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image for FIFA 11-RELOADED

FIFA 2011 (c) Electronic Arts Inc.

RELEASE.DATE .. 28/09/2010
PROTECTION …….: Securom
DISC(S) .. 1
GAME.TYPE ……..: Sports

Building on the FIFA Soccer 10 gameplay that won 50 sports game of the
year awards, FIFA Soccer 11 reinvents player authenticity – on and off
the ball – for every player and at every position on the pitch with
Personality+, an all-new feature that sees individual abilities
reflected in game, enabling clear differentiation for every player.
New customization features will also give players the ability to bring
their own style to the highest rated sports game ever.

fifa 11 screenshots

Install notes

1. Unrar. (if you have .rar files, or skip to next step)
2. Burn or mount the iso image.
3. Install the game. Use the keygen in the Crack dir
or any of these CD-keys:

4. Copy and replace fifa11.exe from crack folder to installed game directory.
5. Enjoy

Minimum System Requirements
- CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or equivalent
- RAM: 1 GB
- Video Card: ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128 MB or greater; NVIDIA GeForce 6600 256 MB or greater, Pixel Shader 2.0 and above
- Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
- DirectX Version: 9.0c

Recommended System Requirements (Official)
- Windows XP / Vista / 7
- Processor: Intel Core2Duo E6600 @ 2.4Ghz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+
- RAM: 1.5 GB (2 GB required for Windows Vista / Windows 7)
- Video Memory: 256 MB video card or equivalent (must support Shader Model 3.0 or above). ATI RADEON HD 3870. NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT.
- Direct X – 9


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  3. FIFA 09 Crackfix-RELOADED

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137 Responses to FIFA 11-RELOADED

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is it working.? is it really reloaded?

sure it’s real reloaded,
seems they didn’t leaked this earlier like last year :) )

Thank You For This Game………

I Am Downloading Now……..

is it fifa 11..?? is it d complete game?? y is it calld reloaded??

Yeah, it’s the complete game. It’s called RELOADED because that’s the name of the scene group that released it.

thanx a lot, dude…!!

U can’t play online, that sucks does any one know a solution for that

Hey nicky,

I’m having problems downloading from the last of the Hotfile links that you gave. Can you give me part 28 at I’m frustrated that I can’t start installing just because of one part. Thanks.

I installed it successfully but there’s a problem. The game starts like normal but after the intro, language & profile settings, the is game never able to load the menu.

Can anybody confirm that it works?

It works but only the online game play don;t because u need a cdkey

Having the same problem as Emi, any solutions?

I have the cdkey and crack but it won’t work for me. I left my PC overnight and now it’s still loading the menu..:-(

i have a problem…when m pasting d crack a error is coming” not enough space on d disk ..u need additional 15 mb to copy these files”..cann anyone help me out..plz..

copy the crack in place you installed the game, not virtual dvd !

@Emi, buy a new pc, or upgrade something

hey! its working for me, but the problem, it is a play station / xbox version basicly. u cant change to keyboard, cant set graphics, etc, it wants you to press X or triangle , the console buttons. wierd =/

i also have the same prob…like Emi…
but the thing is that i can play it when i do rni thing….(skipping the loading)
but in that case i m not able to save my manager mode, tournaments etc…

but when i dont use rni thing….the screen goes black after the registration screen…
it keeps on loading but menu dos’nt come….

pls somebody haelp…..
is anybody able to play it????

I dunno if its just me but in the version i downloaded there is no career mode as was stressed upon so often in the buildup to the game. Also i do feel some of the basic features are missing.anybody else with this problem??

Can anyone play online with this version. Because my game says that the cd key is not correct

yeah paras we have similar problem.

It’s not caused by PC spec because my PC spec is more than enough to play with the highest quality setting. The demo works well but full version doesn’t works. It stucks on the loading screen.

thanx..its working…
i wanna know is d “be a keeper” feature not in pc..???

you can’t play online with this version unless you have a genuine serial,
so you need to buy the game if you want online

@Ankit, there are 3 modes, be a pro, manager and tournaments (i think be a pro is the career mode you talking about)
anyway the game sucks, nothing new just a little graphics improvement and few new moves; waiting to check pes11

when I am installing it it gives an error it says: error reading from file: F:game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe verify that the file exists and that you can access it.
can someone tel me how to fix this?

@ emi——
have you installed the reloaded version or clonedvd version, with reloaded crack…

coz i think its the prob with clonedvd not reloaded…thats why so many people here are able to play it…while we cannot..

i have downloded FIFA11[english]{PC DVD}[]

whats ur version? is it reloaded???

name: fifa11pcrus
I am not sure if it is reloaded or clonedvd is there a way check it? and what you’re saying is that i’ll have to download a reloaded version?

that is clone version,
yep download reloaded

ya PCRUS version clone dvd version and mine are all same…coz all these versions are taking the help of fifa 11 demo….

but reloaded are a different group all togather…they must have fixed it….
so i have started downloading the reloaded version…

and m pretty sure now that reloaded version does not have this problem.
correct me if m wrong.

This sucks…. i have installed it and it works fine but… why the hell is it ina xbox version?
why isn’t any1 here having a problem with that????
Because i dont use a controller, and i dont know what passing and running and all that is because of that controler settings.. any help please?

check control settings you can edit all buttons ;)

i have downloaded the reloaded version…………..nd pasted the crack…….but still i cannot save any game modes such as manager mode, be a pro mode …etc….. also there is no option to create a profile…………….so no autosaving also……..hence no saving of progress of any kind……………. plz help…anybody..

boas gostava se alguem sabe me dizer o seguinte: quando vou para extrair o fifa 2011 no winrar ou outro, pede-me uma palavra passe, e ai eu nunca conseguiporque nao a tenho. Agradecia se alguem me soubesse dizer. Obrigado/a

alguem sabe me dizer a palavra passe que o winrar para extrair o fifa 2011 agradeço muito

on manager mode you don’t have SAVE on penultimate option ?
to create a profile should ask you in the beginning

@bruno costa
o que você fez o download?
Download torrent se requer nenhuma senha

What languages???

it, best game for very one .

Are u sure that this reloaded version will work on graphics card with shader model 2.0 and 256mb…..coz the demo haven’t worked for me

Hey Guys!

I installed the game, it launches ok, adn the intro, profile, etc. but the menu doesnt appear!
Is there a solution for this?

how to change the controls to pc controls in controller setting..??
whenever i try to enter the controller setting, it says re-enter with the device you want to adjust…
now can u plz help me with this..??

@jay and emi hey guys i too had the same problem; dats when i downloaded “Cloned-DVD” and copied all the data.BIG files in to the demo, just becoz of that reason i’m downloading this “fifa-11-Reloaded” hope this works….tell me if der is a solution!!!


Hi, when I try to play a match, it puts me into an arena with a player from the team I chose. How could I procede to the match? =o)

press esc or enter to go to menu

I got the pirated DVD for FIFA 11…How can I know its Clone DVD or Reloaded version? When I put disc 1, it starts installing, so does disc 2 .After that when I double click the shortcut given, noti’n happens. When I used reloaded crack nothing happens too. Do they have crack for clone dvd? What should I do now??

I can open the fifaconfig and see play,option and exit but it wont work!!! Pls help me…

probably it’s clonedvd, reloaded is just one disc

i have installed d game correctly wid replacing the original file wid crack, but when i start d game it shows E001 error, plzzzz help……..
reply if any1 having any solution……

when i start d game it shows error E001, pls help……

start from desktop shortcut

@alexis – i started it from desktop too, but the same problem…:(

i am also having the same problem… i started it from desktop, but the same problem… error E001, pls help…… pls pls hlp….

i am also having the same problem… i started it from desktop, but the same problem… error E001

heyy.. m havin problem while installin da game.. when the status is ‘ installin directx’ also it displays error readin from file fifaconfig.exe

Thank u for the upload…Works fine…

Guys, I’m also having the same error E001. Copied the fifa.exe file from crack folder to the destination folder, then opened the destop shortcut. Still the same error. Please help..

plz any1 solve d error of E001, its faced by a lot of people…….:(

@SAC and pravin, guys i have no idea about E001 error, just try to install all from the begining…or copy all data.big files into demo folder(if u’ve already installed), like Cloned DVD…

or try changin the settings….fifaconfig.exe in Game-> FIFASetup

can the uploader provide a new crack to solve the problem of E001…………:(

@sachq, i installed it from the begining and changed the settings to low, but the same error E001……….:(

if any1 can solve plz reply……

already tell you that E001 problem occurs when you don’t play from desktop shortcut !

i download it but i want to mount it but it doen’t do anything after it can anyone helps me ?

I’ve downloaded the reload version, tried booting from the start menu shortcut and the actual Fifa EXE in the program files directory but each time I get an error saying “This Program has stopped working” This is on Windows 7 – all I get is the title screen. And I didn’t get a desktop shortcut

i mount the game and then there comes is no official win32 … can anyone help me ??!!!

i’ve downloaded the game, but how do you. Copy and replace fifa11.exe from crack folder to installed game directory.

first install the game, then on iso you used for install it’s a crack folder, after copy and replace…

F:game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe verify that the file exists and that you can access it.


look for fifaconfig in folder where you installed the game, not virtual drive

i mount the game and then there comes is no official win32 … can anyone help me ??!!!(I even don’t get the setup screen …)i have winxp sp2

@ alexis

Thnx for reply but i get this message when i’m trying to install the game, so i cant look for fifaconfig after installing, because the game wont install…any other thoughts or sollutions??

Is there only setup file to download????
If yes, can somebody give the links???

Ive downloaded the game…..copied the crack but when I launch the game , it loads for a sec(mouse pic) then it vanishes..then nothing happens….HELP!!! Anyone got a better crack pls send the link…..btw I can run FIFACONFIG but cannot play game…anyone facing same probs? :)

plz send me the working crack for d game the crack is not working properly the game dosent strt at alll…….

read few of the comments above,
or maybe you need to upgrade your pc


same problem…my pc is up to date…could play all games until now……….after installation, it never ask any kegen stuff…should I find the keygen launcher in my drive and then copy the crack or vice versa? ( or is it even right first of all !!!!)

i installed da whole thing….ivenever i click fifa 11 icon it comes wrong cd inserted….wat do i do?????????

copy files from crack folder to installed directory

can anyone confirm this if you mount the game there comes a title that says this is’nt a official win-32 …. ???? if you recognise this please help me ??

error error
check image what kind is this now



do you have admin rights in windows ? or check manually if the file is there

when I am installing it it gives an error it says: error reading from file: F:game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe verify that the file exists and that you can access it.
can someone tel me how to fix this?

can u fix the network timeout problem in multiplayer lan option.I am getting this problem like most of them while trying to play using hamachi,tunngle etc…

To fix the Fifaconfig.exe matter… there is one solution and the only one. This file is not available because EA has done this for piracy matters. Easy way to play full game without any problem or lack of gaming experience is :
1. download FIFA 11 demo from or ea`s official site.
2. Install the demo
3. Go to the mounted drive of full version installation.
4. Select the files data7.big ( in short all files of big and bh formats with the data written on it eg.data1)
5. Paste it in the game folder of the demo installed. (DONT WORRY YOU WILL GET ALL BENFITS OF A FULL VERSION GAME)
6. Run the game and enjoy playing !!

From here you should be able to use this game with no problem. OR if you have a infinty loading problem :
1. open notepad
2. write “SKIP_BOOTFLOW=1″
3. save it as rna.ini
4. save it in the game folder
It has got various disadvantages :-
1. you will not be able to see trailers
2. no profile saving or loading :-( ((

BUT your game should work without giving the infinite loading problem if the downloaded files are good, given by uploader !!


In this fifa 11 is to record videos and save to drive physician?

this is not real u cant be the goal keeper

You can play as GK in console versions. This Fifa 11 PC is a direct port from fifa 10 Xbox.

And this is real Fifa 11 PC. Get your facts right before you whine.

i copied the crack from the torrent, started from the desktop and ea sports folder and got the E0001 error. then i downloaded the crack again, and still got the E0001. any ideas?

is it possible to play this with a ps3 controller?

er..someone help…wat they mean by copy over cracked content???i stucked

copy files from crack folder to game folder (place where you installed the game !

i downloaded da game from it works perfectly fine.. u can chamge da controls in a file name config or sumthin which is in da game directory.. its better to download da whole from torrentz dan bit by bit fron here.. even da crack is available in torrentz… but all i need now is da online cd key.. pls do send it on my email

what is meant by Burn or mount the iso image? and how to do it?
anyone,please reply,thanx!

mount iso image in daemon tools,
get and install daemon tools then right in taskbar to mount the image for install

Fifa 2011 is one of the glitchiest sports games I have ever seen. If you all are losing data, freezing, crashing, or whatever than here is a pretty good guide to fix some of your problems… although this game was made by EA so fixes can only take you so far.

hey what is the serial key
it was here earlier

when i am clicking on fifa in crack it loads for a second then it vanishes nothing is happening

do you have minimum system requirements ?
also update video card driver and directx, and be sure you run fifa from desktop shortcut

Which link i must download…because here are to much link’s and i don’t know who…
Who can tell me…

try first set of links from hotfile
or if you are into torrents, this

I’m stuck at step 4.
I unrar and burn, then I don’t know what to do. Do I have to copy all the folders in the crack?! I don’t understand. Help me please :)

if you burned image to a dvd (also you can just mount the iso image with daemon tools), install fifa and copy files from crack folder to place where you installed the game in game folder

hi—- i installed fifa 11 and copy the crack to instalation folder and now that isnt opening. when i open from desktop that says that (wrong disc inserted) what i should do ????
PLEASE ANY ONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLS PLS

hi my name is jashan

wen u open the fifa 11 thing it says faild to start because d3dx9_41.dll was not found

Hey, why the controls are like Xbox?
I have to use a xbox’s control to play Fifa PC?

you can set the controls in settings
default in keyboard it’s like last year

I got to change the controls.
But when I second play the game, it asked me to download the 1.01 patch.
However, after that, when I start the game, it stop on black screen, not starting.
What do I do?

Hey What is the key for signing online in fifa 11

you won’t find any original key on internet, buy the game if you want online

instell beginning ok, dvd game error, problem fifa. and that AnalysisLog. please answer all of me.

@john, check minimum system requirements and run fifa from fifaconfig.exe

DVD original orbital error, I’ve fifaconfig.exe opens ok because AnalysisLog. Please note that AnalysisLog!!

same problem as john.please advice

i need help! what is unrar? im stuck with the 1st step

Ive downloaded it and installed it but its such weird controls.. i wanna know the control settings, but i cant cuz it says that i need to use a Xbox remote or something to do that. Help please.

you can change configs from game menu or fifaconfig.exe

when i am clicking on fifa in crack it loads for a second then it vanishes nothing is happening …………………….. plzzzz help !!!!!

which site do i have to go on to download fifa 11 and how do i download it some one please help me

i had download the fifa 11 reloaded and i don;t know how to use it.. can u tell me??

why i can’t open the “fifa” in the fifa 11 crack reloaded??

how to use the “rld-fi11″ ?? sorry if i asked u too much questions…

read instructions
if you have “rld-fi11.rar” you need to extract
if you have “rld-fi11.iso” mount the image in daemon tools
then install use one of those serials, copy content of crack folder to folder where you install the game and play



you need to copy the crack !

w8 , i do not understand what mount means , can som1 tell me?

i have the same problem as : Dimas

and why nothing happens when i open : fifa , from the folder : Crack?

i have a little problem here! downloaded this version, mounted with daemon and on install it asks for “insert cd/dvd on drive C:”. well, i already have it mounted but in drive e:

how to solve this?

thank u

same as rufs

i have the same problm as rufs haves

i have the same problm as rufs haves

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