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Fifa 10-Razor1911

Saturday, September 26th, 2009 - 01:16
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fifa 2010

FIFA Soccer 2010 (C) Electronic Arts

EA got pwned, another leak with a week before official release :) )

Date: 25-09-2009
Game Type : Sports
Size: 1 File
Protection: Securom

In game languages:
Espaniol (Spa)
Espaniol (Mex)
Portugues (PT)
Portugues (BR)

Game Notes

Play professional soccer your way in EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 10. From the pressure. Refinements to the shooting system and tweaks to the ball physics create a wider, more realistic variety of shots that enhance the exhilaration of scoring. With over 50 improvements, FIFA 10′s new Manager Mode is as close as you can get to running a team without actually being named to the job moment you step onto the pitch, FIFA 10 challenges you to think and react like a real player. EA SPORTS FIFA 10 gives players new levels of control to experience the beautiful game like never before. This is a soccer game in which players can select a soccer team from across national and international leagues and clubs, compete in a variety of gameplay modes e.g., single matches and tournament-style), and improve skills through practice shootouts. Wider dribble touches and new collision sharing allow for a less predictable yet extended fight for possession, resulting in more realistic battles between the dribbler and his defender. Improved Urgency AI logic, with over 50 new movement cycles, delivers more responsive positioning so your players stay focused on the ball and move
at a speed appropriate to the action. Players better analyze space, resulting in pinpoint passes that give their receivers more options and time to outrun defensive

Install Notes

1. Open rzr-fa10.001 with winrar and extract.
2. Mount or burn iso image
3. Install
(don’t install ea download manager because you don’t need)
At Product registration just press “skip registration”.
4. Copy the files from the Razor1911 directory to your installation directory overwriting the existing one
5. Run the game using FIFA10.exe
6. Have fun

cd-key: L25V-GJRJ-N8Q5-W7F2-1911

Minimum system requirements for the game
• CPU: 2.4 GHz single-core
• RAM: 512 MiByte (XP) or 1 GiByte (Vista)
• Graphics card: Geforce 6600 or better, Ati Radeon 9800 Pro or better, Support for Shader Model 2.0 or better, DirectX 9.0c
• VRAM: 128 MiByte
• Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound device
• Input: Keyboard or Dual Analog Gamepad
• HDD: 4.4 GB or more, free disc space
• Internet: Broadband Internet connection required for Installation and online gaming

Recommended system requirements for FIFA 10
• CPU: 3.2 GHz single-core or 2.4 GHz dual-core
• RAM: 1 GiByte (XP) or 2 GiByte (Vista)
• Graphics card: Geforce 7800 or better, Ati Radeon X1800 or better, Support for Shader Model 2.0 or better, DirectX 9.0c
• VRAM: 256 MiByte
• Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound device
• Input: Keyboard or Dual Analog Gamepad
• HDD: 4.4 GB or more, free disc space
• Internet: Broadband Internet connection required for Installation and online gaming


Crack Only
RARfix (rzr-fa10.039)

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98 Responses to Fifa 10-Razor1911

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Pls add VIP link…thanks

plzz add mediafire links

plsss can you make italian language?

downloaded game and installed it was ok now when i click on play it asks for original cd why please help

copy crack to installed folder

Either they let you think you owned them or FIFA10 for PC is the worst porting in history.

hey guys, this is actually a nice mod of fifa 09, this is NOT fifa 10, trust me.

did you atleast download the game?

it’s 10 but nothing new just a little graphic improvement from EA.

if you say that gameplay is like 09, i agree you with you (maybe 08)

me waiting for PES 2010

Where can I find with italian language?


read the *** Install Notes

@JulioPro, was released just a EU ‘eastern’ version (HU/PL/RUS/…) no italian…

I´ve got a problem when i start the instalation! it gives me a error:
“Não é possivel continuar a instalação, CDKEY em falta” i am portuguese so the message appears in portuguese but in english it will be something like “Is not possible continue the installation, CDKEY missing”
But the more strange is: in other computer with the same files it installs with no problems but is an old pc and not handle with that and is a windows XP, the new computer is windows vista 64 bits, i dont know if is important.
But help me, that error appears in the beggining, before i choose other options, i just click autorun and install and show me that!

Help me please. (sorry about my english)


after installing it… i copied the Razor1911 patch to the installed folder.

But when I double click on Fifa10.exe…. the Razor1911 starts(along with the music) …. after that nothing happens.

Anyone knows the solution to my problem? thanks!

do you have minimum system requirements

Well, I’m running an amd 7750be, 4gb ram and a 8800gt gc. I’m quite sure it will be able to handle FIFA 10.

I downloaded a few razor1911 cracks… still to no avail.

help me pls ….

Graphics card: Geforce 6600 or better, Ati Radeon 9800 Pro or better, Support for Shader Model 2.0 or better, DirectX 9.0c

You need them all or is just Geforce 8400 enough?

This site is amazing..gr8!! thxs

Hey .. i’ve downloaded the game! But wen i finish installing and click on it, it just blinks away! Im using windows 7 ultimate with Core 2 duo and 4 gb ram. ANybody can help ?

plzz help me …… tying to install it…….I extract the first file but about the 60 percent it shows me an error….the I try to install the iso it gave me(i had nothing else to do) but it shows me another error so i cancel it and it roll back all action

I have the same problem as Kishore… I have Windows 7 and 2 gb of ram and I’ve installed it twice, but when I click on the fifa.exe (or the one in the program files for windows) my screen goes black and then tells me that fifa is not working… and also I have to reconfigure my desktop again… Any help will be really appreciated because I really want to play this game

I have the problem fifa10.exe in windows 7 no corretly execution game no load. Help!!!! Crack? Pc – C2D 4500 e Gforce 9400gt . Help!!!!!

Size: 7.02 GB – NEW Direct Link


My last link
enjoy :)

how come i meet all requierments for fifa 10 but wen i play it on a match da graphics start 2 fliker why can sumone plz tell me or any suggestions

update video card drivers

Hey guys, I wonder how to play online, when i register the account it asks for CD-KEY i write in the cd key i installed the game with but then it says: cd key is wrong or invalid, or something like that….
What should i do??

hey please help i download fifa 10 razor1911…..when i play…..have a massage error….”fifa10.exe error need to close..blablabla…”im tried update video card n directx…
my comp : vga nvidia 9400gt 512 mb vram, 2 gb memry ddr II, n processor intel dual core E2160 1.8 ghz….
help me please…i need this game….give me a solution !!!!!…
tnk’s dude

I installed and cracked all perfect, Now when I try play the game shortly after the game just stops and closes. I meet the recommended specs easily. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

can you give my the name of the image file,, i can’t find it..

help me please

can you give my the name of the image file,, i can’t find it..

help me please


When the download finished it said incomplete rzr-fa10 i tried extracting it with winrar and it said no archives found the archive is either in unknown format or damaged. Help.

fifa 10 available in 75 languages

i have same prob with Haris77… once extracted the rzr-fa10.001, it fails and claims no rzr-fa10.iso is corrupted.. any other link 2 download the image fail.. plzzzz…

corrections: the archive is corrupted and rzr-fa10.iso could’nt be obtained…

someone help me i installed this game it all worked out when i got to playing game the graphics were so bad there was no detail.
whats wrogn its seems everyhing working so good tho

install latest video driver for your card

i have install the game and i have played some matches …
and in this moment it says me
”ops your copy of fifa 10 is non authentic………….
what i have to do

and it says me authentic you copy in eastore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m italian so i didn’t speak english very well………..excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope u has understand what i have write

give me d proper file format of fifa10 to open

it does not install properly
during extraction it asks for file….002 ,when clicked it says its only ‘read only file’

I’m downloading it as a torrent, the only problem is stopped at 7.02 gb…
could somebody please seed the last few mbs:)

wat the serial key i try the one there but it wont work

hey the hotfile link for the RARfix does not work. can you please reupload it again or something? much appreciated.

when i play fifa 10 it say’s

No disc inserted.

Please insert the original “FIFA 10″ CD/DVD.

copy the crack !

Im using Windows Vista…& i cnt find the installed location of the game…dnt noe where i can paste the crack file..

copy crack to c:\program files\ea sports\fifa 10

i downloaded it and unrar it. and mount it with daemon tools lite and install it then copy the crack files to the installed folder and i clicked Fifa 10 and it says wrong disc inserted, please insert the original disc. HELP!!!

I can’t get traded when i play Be a pro mode
Can this be fixed somehow?

after you finish a season should ask you if you want to continue with current team or not

“4. Copy the files from the Razor1911 directory to your installation directory overwriting the existing one”

What the hell do they mean with thatt?

Omg i tried so much thing but it says, put in the original disc.
Don’t get disrespected but i need help.

omg fucking shit, can’t play it need a fucking disc fuck you all looser out there this shit doesn’t works………………………………

just copy and replace the fucking crack !!
Razor1911 folder => in on iso image you just used for installation (open virtual drive and is there)
your installation directory => default is c:\program files\ea sports\fifa 10

or if it’s too hard for you download the crack from

What’s the deal!?!? When I try to mount, AVG Internet Security gives warning for a Trojan Horse in the AutoRun-Razor1911.exe file. Seems a little fishy.

add to white list, it’s a false positive

I got the same virus warning. A false positive, you say? How do I know?

usually razor1911 don’t use viruses.. if you want to be sure, turn off internet or check game internet connections, should connect at most to EA servers.

What exactly is the crack file? in the razor1911 directory there is some [...] of 0kb… wtf?

I also got the downloaded crack (f10crk) with rzr-fa10, fifa10 and 1911.dll and more

what to do with all this?

whats the crack? 1911.dll?
copied it everywhere doesnt freaking work…

if the crack were the ‘FIFA10′ file of likely 7gb, it does its little music and razor picture then crashes

crack is 1911.dll and fifa10.exe (from what i remember)

-you computer needs upgrade
-if meet minimum system requirements windows may need a reinstall

i hav installed the game fully……but i am asked to insert the original dvd, can anyone help me in this regard, raring to go at the game… its already 1 week past my installation………also tell me hw to copy the crack…..i am fully foreign to this………plzzzzzzzzzzzz

and hey, alexis, i am downloadin it with full trust on razor1911 cuz i hav already heard of him
hope it turns out 2 be real

i have been trying to run fifa 10 on vista. even after applying the crack and running the reg it says “fifa 10 not installed correctly. please reinstall.” kindly advice how to run this game.

have you tried a reinstall ?
uninstall and install again

Well, i know i’m kinda of the date, but…when i’m extracting it says a file is a corrupt, sometimes nr f10.10, sometimes f10.38, what to do?!

And the files uploaded on rapidshare doesent exist. :(

check files again in utorrent to have 100% complete

i am not able control my players in be pro mode .i have kept him in the starting 11 but then also the match goes on automatically and the aiming cursor changes into mouse icon as soon as the match starts plsssss helllllppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cd key not working

HI, i have everything good.
But it says that i need the original cd/dvd to run the game?
How do i run it, now?

you didn’t copy the crack !

I had a demo game the 2.5 gb in but teams all not avilable and playing game only kick off.. So what i do to play all the team and players? I m trying to downloading with rapidshare but speed going to be slowly so help to me.

hey i,am getting error in file 039 and is not getting extracted
plz help…

the cd does not work. read it several times here but i havent seen an works perfect but without cd key i cant update it.Please help

honey, the problem you have i can resolve..
before the game starts ( the match ) when you choose sides..with the cursors set it back to the middle so theres no side chosen and immediatley go back to your own size. then its done.tricky part is you must do it every game so get used to it :)

@angel, probably you tried to play online, there is no cd key to play online…
if you want to update try this

Thank you so much… WORKED AND I’M ENJOYING… THX AGAIN!!!

I have downloaded the game and installed. it was ok, now when i click on play it asks for original cd why please help me. I don’t understand.

Where is the crack ? What’s the name of the crack ?
And where must i copy him ?

it’s on Razor1911 folder from iso image

Hye,i am quite noob in computer…can u teach me more detail on where do i need to paste the crack file ( 1911.dll and fifa10.exe )??
like ‘C:\Program Files\……………………?’
Thanks !

already was discussed
c:\program files\ea sports\fifa 10
or in folder where you installed the game

thanks bro…and one more thing i wanna ask..after i apply the crack and run the game,my screen turns black and this message coming out “fifa10.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”
can u teach me on how to encounter this problem?
thanks ~

hey @silent, probably you need to upgrade your video card !
you need a card with minimum pixel shader 3.0

nie działa

what is the password to extract the rar file..pleasez…can anyone tell me…

what is the password to extract the rar file..pleasez…can anyone tell me…

I want rar password please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want rar password please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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