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The Sims 3 Late Night Crack and Keygen-RELOADED

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 - 22:18
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The Sims 3 Late Night PC Game Expansion pack Free Image hosting

The Sims 3: Late Night (c) Electronic Arts

RELEASE.DATE .. 27/10/2010
DISC(S) .. 1
GAME.TYPE .: Simulation, Family

Get your Sims an all-access pass to the hottest spots in town.

Hang out at the hottest spots in town, from dive bars to dance clubs to chic lounges, complete with bouncers.
Gain fame and fortune as a member of a music band, mixologist, director, or local celebrity.
Explore certain areas of town in the thick of the night and you may be initiated into the dark life of a vampire.
Gain excess to exclusive areas and enjoy celebrity perks like penthouse living, luxury hot tubs and cars.

How to:

1. Install the game.
2. Use the keygen or this
3. Copy content of this archive to \Game\Bin of your installation directory and overwrite.
4. Play





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45 Responses to The Sims 3 Late Night Crack and Keygen-RELOADED

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thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the serial works

Im geting a uknown error after instaling, im using a mac by the way. Anyone can help me please? thanks

Hey Daniel! I don’t know about you but I also tried EVERYTHING! to get my games working Mac, but you are just wasting your time… Mac is VERY different from Windows for instance it doesn’t have System Files… I mean, what’s that all about? All advice I can give you is start saving your money… but the original, Mac doesn’t accept torrents and Non-ceritfied stuff… Good luck!

sorry, buy the original…

Thank you so much for the key! I was almost giving up!

hello the no CD crack isnt working.. I have a mac. Before someone tells me to buy the CD I did but my CD rom drive doesn’t work so I had to download the game

yo dany! i got same problem with you, and now it’s finish… how? re-format the mac … :(

Frankie you are a retard. First of all Mac does accept torrents and non-certified “stuff”. Im assuming my stating that Mac’s don’t have system files your referring to the “Program Files” file… Anyways Daniel don’t listen to Frankie your talking to a new mac owner who knows more than him. When you mount the game there is a crack folder that includes 2 cracked files to be put in the games directory in the “bin” folder, to over right the existing files. Now heres the part that will blow Frankie mind. if you right click (yes Frankie you can right click on a a mac too!) and select “Show package contents” then hit “Resources” then “transgaming” then “c_drive” then (hold your breath Frankie!) “Program Files” (OMG) then “Electronic Arts” then your expansions folder. From here there will be able to access the “Game” folder which has in it the “bin” folder you need to copy the crack to. Problem solved. I dont know if Frankie just thought that EA would put out a game with a mac and windows installer and for the mac installations just use a totallu invisible magical mac game structure but for us logical folks you would think the game would run of the same structure as the windows version if its all on the same disc… Forums are for people with questions and people with answers not people who have not a fucking clue :) . Good luck Daniel. P.S. ive had a Mac for about a month…

Hey! thanks for all the suport. Peter cracking was no problem! i’m a mac user since ever and i had done that already. I found the problem to be in the game. The problem was that i had all the expansions installed. And i found that the fast lane expansion was not compatible. To all off you that have fast lane uninstall it, then put the crack on late night. After this the luncher should start, thats great, but when you click to play you will probably get a no cd problem.

step 1 go to finder, go to applications, go to the sims 3 folder, right click open show package, click on contents, and open a file named info.plist

Step 2 find this line c:\Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin/S3Launcher.exe

replace it with c:\Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin/TS3.exe

step 3 save and quit.

Now the game will start without the luncher if you wish get the luncher back just copy and paste c:\Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin/S3Launcher.exe

hope i helped. If i find a solution to keep fast lane i will post it.
Sorry for all the badly spelled words.

Hey guys!! I m a mac and got a problem too ^^ I did crack everything, put everything in the right folder but when i start the game “Late Night” it asks me the CD :’( I aint got any problems with the other Version “World Adventure”, “Ambitions” and “Loft kit”

Does the crack works for Mac ?
Thank you for your help !!

Daniel, I followed all 3 steps and the game was able to start without the launcher. However, after the loading screen is finished, a window pops up saying that the cd was not found. It gives me a “Retry” and a “Quit” option. Obviously retry doesn’t work.. Any help?

i tried 2 install the game from the dvd but it is saying i have 2 install sims3 strange thing that sims3 is already installed on my pc .im using windows xp .anyone can help?

i followed all 3 steps, but the game wasn’t even able to start without the launcher.. the launcher popped up and when i pressed play it told me to put the disk in… ):

Here is what I did:

1. Find the The Sims
2. Right-click on it and then click Show Package Contents
3. Click on the Contents folder and then open the file called Info.Plist
4. Then find where it says :
c:\Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin/S3Launcher.exe

change the S3Launcher.exe to TS3.exe, like this:

c:\Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Game/Bin/TS3.exe

5. Save and close
6. Then start the game via the The Sims™ icon and not via the The Sims™ 3 Late icon or any other of the expansion pack icons.

aiiiii alguem conseguil istala esse jogo??

So here’s the thing. I bought the original Sims3 cd and the original world adventures expansion pack, which cost me a lot of cash considering I’m a teen. So I bought a fake cd of the sims late night and the installation went pretty well, but when I tried to play it, it keep saying that the sims blahblahblah can’t be verified blahblahblah. or something like that. HOW DO YOU FIX IT!!!!??!

Can someone send me original bin folder for that expansion? My mail Thx

I have exactly the same problem than littlebacksheep
I bought the two first games , and then I download the sims 3 Late Night and the installation was great but then when I play it an error message appear and say ” EA games can’t verified that your game is the true one blah blah ”
Someone have a solution ? PLEASE ?

yeah, everything worked except at the end its asking me to actually turn on my internet in order to validate that the game is legal..

i’m not sure if i should click ‘done’ or ‘cancel’
what should i do?


I followed all the steps and successfully replaced the code in the contents folder for the game to start without a launcher. I’m able to start the game, but after it loads and arrives on the menu where my various families are saved, I get a message that says the disc can’t be found and asks me to ‘retry’ or ‘quit’.

Is there a way for me to play without a disc? Because i can open the game with no problem and it’s only once inside that it asks me. PLEASE HELP!!!

I followed all the steps and successfully replaced the code in the contents folder for the game to start without a launcher. I’m able to start the game, but after it loads and arrives on the menu where my various families are saved, I get a message that says the disc can’t be found and asks me to ‘retry’ or ‘quit’.

Is there a way for me to play without a disc? Because i can open the game with no problem and it’s only once inside that it asks me. PLEASE HELP!!!

hey i have windows 7 and im a bit of a noob at this i really need some help i loaded the game but it tells me that i need an authentic disc and to contact there services please help i dont know what to do

I had so much trouble downloading and playing the sims 3 (ended up buying it)
that I thought I was going to have the very same issue with ‘Late Night’ but had none at all! Keygen works fine, no cd crack also works fine.
Im an XP user

Thanks it was very helpfull thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could someone please send me the bin file please? I have the original sims 3 bought and a downloaded ambitions..and I have the Late Night torrent downloaded and I have the file that needs to replace the other ready but I just CAN’T find it! Can someone send it me? My email is thank you!

I install it and all when well, when I install the sim in a house after 2 minutes the game shuts down completely without any warning or error. Anyone know why? :(

i cant install the game, then they said there is a problem so i have always quite die installation. :( can someone help me? :(

Help me!!!! I have a mac. I want sims 3 late night but my mom says no, so my friend lends it to me from time to time. I really want to find a way to copy her CD, without downloading something that will give me a huge virus. Either that or could someone give me a website or a place where i can find a torrent that actually works on my mac? And im not a techy, so i don’t know how to do a lot of stuff on my mac. So maybe something easy to download?

Thank you so much!! I already have bought all of the extensions, but I wanted to try this one out first!! Thanks for your help for installing!! (I’m on a mac btw, and it works fine!! THANKS!)

it dident work….why????????????/

Thanks!!! really it’s working in my mac now

thanks Pyrron

it doesn’t work, maybe is the crack i don’t know where is the crack help me please

crack is in this archive you downloaded from one of those links
you need to put it to TS bin folder where your game is instaled (usually program files\..) read previous comments

i did what pyrron suggested and it still keeps asking me to put the late night CD in :/ what do i do to fix this?

Isos people! ISOS!
No more cracks that can screw up your game!
It’s easy to do, like using WinRAR/WinZip or any program like that.
The Isos act like the CD, so you don’t need any cracks. Just mount the ISO file to a virtual drive PowerIso creates, and run it like you normally would.

Please help me ….help
I need the key gen of sims 3 late night expansion pack
please send me ….

use that serial
here is it again in case you didn’t see it

it is dont work …write for me other keygen…
im bored …
alex help me , please …

Hello guys!
so , with the installation and with the serial code I had no problems , but when I open the game and when it’s finish with loading , it say me that the cd is not right blaabla. .
I need help please!

“we are unable to verify that your disc is a valid copy of the sims 3 late night. please contact your customer server” what does it mean?! please help me! i’m using windows 7

after doing all process, I start to load the game – it said the disc can’t be found and asked me to ‘retry’ or ‘quit’. is there a way to fix it? now I can not even play the regular sims 3 (without the expansion pack).

Help will be appreciated.

you need to copy this crack too
if you cracked sims 3, late night is also needed

Guys I have the sims 3 crack version and I wanted to get this late night so I bought it at my nearest cd gamestore. I have problems with the keygen that I got from my crack version but this keygen works so now I am installing the archive. So do I need to copy it to my bin?

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i hate mac..-.-

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