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Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty CRACK Proper-Razor1911

Saturday, July 31st, 2010 - 20:22
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image for SC 2 WoL_Proper-Razor1911

Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty *Proper crack* (C) Blizzard Entertainment

Date: 2010-07-31
Game Type : Strategy
Size: 1 DVD

Install Notes

(if you didn’t install the game, or skip to 3.)

1) Unrar, burn or mount ISO
2) Install the game while online (or use G8MN8UDG6NA2ANGY6A3DNY82HRGF29ZH
when prompted for an auth key while being offline) and skip the serial
activation prompt later on

3) Update the game online
4) Run Razor1911SC2_COPY.exe on the DVD to install additional content
5) Run Razor1911keytro.exe and hit F2 to activate your game offline
6) Enjoy the full single-player experience playing in guest mode


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  1. Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty Proper-Razor1911
  2. Starcraft.2.Wings.of.Liberty.PROPER-Razor1911
  3. Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Proper CrackOnly-Razor1911

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the skirmish where you can play versus AI doesnt work becuause there is no map to choose… =(
Bad release or am i dumb?
If someone smarter than me know how to play versus ai let me know ;)


how stupid are you .. shithead is not enough for you…. learn reading moron …
skirmish is content so.. not avaible at the moment. to stupid to read but download cracked games omg play with mom

Correcting the retard above me; Skirmish (VS A.I) is cracked and works fine.

Ethan can you post link or some conection to that crack.


Regarding skirmish – you just have to wait to load all the maps (there is a lot), takes a couple of minutes for the first time…

i already installed the game and follow the instruction above after pressing f2 nothing happen and it still prompting me to log on to battle net, does anyone can help me with this thanks a lot!

hey i cant access the keytro.exe
or the cde image with daemon tools.
there is a copy.exe application outside the burn image.
i ran the copy.exe and it finished
and then tried to run the keytro but nothing happened gives me an error message saying i may not have appropriate permissions.

anyone shed some light on my problem.
i still cant play the game. it just sits on the login screen telling me to creat a user

Having the same problem as help. After I press f2 nothing happens, it still prompts me to log on to battle net. Help ?!

hi,i have similar problem,at first time i install game,from image and i install SC2_copy and the second one.. I press F2 and game run.. it was first,but today i do same,same way,and it doesnt want work..looks like a crack dont run or what..its terribleand and unveliable -.- :( please help me :)

Hi and thanks !!!!!!!!! I finished the Single Player Experience and i am now working my character up the online ladder !!!! gaining XP and kills i am at a 1.83 kills/deaths ration ! Online working fine with new maps and stuff and user created quick deathmatch maps almost by the minute !!!!

aaahh i forgot to mention tho….. i paid 50$ for it in a cool collectorz BOX….. anyway hope a crack that enables online play for u all comes around soon !! we need more Battlenet. Players to have fun !

I think blizzard patched up the crack today. No longer works when you try to play as guest without authorizing the account.
Tried reinstalling, patching, and then cracking but doesn’t work anymore.

“Patched” is right… after updating, the new patches disabled Razor’s crack. ‘Hope Razor finds another solution.

AVG warns: Keytro.exe = Trojan!!!

Well, ive done it all, however i had the “RELOADED” release installed with their crack, is it still possible to crack over this and play VS AI? Since all i get is “No content found”

btcometz is right some how. The game is playable after re-installing like instructed but the thing is, it is not updated to 1.0.3
My game version becomes
Now i am stuck in the game. After the cinematic of killing infested Dr. Hanson, the planet select page automatically opens and there is no map in it. cant load any thing and cant go back any where. Help Razor !

About Keytro:


About VS AI:

You need to run sc2_copy.exe to get the maps. Also need to wait for a bit to get them to load for the map selection screen.

About login screen:

look to your right there is a “play as guest” mode use that!

Oh yeah, can someone release a crack that skips over launcher? I h8 disabling my internet for a sec just to play SC2 lol. Or can I use RELOADED’s StarCraft II.exe?

BREAKTHROUGH!!!!! You can skip the launcher using RELOADED’s “StarCraft II.exe” after running the Razor1911 crack! HAH!!!

Thank you ANSWERS! It worked!!! =)

I was absent for 10 days and offline single player (guest mode) do not work anymore. I suppose blizzard found the way to make razor 1911 crack does not work anymore. Please help!!! There is no DVD store in my country that sell new original game titles, so I cannot buy the game.


Can you paste what you did?, I dead curious…

Thansk a lot!

Mmm, I think either Blizz disabled guest mode server-side or my game updated itself now…

If you guys still want answers:

1. Install game
2. Use razor1911′s sc2_copy followed by keytro and press F2
3. Copy the main game exe (StarCraft II.exe) from the RELOADED crack

You should be able to skip the launcher and go into the game.
Sadly, I can’t anymore, guest mode says offline activation required now -_-

You can still play using just the reloaded crack. Just no AI.

Okay guys. You can’t (for me at least) use the guest mode anymore. If you used razor1911′s keytro, you dont have to reinstall game. Just copy the and Support folders along with the main game EXE to play. Don’t give up hope on rzr!

If guest mode still works for u, tell me, probably my game patched itself… Iunno, but you guys can use the reloaded crack for now.

Ahhhh never mind they didn’t do anything, I think while trying to combine cracks I touched razor’s crack.

So to everyone: If you get the offline activation thing and your game says then just run Keytro again!

Oh I forgot, you gotta update to 16117. AFTER STEP 1: copy “Support” and “Updates” plus the batch file from RELOADED’s crack to desktop. Run from there. Then do step 2 above.

dude i don’t understand please do it on details ANSWERS some of us here are really slow

I can’t play with AI in offline.

Now,can we play AI mode??
I can’t wait anymore!-.-

I also have SC2 version I Hit F2 in Razor keytro but don’t work and still ask for account activate even i press the Play As Guest button. Anyway? or where can i download the suitable file at non-pay download site?
(Because my country don’t have pay system that support online)

2Tzr: Try the reloaded crack ( the new 1.3 patch was released razor crack does’nt work anymore, at least in my case.

I don’t think the keytro.exe is not working anymore. F2 doesn’t seem to work with it. It says I need to be offline even if I am in offline mode already. I made the Play as Guest to work but I can’t make the Offline Mode to work. I wish razor can fix it real soon. I wanna play skirmishes.:(

Starcraft 2 v arrg
Don’t find working cracks, try a lot but starcraft do an update at every start.
How to make it on OSX ?

same here. i have version 1.0.3… and the game seems not to work anymore…

i hope razor will have a new crack.

dudes help me please,what we can do for 1.0.3 patch offline playing or how can we stop updating

don’t know sure because i deleted the game, but in order to stop updates did you tried to block internet access for the game ?

I just used this crack

Instead of updating the game however I just copied the folders in to the main /dir/. In other words skip step 2, and continue on. You should be able to play campaign but no skirmish. You can however play challenges. ^-^;

Anyways have fun guys. Hope it works for you like it did for me. Btw, I just did it yesterday, worked fine.

So i have a way found in forum with which u can play with the razor1911 crack ;)

1. download
2. unrar all files into another than your SC2-direction (No matter which version you have)
3. launch the update.bat file.
4. copy the razor1911 crack files to the SC2-direction.
5. launch the sc2-copy.exe
6. launch the keytro.exe (if you gain some failure download sandboxie, drag the keytro.exe into the window and press “start outside”)
7. Wait at the keytro.exe until the gearwheels are showed and press F2
8. block the SC2.exe with your firewall/Antivir-program, so that it can’t get any connection to the internet anymore
9. start the game and go to play as guest
10. enjoy the game ;)

That’s the way it worked at my PC. Try it and say whether it’s worth trying ;)

Du hast das PW vergessen!

Makolos u forgot the password! Please Post it!

oh sorry ;)

wah i take the upload back sorry guys i uploaded the false file -.- I’m a bit confused in last time and my order at the PC isn’t the best so the following is really the right thing: The Razor1911 crack and the update. so download this one and not that in the upper description but the guide is the same.
sorry again ;)

Makolos, can you add a mirror for your link? For those unable to download from megaupload

I don’t exactly now what u mean :/ i can host it on other hosters ok but otherwise send a better description what u mean or how^^

I know what a mirror is sure but i dont know how to host it ;)

Hey, i can’t open the keytro.exe, it says i don’t have permissions. I’ve tried running as administrator, tried inside sandbox, still nothing. Is there any alternative? Btw, it even does not let me to copy the file, so i can only extract it.

I got the same problem as Darmorgaut. Won’t let me run the program, even with sandbox and AVG keeps telling me it’s a virus.

Hi guys, plz i have problem with keytro.exe … I cant get this file from zip cuz i get many errors in winrar. So plz can anyone send me keytro.exe to my mail? but not in zip! only the file ( … Thanks

redownload the file or download from torrent
also install winrar, if you didn’t

I have downloaded the file at leas 20 times (today) but still my antivir says there is an infection. when i turn off antivir (using nod 32 4) and extracting the files from zip, there is everything, but no keytro.exe. When i try to run keytro.exe in winrar, i get error that windows cant open this file .. i have tried to open it in sandboxie, but nothing … plz help, i want to play versus AI

you cant play vs AI anymore after the patch Blizz blocked it or something so you can only play the campaign using the RELOADED crack. this crack is broken right now

I am trying to download keygenerator and use it in account to add starcraft 2 as my game. Does somebody know if this way works?. But the keygenerators for SC2 are uploaded on sharecash or fileml , so i cant download them :( (and sry for my english)

Since i have sc2 from torrent i need your help:
1.I need sc2 wings of liberty game key for add the game at the battlenet account and next i can play plz give me answers,,the real game key”

Hi guys can i get some help pls. My version of the game is i started sc2-copy.exe and i tried to start the game with f2 in keytro.exe and nothing happens :( so can any1 help me with this problem?

Djura … can you send me keytro.exe via e-mail? Cuz i cant run it :( .. thanks .. my mail is vladar.jan(at)gm

hey i have the same prob as djura someone plz help :(

for sum reason i think that sc2_copy.exe dos not knuw were my game data is located.

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

The Crack works just fine. The only problem now is that SC people have come up with a 1.1.0 patch which doesn’t comply with this crack. What you need to do here is :

After you install the game, first close the update window which pops up.
Run the 2 .exe files : sc2-copy and ketro.
Now run the game, whilst connected to the net. It will start updating.
After every update (i.e. when it reaches 100%) close the update screen, disconnect from the internet and try running the game. If it runs, bingo.

1st update will be StarCraft II Tools (
2nd update will be the version to version if u get past that version your screwed

remember to close SC2 updater / and disable the internet, or block it with your firewall.

You wont face any problems then. Else try updating one more time.
Only precaution, at the time of starting the game, disconnect from the net till u get the main menu.
No need for any RELOADED patch or any other thing Cheers :)

REVISED instructions: Im using the Razor Edition of SC 2:

1) Unrar, burn or mount ISO

2) Install the game while online / offline use G8MN8UDG6NA2ANGY6A3DNY82HRGF29ZH
this is where it gets tricky | online way, just let it update TWICE , then close the update window
a) 1st updates the StarCraft II Tools (
b) 2nd updates the SC2 to version (close update window!!) and disconnect from the internet/ or block SC2 from connecting.

You can check the version @ C:\Program Files (x86)\StarCraft II\Logs\Blizzard Updater Log.html, and it will tell you what version. If it’s pass v1.0.0.16117. You’ll need to redo it again.

3)Run Razor1911 SC2_COPY.exe w/ the sc2.dat in your SC2 dir.

4)Replace the StarCaft II.exe with RELoaded u can find the fix there:

ONLY replace (RELOADED) (StarCraft II.exe).. nothing else or you’ll have issues!!

5)Run keytro.exe and hit F2 (for those that think it will automcially load the game your wrong, just hit f2, hit esc, and click StarCraft II.exe, you should be able to play as a guess, and everything

hope that helps.. I was getting issues “Couldn’t load map, some crap like that” after i played the first 3 campaign missions
enjoy and thanks reload/razor you guys rock ftw!!

help!!! ive already installed the game and used crack and it works but in the game menu I CANT PLAY AS GUEST.!!! help!

xD im so freak out and misspelled guess to guest!!! hahahha

thanks razor/reload yeah.. ive configured my starcraft 2.. its worth it. Thanks you : D. SUCCESS!

help plzz!!!keytro doesnt works after i hit f2 i ger error messeage. i tried with sandboxie but still dont works

If you´re using Win XP u need Service Pack 3! I had the same Problem

Listen guys… since Razors 1911′s crack isn’t working because of patch 1.1 u must go and …. save up the cash…go online purchase the game with daddy’s credit card and enjoy… no stress no pain no angry and dissapointed sighs after hitting the F2 key… lolz… Cheap bastards.

Ty General, fortunatelly i solved the problem, without keytro. There is another crack and patch (based on the reloaded ) to 1.1.1. and it works fine, i done with the campaign :D The game is awesome, i will buy it
Solution, did you think about somebody wanna try it before he/she spend 50 for it?? Well, you can think “cheap bastards”, but before pay 50 USD for it, lot of people wanna know worth it…
(I bought the Empire Earth originally and it was mistake its a crap game, so before shopping i wanna make sure it worth it)

Give us the link to that reloaded crack bro

Hi! I found your blog on Google.It’s really comprehensive and it helped me a lot.

Continue the good work!

I just made it work, including skirmishes, using only Razor crack. If anyone needs help anymore, just say it, i’ll be back in about 60 min.

I followed the revised instructions from october 5th to the letter, successfully updated to the patch, ran the copy inside the folder w/ the .dat (don’t think it made a difference from running it outside) and the ketro pressing F2, both immediately and waiting for the gears to appear (before installing sp3 I got an error immediately upon pressing F2 so doubt waiting matters there either) And I tried both before and after copying the aforementioned starcraft ][.exe from the other crack. This was my 6th attempt various methods…. disappointing razor I’d always been a big fan – do they have you beet with this needing the internet in order to play?

… why cant they just publish a demo of say the first 5 levels for offline play… blizzard is by far the bigger dissapointer. Lately the games have had such big hype, and such little content it’s hard not to justify…

1. You don’t need to copy Razor crack. For me it works, although I installed on a partition. It still found it.

2. NEVER open StarCraft II.exe. After successfully updated to the patch, as you said, open ONLY SC2Switcher.exe from Support directory.

It works!

uninstalled and retried from scratch (though I didn’t remove any extra registry settings) and the sc2switcher didn’t work either, same thing need an account to play gest blah blah… oh well so todays payday, I go get the bloody thing and guess what the purchased cd doesn’t install at all, some error right of the installer.exe yet the cracked copy’s installer works fine!

Gonna install using the cracked copy and full updates then acctivate under my account… who thought you’d need a crack to get the legit one working :D

At least now I’ll be in the rankings (look low) :D

best of luck future crackers

The keytro works fine in Service pack 2. It will crash but it would already have worked by then. The problem is with the version you’re playing.

If you’ve updated too far, then what you need to do is to remove the latest file from the “Versions” folder.

As of now, there are 4 folders there, one for each major version.

Keep deleting each file until you get to the version that works.(You may want to keep them in a separate folder in case someone makes an updated crack.)

Mine works up to 16605. I used a crack made by someone named Cain from’s not a mistype) forum.

Skirmishes can be played by using the sc2Allin1 launcher from

@Allan can you show me your link to crack name Cain?

so many explanation plz someone do a god hint that i can use without losing 1 h

1) Burn or mount ISO
2) Install the game while online
3) Let it update twice, then close the update window
4) Run SC2_COPY.exe
5) Run keytro.exe and hit F2
6) Open SC2Switcher.exe from Support directory – Do not open StarCraft II.exe, it will start update.
I installed the game today, again, on another computer – WinXP SP3 – it works. No need for any other crack than Razor1911.

Not working. Winxp SP3. Ask for a patch install.

Hello! bdkbefd interesting bdkbefd site!

Very nice site!

Can someone share a saved game against AI.? I just like to test if loading a saved game allow to play against the AI in the reloaded stuff.


Why is it that this article reminds me of another equivalent a single I just read somewhere else?

Is definitely blogengine better than blogger in some way? Needs to be as it’s starting to be popluar nowadays.

If you tweet the words ‘Channel 4′ your tweet will appear on screens in the C4 lifts. Do your worst

This is really one of many much better articles associated with the ones that We have read on that issue recently. Excellent operate.

Finally been able to make it work thanks to a comment on another forum. You need to download both RELOADED’s crack and Razor’s. Here’s what worked for me:

- Disconnect from the Internet
- Make a clean installation of the game
- When the installation finishes, close the update application
- Copy all files from RELOADED’s patch to SC2 directory. Overwrite if necessary.
- Run the file “Update.bat” and let it do its job
- Run sc2_copy.exe from Razor’s crack to install the extra content. Location of the file doesn’t matter, just execute it.
- Finally, copy all the files from RELOADED’s crack back to the SC2 directory, just like in the 4th step. This is what did the trick for me.

Hope this works for you!

Still cant get the AI button enabled.


Superb report, well written I have to admit.

Thanks Leopold!
Your steps did the trick. This game is simply awesome.

Is it really worth going through all this hassle to crack a game? Granted Blizz wants $60 for this thing…but after reading all the shit that everyone has gone through…I’m guessing its best to just buy it.

A CRACKED UPDATE JUST BEEN RELEASED, easy to install than all those things..

Why is it that this great article jogs my memory of some other equivalent 1 I read someplace else?

I don’t believe I’ve ever noticed a new blog site using this numerous remarks about it!

Whoa! I have already been hunting search engines for hours due to this and i also finally think it is in this article!

Argument’s instructions worked for me. “1) Burn or mount ISO
2) Install the game while online
3) Let it update twice, then close the update window
4) Run SC2_COPY.exe
5) Run keytro.exe and hit F2
6) Open SC2Switcher.exe from Support directory – Do not open StarCraft II.exe, it will start update.
I installed the game today, again, on another computer – WinXP SP3 – it works. No need for any other crack than Razor1911. ” Thanks Argument !

update Dec 9 2010

above instruction still works for me .. mine is window vista s.p 1

1) Unrar, burn or mount ISO
2) Install the game while online (or use G8MN8UDG6NA2ANGY6A3DNY82HRGF29ZH
when prompted for an auth key while being offline) and skip the serial
activation prompt later on

3) Update the game online (let sc2 updating the first 39mb file,when finish then close the sc2) if you update untill the latest patch, razor crack wont work.
4) Run Razor1911SC2_COPY.exe on the DVD to install additional content
5) Run Razor1911keytro.exe and hit F2 to activate your game offline.(nothing will happen after u hit f2, just close it and launch the game)
6) Enjoy the full single-player experience playing in guest mode.
(remember you must let your internet offline in order to play, otherwise it will keep updating when you launch sc2)

hope it works for you. should work anyway.

NOTE: instruction above just for Starcraft.2.Wings.of.Liberty.PROPER-Razor1911
not reloaded. cheers

how the possible tat after installing the game and run SC2_copy.exe, then followed by run the Razor1911keytro.exe by pressing F2, why it still requires me to login and can`t play as guest mode?Did I did something wrong of after pressing F2 button then escape button instead of closing or the Razor1911keytro.exe doesn`t work anymore? I need somebody to show me the steps and some couple of sample pictures…my e-mail is…hope some 1 can HELPING ME solve this problem

Dears, If you updated the game and cannot play as guest anymore, just uninstall the game. Then, Make sure to delete the installation folder. Then install the game. Start update the first update only of 39 MB (that will pass in cracking). Crack using the Razor method above. Finally, start the game while disconnected from the internet or blocking the blazzer downloader and the StarCraft II.exe from the firewall. Enjoy playing the game again and you will not lose your saved games and your progress in the campaign :) .

Enjoy Star Craft 2.

I tried Leopold’s steps and it did work playing in Campaign but could not play in SingleMode. I just cant create anything in Singlemode, cant even type anything. Anyone knows how I can play Skirmish/SingleMode???

@makolos:hey im sorry can u give me another download links?mediafire maybe.because the download take too much time for me,i use internet download manager for a faster download but, idm doesnt work on i must wait for i hr and 46 min its too much i am downloading that file now

Leopold you da man save that 50 dollars buy some erbage its workin about fnnnnnnnnnn time still no AI.Also found some map packs to play AI going to test it out

working perfectly for single player

thanksthank you very much for the advise

So i have a way found in forum with which u can play with the razor1911 crack
1. download
2. unrar all files into another than your SC2-direction (No matter which version you have)
3. launch the update.bat file.
4. copy the razor1911 crack files to the SC2-direction.
5. launch the sc2-copy.exe
6. launch the keytro.exe (if you gain some failure download sandboxie, drag the keytro.exe into the window and press “start outside”)
7. Wait at the keytro.exe until the gearwheels are showed and press F2
8. block the SC2.exe with your firewall/Antivir-program, so that it can’t get any connection to the internet anymore
9. start the game and go to play as guest
10. enjoy the game
That’s the way it worked at my PC. Try it and say whether it’s worth trying

Taken from Makolos about half way up. This works perfectly

Quick update!
if any of u guys have Nvidea Geforce 310M and the game stutters and lags like shit, it probably is because of the latest driver(260.99 i guess) Just rollback ur driver and it will work perfect.

Anonymous what is the rar password from your last file?

Lionel Messi has the point!
Follow those intsructions and PLAY!

Can you play online with a cracked game or lan if anything?

what is the rar password from your last file?

I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were very beneficial very helpful

please HELP ME!!!

what is the rar password from your last file?

probably he won’t check this again,
download from links posted after “torrent download” in article
don’t know if this crack still work, you may try to install latest cracked update

anonymous file PW is Taken from Makolos about half way up.

Im here got a question….i already installed my star craft 2…how i ply ai…cant even click create game…no map…

Is there any proper razer 1911 crack for mac

no, they release only for windows, sometimes the crack is good for mac sometimes not

Can you post the link please?and how do i open keytro.exe?and starcrft copy.exe?please help me

after you install the game run SC2_COPY.exe to update and then keytro.exe and press F2 to active the game

I see something genuinely special in this website .

Precisely what I was searching for, appreciate it for putting up.

Doesn’t work at all, can’t play the A.I. nothing appear, no map, can’t click on the button, except “back”

For the problem of “You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item.” in Window 7 and Window Vista

Try to deactivate your anti-virus and also firewall…run it as administrator…It works for me after I deactivate it.

Good luck and happy gaming

Hello! efkecee interesting efkecee site!

Very nice site!

I’ve struggled with it for hours and then I saw this topic!
a big thanks to CEEPEEU (posted October 5th), I’ve followed your instructions and it’s working like a charm! thanks again, m8!

hey I’ve found even better solution!

1) install the game
2) download and install patch 1.3.0 (link )
3) download RazorDOX sc2_copy and keygen (link ) and run one after another in that order
4) just run the game without any cracks!

it fixed my problem with game freezes after choosing Hellion (3D portrait not loading) and it’s nice to play on patched game!

btw. patch 1.3.1 was realeased today, probably this metod is still working, but if its not, just block the game .exe after installing 1.3.0 patch!

hope it helps!

hey defekator(PL?), what’s the password for rar folder with sc2_copy and keygen? And Is it working with 1.3.1?

it’s not my upload, but I had no password. try rapidshare, it should be fine.

Hi defekator and all users ;-)

i’m a french user and i have tryed to used your tuto but without success :-(

- I have installed SatrfCraft and 1.3.1 update (I was connected to Internet…)
- I have launch sc2_copy.exe => OK
- And used the fix “keygen.exe”: Message “License generated!” => OK (so where is the license ???)

And when I tryed to launch the game from “StarCraft II.exe” and “SC2Switcher.exe”, I have those errors messages…

- When I used the menu “Battle Account”, i have this…
- When I used the menu “guest”, this…

I have blocked “StarCraft II.exe” and “SC2Switcher.exe” in my firewall but without succes…

You have an idea or we are waiting an other crack for the 1.3.1 version ?



not news for the update 1.3.1 ???

I have blocked “StarCraft II.exe” and “SC2Switcher.exe” in my FireWall (GData) but when i launch the game with Internet connected, the game download the patch 1.3.1… I disabled my Internet connection to played, not really cool ;)


Hello! cdcgead interesting cdcgead site!

Very nice site!

how to play with AI in Starcraft.2.Wings.of.Liberty.PROPER-Razor1911 ?
please help me !!!

play as guest, you don’t need to login on first screen when you start the game

I guess the game is working only on 1.3.0 patch, but I think its enough. AI is unlocked after finishing singleplayer campaign and its working just fine.


when i play as guest, need offline authorization

please help me, i use crack razor 1911

keytro.exe keeps saying i don’t have the right permission to run this.
help please

Hello! bcdafca interesting bcdafca site!

Very nice site!

Is working in 1.3.2 ? this you say defekator?

my sc2 is version 1.3.2 and im using vxor offline program and the sc2allin1 for the launcher to play skirmish and it works.

hey vanlord, what’s this vxor offline program.. is this the “RazorDOX sc2_copy”? that defekator posted? can you elaborate on which files and how you launched them?

Yes, please tell us more about this vxor offline program ! The game won’t run (connected or not to the internet) before it updates to patch 1.3.2 and after that it requests to authorize the client for offline gameplay.

Any way around this ?

guys, i am also looking for the cracked for sc2 1.3.2
so far i know that there is a perfect cracked works on chinese version only , some chinese famous fansites even post it those on their homepage. (you know china “allows” and “cheers for” cracked and pirate)

XJ can I get the address for the site you are talking about?

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