiat crackul ?
ts3.exe, vezi ca e tot aici pe site sau pe imaginea iso, il copiezi unde ai instalat jocul in folderu game\bin

Sup fellas. I got a little problemo. So i got the game all installed and everything with the crack and whatnot. The only hicup that ive run into now is that when i run the game and it gets to the screen where you choose what city or village to live in or whatever(its something like that) the game says that it cant confirm that the disk is authorized. Please help me with this one. I feel like im soooooo close and yet sooooo far. oh and ive tried running the game w/out the disk but it still doesnt work and w/out internet… nada. so please… im betting someone can help

“game w/out the disk”
do you mean disk on virtual driver ?, actually you dont need this after you copy crack

FOR ALL WHO STILL CAN’t PLAY (even if you copy crack and replace [TS3.exe] to c:\program files\ea games\the sims3\game\bin or where you have installed the game):
download and install Razor1911 version + latest update

kk i really need help now my Sim 3 always closes and shut and restarts my computer.
My Computer says ViewMGr Encountered a problem and needed to close
The problem is the
And shyt
Plz some1 help meh
The sim3 works for like 10mins and than my computer closes and restarts.

i cant play sims 3 on MAC. Service initialization failed. please heeeelp

I just need you to tell me how to use crack and serial number with an original DVD. I just want to install the game on two computers at home.
Thanks for answering

i need some help!!
i started to instal sims 3 but there is an error right on the begining of tehe inastalation..

what can i do??
please help!!

Hi, i downloaded TS3 a few time ago, but i’ve a problem, the instalation spent right, iive copy the crack, but when i try to play, it told me “Error of the initialization of the service (0x039e8474)”
(im french, exuse me for mistakes)
please help me !!

i downloaded it and i also have the crack but im extremely confused with how to install it . id appreciate someones help @
thanks so much .

hi all i have the same prob like mariine …n it is Error of the initialization of the service (0×039e8474)”..plz help

Hey,I can’t download it.I tried with uTorrent,but at availability it shows me a red line.What does it mean ? Can somebody please tell me how to fiz this problem,because I want to play Sims 3 !

i’ve instaled sims 3 correctly, it worked well for 3 times but now it won’t launch and it gives me this error: unable to start game/ Service initialization failed (0x0175d824), please help me, thx


Does it matter if I download another file…

on i searched “The.Sims.3-RELOADED.iso”

there are two different files i can download, one that has a btarena link in the details section and another that doesn’t say anything; but the thing is that they both have the SAME FILE to download, ” rld-sim3.iso ”

is there a difference? (back to the question :) If i download the other file, can i still use the instructions at the top of THIS page?

I feel stupid but, thanks (:

sure, if it’s same iso file go and install

anybody got a confirmation code 4 the sims 3????? i’d be really happy if you did… :)

i just downloaded the file-rack links but i had to download crack from this link
works perfectly

hey peoples im not the best at this downloading but i think you need a different type for mac can someone hep me coz i have no idea oh and if there is anyone that can help me can you plz put instructions

hey peoples im not the best at this downloading but i think you need a different type for mac can someone hep me coz i have no idea oh and if there is anyone that can help me can you plz put instructions

Please can any1 help me?!
I start the sims 3 and it loading but after that it shuts down :(
Please help i just want to play the game!

1. Unrar
2. Burn or mount the image using Deamon tools (Google it, it’s free to download)

3. Install the game.
Use the keygen in the /Crack dir on the DVD when prompted for a serial.
or these cd-keys:

4. Copy over TS3.exe to “install.folder\Game\Bin”.
5. Play the game.

PS: Prevent the launcher and main game from going online. And don’t install download manager !

oh and for those who have mac… here how’s to do it… Take your mac and throw it out the window and get yourself a PC ;D

in other words, you can’t play this torrent on failMac

dear evryone…please…help me…i’ve install the sims 3 using my dvd rom…..but when i want to crack, i doesn’t found the file named ‘crack’. the only files that i found, “be rich”, “support”, “autorun”, “setup”, “setup-1″, “setup-2″, “setup-3″ and until “setup-7″…..but there’s no “crack” file…how could i fond this fle???…please,,,guys help me…..

help me please…how could i found the crack file????
i’m begging you…:-|

install from here..

how to prevent the launcher and main game from going online???

Can you mount on to a cd-r rather than a dvd file ?

Sorry i meen can you mount the image on to a cd-r rather than a dvd disk

Im getting this when trying to winrar it
error in /rld-sim3.r43

then i have to break connection

Please help me, it took me 3 hours to dowload the torrent and i really dont know how to get the sims3 to work, people keep sayin stuff about unrar , but when you dont know what this stuff means its a bit hard to find it lol :(

I’m trying to install Sims 3, but I keeps getting this error:
Feature transfer error: File:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll
Error: Incorrect Function
Is there a way to fix?

I really want to play! ;D

[sorry, my english is not that good]

Now, that probleme’s fixed.
And I have another probleme.
When I want to play, it keeps asking for some Registry Code,
When I try GJ99VX9Z… I says that this one isn’t correct.
Please help me, I really want to play! ;D
[sorry, my english is not that well]

@ Lovee : How to fix the feature transfer error? cause that text keep pop up while I do the install. Please help. Ireally want to play.Thank you.

heya, I’m having trouble installing. once the game starts to install, it comes up with a winow saying “Please insert Disk 1 that contains the file Caches/Sunset Valley.objectCache”. what have i done wrong?

How can i change the language of my Sims into English?

why dont you just buy the game and save all the hassle.

Can someone help me – I’ve never even attempted torrenting or anything before.

I have fully downloaded the folders, put them in WinRar. My questions are where to find this game folder and what the image you need to burn or something is. I am completely lost!

Ok, most like all the people above im kinda new to this stuff, ive only done it once before but forgot how to do everything. I downloaded it twice just to be safe: on Vuze and bittorrent. and i think i extracted all the files but there is no electronic arts folder in my program files….. so i don’t know what to do….

Wow – nvm i’m really good at this now except when i finally got done with everything i found out my video card isnt good enough….. oh, well

Hey guys. I have downloaded the game…
But none of my registration codes are working..

Can someone please email me @
and tell me what the problem is??

Also I am not sure about the ts3.exe file.
I do not see it..
I really want to try this game out,
so if I could get a response asap,
that would mean alot!

Thanks in advance!!


my problem is that when I extract the game, it stops at r037 and winrar tells me that #1) there isn’t enough disc space #2)only NTFS systems can extract more than 4gigs

*sigh what do I do

help me! i can download the game but when i run it, it says that you need to connect to the internet. btw, what do you mean by putting the TS3 in the “install.folder”? what is the install folder?

Downloaded this torrent last summer or so and it worked excellently! unfortunately I had to delete it a few months ago when I reset my hard drive and I’m downloading it again, and since the expansion came out I was wondering if anyone had successfully installed it? And if so, where they downloaded it from?

Any tips are helpful, thanks~

Guys i need some help it’s the 3rd Sims 3 to download so far and i can’t get any of them to extract from the .rar files i get this massage i tried to extract it twice and same thing happened Please help me my bandwidth is srsly messed up 13 GB in 3 days just for The Sims 3 ! =[ Need some help asap please..

” ! C:\Users\ElHamedLlah\Downloads\The.Sims.3-RELOADED\rld-sim3.r46: Packed data CRC failed in rld-sim3.iso. The volume is corrupt
! C:\Users\ElHamedLlah\Downloads\The.Sims.3-RELOADED\rld-sim3.r51: CRC failed in rld-sim3.iso. The file is corrupt “

hey guys can anyone answer please ? i hope it will be faster….

you need to redownload corrupted parts

yay! i got it! but its a bit dissappointing, a little slow and laggy

alexis how to redownload part 51 and 46 from the torrent i downloaded the sims 3 from ? thanks for answring =]

wow now i fixed it atlast =D! no need to replay i had a file that was 99 % when i did the force checkup i guess it’s something wrong with utorrent hope it will work now .

Can someone explain me step by step??
I’m stupid in this!!
I already have the zipped archives, but every time I try to unzip, I have problems!!!



SO, erm, I’ve downloaded it on vuze, and I don’t actually have a .zip or .rar file anywhere. Help me?

Hey man Where in the hell do you get the TS3.exe file i searched teh entire pc after installing it and shit and all i found was TS3.ex–. i tride that it dint work so i want the rite folder and also idk if it because of the TS3.exe problem but when i try to play it it will say put in you correct key to prove its not stolen i cant get past it so HELP ME Plz :D my friend got it working but he is a bitch and wont fucking tell me how…

Really good work about this website was done. Keep trying more – thanks!

i cant open files it says the archive is either in unknown format or is damaged…and daemon tools says the disk might be corrupted…pleasee help

The easiest way to play sims 3 is to go out and buy the game like most people do. Downloading illegal versions of the game can crash your pc and you will never get the same quality of game illegally. The price is worth it for those of you who do not want to pay the 40 or 50 bucks it costs.

when i open the game, it tells me that installation is incomplete, and the game cannot run.
how do i install it further..?

keep on truckin’!

nevermind, ignore that, ^^

but uhh, i keep trying crack codes, but none of them work..

should i keep trying new ones?

I am having problems I got the game working Thanks love you for this by the way, but I have some custom content I want to install. I need the mod folder and the crack does not have it does anyone know how I can install my custom packages. C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages is where I am suppose to put them.

Hey does this work, The torrent is really fast. My internet is fast, so it only takes 2 hours to finish downloading it. I just want to make sure… is the mini image in the torrent? and also, does it work? ^.^

Also, is the mini image to mount onto the disc the jpeg file in the .background? if not, which ones the mini image to mount?

it says we are unable to make sure this is a valid disc of the sims 3 please contact customer suppportttt…. IM STUCK & NEED HELP!

Does it work on a mac 10,5?

Can anyone help me out? an error comes out during the installation – Error Incorrect Function. File: F:\Caches\Sunset Valley.objectCache. Please Help me out on this!!

When I’m trying to copy the TS3.exe-file to Game/Bin-folder, my computer (over-protective Windows 7…) says I need permission from “Everyone” to do this. What the hell?


i did what you said i unzipped it mounted it to a virtual drive and installed it i put the TS3.exe in the game/bin and put the first code in and then it installs and then asks for the key code again and i click ok that it there and it asks for it again and again it said i should get one in a email of card code on others.
any help do you know how get get past it?

i did it as you said and it said after the launch opens and it says enter the code again and i do and it keeps saying re-enter the code and i click done again and it just dont work and help
i mounted it on a virtual drive coz i dont have and disks that big and dont know what to do?
if you know whats up please help me. :)

Hey, i need help, after i extract, i nned to create an iso, but idk how, so i tried to put all the files in the disc, and its says it dont have enought free space. Even if we make an ISO, it will say the same thing. I NEED HELP PLZ!!!

OK, so I have a Question, I get everything with the Crack & Keygen thing. But I was wondering. At the top where you can download the game it says of course download the Sims 3 Reload. But, under that, it has The Sims 3 ISO download. Do I NEED to download the second one being the ISO or not?. And if I have to do I just extract it to the main sims folder?. Where do I extract it?.

hi there to all that 58 part is damaged where i can get another one plz tell me yar

how can I prevent the launcher and main game from going online? And not to install download manager? can anyone answer me? please. :D

Hi Alexis i do not .iso i just that 58 part want plz reply fast

Notice To everyone who is complaining about the iso…..
You extract those Rar’s using Winrar.
You download this:
Install it, don’t bother with restarting either.
Get it running, once it’s in the taskbar at the bottom you right-click to open “virtual cd/dvd rom” set the number of drives to add 1 or more.
Go to again and add an image, go to where the sims Iso(the largest one) is and open it where it should run auto like.
If you get lost, tough luck.
That’s how that is done!

My question: Got the game up and going, damn thing tells me I have the wrong the serial, and keygen isn’t helping.

What do I do?

OMG ! i Dont understand how to install !!!



I have a problem with the game, cause i cant get out of the cab when i start playing … What should I do to fix this ?

Hey. I installed this on my computer and it worked totally fine. I’m on my boyfriends computer, and the only difference is that he has Windows XP Pro and I have Windows XP Home Edition, but on his computer it gives me an error while I’m installing it saying:

File: g:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sim3Launcher.resources.dll Error: The Parameter is incorrect

Does anyone know how to fix this?? Thanks! :)

It tells me I need to log online to prove ownership of the game?

Okay, where exactly would “install.folder\Game\Bin” be located on my computer? please email me at with an answer. ty

install folder = folder where you installed the game
default is c:\program files\ea games\the sims 3\…

what the fuck is unrar?
i dont understand this

extract with WinRAR

Here a patch i made using NSIS and VPatch its only 9mb download and patch the RELOADED Release to the Retail Version, easy to use, if u want to update RELOADED version you will need this patch to tranform to retail XD

co wy gadacie ? moze ktos po polsku napisze ? ; P

i downloaded and installed everything just fine, i copied over the file too, but when i go to play the game it says it has to connect to the internet to verify the serial code. what do i do now?

When you downloaded this torrent all the files are packed together, so you have to “unrar = Unpack” them. You do this by chosing one winrar file and extract them with the program Winrar to another folder which you chose yourself.

Thanks for the torrent! It took a couple of hours to download and when I installed everything I had it all connected to internet and did things I wasn’t supposed to do. So now I re-downloaded it and it worked!

That happened to me too. You have forgotten to do the crack. Go to “My computer”, right click and open the The Sims 3 file, go to the crack folder, copy TS3.exe and replace it in the bin folder which you can find on Local Disc C>Programs>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>Game>Bin (something like that)

I’m so happy that mine worked now :D WIEEEE

How do I install the World Adventures Expansion pack and the Ambitions pack? Can I do it with this torrent or do I need razor1911 final maxspeed?

Thanks for the awesome torrent! :D

i was trying to install my the sims 3 but it had been interrupted.. it said that “Please insert Disk 1 that contains the file Caches/Sunset Valley.objectCache” what will i do? please help!

i was trying to install my the sims 3 but it had been interrupted.. it said that “Please insert Disk 1 that contains the file Caches/Sunset Valley.objectCache” what will i do? please help!

is it right to download the sunsetvalley.objectcache?? i was starting to install the game but it said.. “Please insert Disk 1 that contains the file Caches/Sunset Valley.objectCache”…

Okay I’ve downloaded torrents before but this is my first game, so I’m basically a noob, and I’m stuck. It’s done downloading but now I have no idea what to do. I have windows 7. Any help would be nice but I probably need some pretty detailed directions to actually understand whats being said to me :)

read those Install notes:

All right, so I got everything done, and I’m right at the point where I can run the game – but then it asks me confirm my key, and blast, darn, but none of the ones above are working for me. Any help?

I downloaded this and installed it and everything and when I double clicked on the sims 3 icon it brought up the launcher, i pressed play and it asked me to enter my serial key. I tried a bunch of different ones so i hit dont continue and when i hit the Play Icon the screen goes black for 3 seconds then brings me back to my desktop

what we have to install? TS3.exe or Sims3Setup.exe?
i install sims3setup.exe and then in the end it asks me for confirm my key, and nothing works . .. help ?

@angela, seems you installed the game (autorun.exe need to be run if game install don’t automatically open);
but ask for key because you leave the game install to connect to internet and don’t copy the crack.

I have everything installed but I asked to play a code that appears in the manual or back of the box

I’m a total newbie to this stuff, and after going through all this, it was really helpful and after an hour of trying to figure it all out I think I got it. But now when I press the play button on the opening menu all it says is “The proccess cannot be started” And thats it… I don’t think I’ve read that problem up here yet. soooo……? wtf?

ALRIGHT. So. After days of waiting, the torrent finally downloaded.


I need someone to give me step-by-step instructions so I can play. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

E-mail me with the info, to

It would be sooo sooo sooo much appreciated!!!

I just torrented it and the installation process went fine, but when I start it, i just get the sims 3 logo on a blue background and it stays like that :( what’s goin onnnnn. I have a mac

the game is it in french ?

the game is it in french ?

yes, it’s multi language

damn it, i didnt read “and dont install download manager!” >.< so, i did.. what to do? what can happen? do i have to re-install it? how to uninstall it? i am so confused!

eeh for the noobs here to unrar u need a unraring program winrar is a good one its easy to get the free version it will say that u will have it for like 8 days or something but iv had it for like a year but ok install winrar blah blah and when u download the the sims 3 u will get lots of RAR files dubble click on the first RAR file and winrar will start and do RAR stuff if it dosnt right click and open with winrar then u get a file and we need to mount that one so u need daemon tools so download that and when u have it install it blah blah start it and move the file that ur gona mount to a nice place and right click on the daemon tools icon in the right corner of the screen and choose virtual devices and create one and go to the icon right click gto ur device and choose mount and find the file u wanted to mount and dubble click it. =)

i dont have the TS3.exe file but i can start it without it but when i do i need the code wich already is there but when i push the done button it says that it cant connect to the license server

yep uninstall from control panel > add remove programs/installed programs, then install again.
but first you can try to copy crack and see if will work, on some cases will work depends on configuration; just try it before uninstalling

man its really slow at downloading
and do i really need to connect to server when playing
someone who played pls tell me

dude i cant even download it with daemon tools
pls help me

i instual the manger download and the game don’t start..and impossibile play in the games
what should i do ?

what image do i mount

do u have to unrar every rar file or just one??

extract just from one

I had the same problem with no more space problem but you copy the crack on your c drive in a ea folder you go on to game and put the ts3 named file there it asks if you want to replace it and click copy and replace :) . I also had a problem because I have windows 7 with the game not recognising the card but I went onto my graphics card website and downloaded the necessary drivers and been on it for the last 7 hours lol

oh and you put it in the file called bin aswell with the capital B :)

“we are unable to verify that your disc is a valid copy of the sims 3 ambitions. please contact customer service ” I bought sims 3 and torrented ambitions and copied the crack to the directory and this still happens anyhelp?

I’ve installed the sims 3 it works one time only…then a message appears and it says service initialization failed 0x0175d824….pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase can anyone give me a solution,I’m begging you guys…please help me guys pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz

Hello! dkddgce interesting dkddgce site!

OK for people who are struggling: what i did, 1.first i downloaded this torrent via limewire.
2. I then downloaded ‘freearc’, winrar and daemon tools net/lite.
3. I found where the sims 3 file that i just download was eg. users/documents/limewire/save/sims3
4. i looked through the files and found the one that had the freearc logo as the picture. (if yours doesnt then the file should still be called rar archive)
5. i extracted that file by right clicking on it and finding the extract here button. (for me it was under the freearc tab thing)
6. i opened daemon tools net.
7.i clicked the button on the top left which said add images.
8.i browsed for that newly extracted file. (should be the only one there and should be located wherever you downloaded the sims 3 to).
9.there should now be a new icon towards the right that says rld-sims3. double click it
10. look down at the bottom at virtual devicec and make sure that tab is selected.
11. left click on the file down the bottom that has the sims3 logo and then ceft click the button on the top that says mount.
12. go to computer or my computer (whatever system ur running vista,xp etc.)
13there should be a new cd drive there now labeled E: or D: etc and had the sims3 weitten next to it, double click it.
14. now it will run autorun, follow the steps and when it asks you for the cd key go to computer right click the new cd drive, click explore, find the folder named crack, open it and double click the file that says rld-sims3. generate and it should automatically enter the code. if not just type it in manually.
16 don’t download, download manager or anything like that as i think it will update the sims 3 making it unusable.
17. once installed find where u just installed it to (default is under ea or electronic arts.
18. once u find it go to to the game binary (sims 3/game/bin).
19. go to that crack folder that u went to before and copy the other file (ts3) and paste it in the game binary.
20. (optional) make a shortcut to “ts3″, paste it onto desktop and run game through that. (ENJOY!)

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when i click play it sas mme write etthat i ffound in the game paper

Hello! kadckde interesting kadckde site!

the links are deosnt work !!!

Thanks for the instructions for MAC OS X! I’m still experiencing problems though, When I try to launch the game it still requires the disk “Please insert disk labeled “sims3″” , even though I have copied the crack files there. If anyone has a solution for this, thank you so much!!!

Nice post! Thank you!

Excellent site I encountered it on bing , have you been using wordpress with this blog? or something else?

Hey those of you who are facing the VERIFY REGISTRATION CODE problem after patching, I’ve found the solution! It’s simple.

If you accidentally updated your game, The Sims 3 will prompt you for registration code again. However, this can be fixed by uninstalling the EA Download Manager. When you run the launcher again, it will prompt UNABLE TO CONNECT TO EA DOWNLOAD MANAGER. If you see this, you’re on the right track!

Now just look for a lastest version of The Sims 3 No Cd Crack. I found mine here: Sims 3 Game Updates

The enjoy your updated The Sims 3 game!

Please tell me if it works for you, cause it worked for me! ^_^

Gracetiryn, i met a similar problem here, after i’ve installed the updates (through download manager), the game’s Launcher crashed whenever i tried to run it, and the problem still goes on after your solution. any help here?

Help please!

The torrent has been stucked on 61%
Either seed it or find some other solution.

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bless you ! really helpful put up!

how do i copy the ts3 to the browser when it ask 4da next disc need help please i have a windows vista

To be both a speaker of words and a doer of deeds.


Found your web site by accident for the 2nd time today so I considered I’d have a closer look. I have just started making my own website and modeling it after what you have carried out. I wish mine will probably be as effective as yours.

Outstanding piece, thanks for sharing!

its so strange!! just when i started to create my sim..the game suddenly exits to the desktop..twice!..what can i do?

try to update video card driver and directx, + lower the video settings
if still don’t work a windows reinstall will help

None of the links will open when I klick on them…are they still working? Has someone else been downloading the files recently?

it works,thanks *-*

please anyone can help how to download this game…after downloading it in utorret, what should i do next?because in utorrent it says seeding meaning?please i need a step by step because i’m new with this thank you….

can someone dumbdown the install notes please??? i cant understand on how to do it

Hi li, what you have to do is, after you downloaded the sims 3 in Utorrent, download something called The Extractor, then install that. After open the sims 3 folder and you find all the files, drag and drop them in the extractor wait for a few hours, i know long time. Then download DAEMON TOOLS LITE. *Install that*. Then right click wherre it says add device, then find the iso sims file, add it, then mount image. It should work after that :)

getting sunset valley error too

Hey, I wonder .. what will happen if i download the EA manager ?? cause i have downloaded this game before .. and guess what? it worked .. but really slow.. Is that the reason why we shouldn’t download EA manager? :D

no, the game is slow because, probably, you have a old computer, try to lower video settings
that download manager will install updates and the game won’t work, if you leave it to do this

that error it’s when you play a saved game ?
try a new one
or reinstall the game

Hey Alex, and where I can lower video settings, cause I really dont know anything about computers? xD

it’s when i first install the game

@Skaarletinja, when you play sims, in options
just click on “3 dots” from left, down of the game
and reduce screen size and set others settings from high to low or off

did anyone met the problem here? after i’ve installed the updates (through download manager), the game’s Launcher crashed whenever i tried to run it, and the problem still goes on after i cracked it right. any help here?

you shouldn’t updated the game. not even install download manager !
why don’t you read install notes ?!

@ALph you can try to install a cracked update or reinstall and don’t update

Did anyone manage to solve that CRC error? I am completely stumped and will have to wait a month to re-download anything too big as I’ve run out of downloads for now.

Thanks :)

if you downloaded torrent, just hach check in utorrent to be sure you have 100%

The whole thing is definitely there. I’m not sure what to do, I mean it gets through half the installation and that’s it.

And it looks like others are having the same problem, so if anyone who posted before has figured it out, I’d love to know.

I got it to work by deleting the .iso file I was using, and using a different program to extract the .rar file from the torrent. I don’t know why this worked, but it did. Hope it helps someone else with the same problem.

When I try to open rld-sim3 file,it won’t open. It says that rld-sim3 is not a valid Win32 application. What should I do?

I gotta bookmark this internet site it seems handy invaluable

i already downloaded the crack + keygen & copied it into the bin file…but i still can’t play the says ‘unable to start game…service initialization failed (0x039e8474)…what’s the problem??please somebody help me..

i get this ” enter your registration code here. please enter the entire registration code found either in your email, your game manual/product packaging, or game card” wat to do ? what fking codes is this asking ?

you didn’t followed the instructions and installed that download manager, you don’t need to update the game ! and be sure you copy the crack in right location

i didnt download that stupid manager n copied to the right place

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I followed all the steps. I mounted the iso, installed the game successfully, and moved crack files to game/bin. But when I try to run the game the screen goes black and than I get this pop up error:

Unable to start game

Service Initialization failed (0x0175d824)


My computer is an XP… anyway what did I do wrong?

first try to update video card and directx, if still don’t work
you may not have minimum system requirements or you need to reinstall the windows

I have a problem. I did everything I was supposed to do (I think) but when I want to copy TS3.exe to Game\bin it doesn’t work because it’s a READ-ONLY file. How do I overcome that?

you need to copy that in c:\program files\ea… (check some comments above), NOT in virtual drive !

It’s asking me to verify the keygen after the insallation, but it keeps telling me that the code is invalid for this product. What do I do?

Help please!

It’s asking me to verify the keygen after the installation, but it keeps telling me that the code is invalid for this product. What do I do?

Help please!

I have the same problem like Alyssa! help please…

It says I need a register code, where can I get one?

Same problem as above, and i already installed the online ea manager, so can anyone help

So, a few other people have posted this question but there hasnt been a reply… when I am downloading the iso it stops it and says there is an error with the SunsetValley.objectCache. It says the Parameter is incorrect. How can I fix that?? When I just click retry it keeps downloading but it is stuck on downloading the SunsetValley.ojectCache… can anyone helllp!!!!

Also for the serial number thing…

just take one of the ones that are with the install instructions at the top of this page

or go to and search the sims 3 . then just click show serial, you dont even need to install anything

Every time I go to try and open it, I get an EA message popping up asking me to enter my registration code, which I do, but it keeps telling me to re-enter it, and I can’t get the game to actually start up…

Any ideas?

So, I manage to download it and the keygen works, but when i try and play, the game says I’m playing a non-final, unauthorized copy of The Sims 3. Yeah, no shit, but how do I get past this? :(

James, you should have turned your internet connection off before launching the game so that it wouldn’t try to patch. Unfortunately, I don’t know if reinstalling solves this problem.

reinstall will fix, but i think first he need to reinstall windows

Holy crap, I got it to work! :-D

Okej… Since I, not so long ago, was a complete noob when it came to bootleg games I’ll try to explain how I did it in “simple” words.

Before you “mount” (you can mount stuff with Daemon Tools), extract all the files. Just rightclick on the file and click “Extract here”.
When that’s done, go to the file named “Crack” and copy the app named “TS3″. Now, go back and go to the file named… game(?), and continue to the file named “bin” and paste.
Now, double-click this “TS3″ and it should work even without having to mount the thing.

However, I think that The Sims 3 is just… boring! I actually prefer The Sims 2! It’s easier to maneuver, I actually like the graphics better but.. hey! Each to their own, right?

So… I hope this helps.

Hey! I’ve been trying to play the game for ages. Before, it was that graphics problem, and we couldn’t start the game. But now it’s this weird thing, the game launches normally, but when it’s ‘time’ to show the neighbourhood, it just closes the whole thing without any warning. it’s really REALLY frustrating. help, anybody?

hi! everybody who has problems with CRC and *.cab files during installation process: I SOLVED IT! its quite simple you just have to ignore all of them, then install patch and then crack game. All works perfectly! :)

try to reinstall entire windows and install the game again

I have problem: F:\Game\Bin\bin\cs-CZ\Sims3Launcher.resources.dll – parameter specified wrong choice. Please!!!!HALP ME!!!!((((((((((((( :Кричу:


Incorrect function

hi, i ain’t got no problem instlling it, i can even play it w/o the crack.
however, when i try play the game, seems like every sims’ model r all screwed up. their face is all scrambled.
but the environment’s all fine.


update video card driver and directx
also could be a problem video card you have, probably it’s too low end
play a little with video settings: reduce resolution and settings to medium or low

im using AMD radeon HD 6470m
i got catalyst control center installed. all in default.
anything i should do?


mobile video cards aren’t so good
with that video card you should run the game, but how i said reduce resolution and settings

all was going great until i couldn’t copy ts3.exe file because theres no space left on the BD-ROM Drive F. can someone please help?

you need to copy the file where you installed the game, not in virtual drive !
default is c:\program files\ea games\… read previous comments

I’ve followed the instructions on how to install/mount and copy all the files and all that has been done. But when I start the game up, after the introduction, it says it can’t find a disk in the drive? I uses ISO disk 1.1 to mount the image. I’m really confused! Can someone help me? :D I just want to play the game! lol. x

you didn’t copied the crack to ….\ts\bin folder

I played the game without any problems for a few hours…. Then suddenly when I play for a few minutes the screen goes black for 2 sec. then you can play the game again but the screen is darker :S And when I start the game again it does the same again…. So I can still play the game but it’s kind of annoying… So what should I do?

I just downloaded the sims. I figured out how to mount it but couldn’t find the game to be able to. How do I find it?

why is it that they asked for registration code when i enter the game, i tried the keygen but to no avail, any ideas how to solve it? thanks :D

you connected to internet via sims 3 launcher or you updated the game, thats why still ask a code even if you generated one with keygen
reinstall the game, but first delete everything related or reinstall windows
another option is to update the game with a cracked update

IS there any way to change the screen resolution of the game?

When I run the CD he tell me to retape my key and the key doesn’t march
when I disconnect my internet he said : the must to be online

Sorry , i’m french !

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