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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 - 19:54
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Grand Theft Auto 4 CLONEDVD
GTA 4 PC (c) Rockstar Games

Install and wait for crack.
Install steps are for original game…

Supported Operating Systems are:
Windows Vista (plus Service Pack 1)
Windows XP (plus Service Pack 3)
plus DirectX 9
plus Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz
Memory: 1.5GB
Free Hard Drive Space: 16GB
Video Card: 256MB NVidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900
DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card

Recommended Hardware Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1Ghz
Memory: 2GB (Windows XP) 2.5GB (Windows Vista)
Free Hard Drive Space: 18GB
Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600 / 512MB ATI 3870
DirectX 9 compatible Surround Sound Card

Other Requirements:
Initial activation requires internet connection; Online play requires log-in to Games
for Windows – LIVE and Rockstar Games Social Club (13+ to register); requires disc
in drive to play (unlimited installations); software installations required including
Sony DADC SecuROM, Adobe Flash, DirectX, and Microsoft’s .NET Framework,
Games for Windows – LIVE, and Internet Explorer.

During the Grand Theft Auto IV installation you will be prompted to register with Games for Windows – LIVE and Rockstar Games Social Club. Please note that registration into either is not mandatory to play the single player campaign.

In order to experience the maximum functionality of Grand Theft Auto IV PC, including the ability to play multiplayer, share your own user-created videos online, and compete and share stats with friends and other gamers, we highly recommend that you sign up for both.

1. Insert the ‘Grand Theft Auto IV DVD’ (Disc 1) into your DVD-ROM drive.
2. You will first need to install the Rockstar Games Social Club application.
Please follow the on-screen directions.
The installation of Rockstar Games Social Club application is required to install and play Grand Theft Auto IV, but you are only required to log into the Rockstar Games Social Club website for multiplayer sessions and to upload videos.
3. Next, you will begin installation of Grand Theft Auto IV. Please follow the on-screen directions.
4. You will next be prompted to sign up for a Games for Windows – LIVE account.
If you don’t already have a Games for Windows – LIVE account, you may create one now. You will need one in order to enjoy online multiplayer and other LIVE features.
5. You will next be prompted to sign up for your Rockstar Games Social Club account.
Rockstar Games Social Club is a members-only destination for leaderboards, stats, tournaments, ongoing special competitions, virtual events, MP3s and more goodies associated with Rockstar titles.
6. Continue to follow the on-screen directions to install the game.
7. After all files have been installed, you will need to connect to the internet to confirm that the release date of this software has passed.
If you fail to connect or need to perform this step from a different computer with internet access, please visit or for details.
8. The installation process is now complete.
9. In order to play Grand Theft Auto IV, make sure you have ‘Grand Theft Auto IV DVD’ (Disc 1) in your DVD drive, and then launch the Rockstar Games Social Club application.
Make sure to log into Social Club to enjoy online-enabled features. Select ‘Play’ on the main Rockstar Games Social Club application screen to launch Grand Theft Auto IV.
10. The first time you launch Grand Theft Auto IV, you will be prompted to enter your product key to perform a one-time product activation.
If you fail to connect or need to perform this step from a different computer with internet access, please visit for details.


Crack only


  1. GTR Evolution CLONEDVD-iTWiNS

Search for this release at:
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53 Responses to GTA 4 PC-CloneDVD

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but need a crack from reloaded or even darkc0der

yeah man, we want cracked version…

Links please.

eta. to RS links ?

when the ckrac is comming darckoder?

I get an error after i install the social club: error -5001 : 0xffffec75 :( and the installation doesn’t start what can be the problem, it tells me to close all other applications, i did this, but still i have to leave daemon running to mount the image, can anyone help?? please :(

What are you talking about? This isn’t even uploaded yet… Another release had this bug, it was actually fake and thats why you receive this error. Delete that fake one and download this one instead.

first dvd done
all links in ~1h
fucking rapidshare manager upload just 5 files…

@Alexander, this one works (just to install)

idiots from 0×0008 make a repack of this and they think are scene :lol:

i think tomorrow we will have a cracked version :)

when the fucking crack will be released ?

I don’t think we will see a Crack for at least a week

I 4e gta 4 realno pashet ili eto o4erednoy razvod?

come’on RELOADED, Razor1911, ViTALiTY or FLT … or anyone

What the hell… lots of damaged files:
1st disc: 29, 31, 32, 33

Someone posted crack that works with the clonedvd version. they cracked paul.dll
Saw some videos of the cracking process, mounting with d-tools and playing the game. I’ll try the crack soon

Rapidshare’s DVD 2 is extracting fine, but 4 files are corrupted for DVD 1 : parts 29, 31, 32, 33.

They are reuploaded by admin, thx :D

Joe: Can we see that video

no, nobody crack the game…
maybe they have the original game

Йобаный Насос!!! Кряк ДАйте!!!!!!!!

languages (Multi 5) English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
good to know :)

ok, now we need a no-dvd

this paul.dll just skip/bypass the activation part.

you will get an error like
A required security module cannot be activated. This program cannot be executed (10000).
Conflict with emulation software detected.

Eu quero comprar essa porra original mais os caras nao facilitam…

After you complete the d/l’ing the files do you just unrar all of them to a seperate folder and mount the image?


you have multiplayer serial number for gta IV for windows live

Спасибо за такую хорошую возможность оставлять комментарии на этой странице!


Вопрос к автору сайта, а вот у вас время у каждой статьи и в комментах пишется… Это какое? Московское? Заранее благодарю за ответ.

Видел что-то подобное в англоязычном инете, в Русскоязычном интернете про такое как-то не особо часто сообщения увидишь.

Только вот вчера об этом думал, так что пост определенно в тему!

Благодарю, что просветили. Никогда бы не подумал :)

Красота — это в общем-то гениальность, даже больше, чем гениальность, ибо в объяснении не нуждается.

Дискутировать на эту тему можно бесконечно, поэтому просто поблагодарю автора. Спасибо!

Занятно. Хотелось бы еще чего-нибудь интересного на эту же тему.

На самом деле, как говорится – Без пользы жить – безвременная смерть.

Опять-таки достаточно побочная проблема. Вряд ли она кому-то мешает, мне вот лично как то пофигу :)

А кому от этого легче станет?

:-s please a download link … i see only the crack not the game please :D
Thx ;) good work

Круто! Все бы так писали :)

hey hi look im a real dumb ass when it comes to technial talk can some one run through with me in simple easy steps how to download and play this please my email is thank you so much

Да, было бы смешно, если б не было так грустно …

Ничего не выходит в кровати с любимой? Вы поставили на себе крест? Вас интересует вопрос – как улучшить потенцию? Выход из сложившейся ситуации есть!

hi, new to the site, thanks.

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