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The Sims 3 World Adventures Crack and Keygen Only-RELOADED

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 - 02:49
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ts3wa cracked

TS3 World Adventures Crack and Keygen (c) EA Games

RELEASE.DATE .. 16/11/2009
DISC(S) .. 1
GAME.TYPE ……..: Sims

How to:

install the sims 3
install the sims 3 World Adventures expansion
extract content of crack archive to /The Sims 3 World Adventures/Game/Bin folder and overwrite


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  1. The Sims 3 Crack & Keygen Only-RELOADED
  2. The Sims 3 World Adventures-RELOADED
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34 Responses to The Sims 3 World Adventures Crack and Keygen Only-RELOADED

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Thx Boy !! Guaranted No Virus !


crack cant work…still same size with the real one…

what version is this i need the version 2.0 but i can’t find it

hey , i need cd key, keygen , codec for The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff i nedd !!!!!it now ….call me phone number 0748479913
(Buna , am nevoie de cd key , keygen , codec pentru The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff am nevoie de el acum!!!!! sunatima sau contactatima pe massinger 0748479913

i had downloaded the crack and made the required changes. the game starts but before i get into the town it stops. why?
sorry for the grammar mistakes. i’m from romania and i don’t know english very well

Hey, having the same issue as Alexandra… anyone have a fix/url to a fix, or maybe an idea of what the problem is? Everything loads fine, I get it all updated, then when I’m entering a town it crashes… Tried with internet off and on, tried w/out installing EADM, tried with, tried reinstalling program, nada! Help would be appreciated <3

same prob with rachel & alexandra, anyone help??

the sims 3 workd for you ?
try to update directx and video driver

everytime i open the TS3 file is says “The application has failed to start becasue d3dx9_31.dll was not found. Re-insalling the application may fix this” not really sure what to do with that as i have reinstalled it :/

install directx


I hope you all have anti-virus :) This website has a trojan on it. Luckily I have Kaspersky so I don’t have to worry. OH the price you pay for a game code! lol

@ Emylee: Of course Kaspersky tells you there’s a trojan. It recognizes the crack for the game as one. OH the things you don’t understand! lol

i have the sims 3 world adventure instaled without a problem and i can shop online directly from the game new stuff for my sims like clothes and furniture only if i have the product code.i tried codes i’ve found online but they only work for installing the game not buying new stuff.if anyone knows what i’m talking about and could help me with a code i’d be really thankful

i have the sims 3 world adventures installed, but when the games loads it says “We are unable to verify if your disc is a valid copy of the Sims 3 World Adventures. Please contact customer service.”

anyone know what to do?

same problem as Cassie…has anyone solved it?

Svp je veux avoir le code d’enregistrement pour Sims 3

I installed the sims 3 world adventures without any problem. The crack worked but now that it’s installed it asks me for the cd! I’ve got the sims 3 cd but no the sims 3 world aventure’s cd of course. What can I do?

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Thanks a lot!!!

it won’t lemme install world adventures unless i update sims 3. anyone else havin’ this problem?

@aim of course you’ve to update TS3

Why I can’t play TSWA? Since when I started the game, nothing happens :/

It is an interesting and informational post. It has been very helpful in understanding of varied things. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me.

Succesfully installed the game but can’t play because requires CD. Please help.. tq

you didn’t copied the crack to ts/bin folder of you game installation

Sorry, still need assistance because I could not find ts/bin. Only game\bin. In fact I have copied the crack to game\bin. Please help…

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