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FIFA Manager 10 Patch 5-World Cup Mode-Crack-RELOADED

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 - 13:27
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FIFA.Manager.10.Update.5.WC 2010-RELOADED
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FIFA Manager 10 Patch 5 (c) EA Sports

RELEASE.DATE .. 9/06/2010
DISC(S) .. 1
GAME.TYPE …: Sports

FIFA MANAGER 10 – World Cup Mode is an update for FIFA MANAGER 10 that lets
the user enjoy the thrill and atmosphere of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South
Africa. Do you have what it takes to become manager of the football champions
of the world?

A full 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa play through just takes between 20
minutes and 3 hours depending on the user’s style of play. It is an ideal
game mode especially for novice football management players.


What’s new in FIFA Manager 10 Patch 5:
· play the whole World Cup in South Africa

What’s new in FIFA Manager 10 Patch
· Full database update including updated generic badges
· 56 new XXL player pictures
· 227 new standard player pictures
· 142 other new pictures
· Live Ticker update with some bug fixes

What’s new in FIFA Manager 10 Patch
· option to display the live ticker sentence by sentence
· option to display the live ticker word by word
· finished matches in live ticker now change their colour
· no commentary in live ticker conference mode
· massive increase of UK player pictures and of the XXL pictures (1,786 new pictures, 200 additional XXL pictures)
· many additional city pictures (103) and 332 clubs with a new picture
· Ups & Downs reworked and now more difficult
· added reserve leagues to various countries (Bulgaria etc.)
· option to lock players on the scouting list (excludes them from Delete All)
· option to scout a whole list of players (up to 20) with one click (no drag&drop of every single player required)
· original shirts in the 3rd Division and in the regional leagues of Germany
· ONLINE: Goals and ratings are displayed on the player info screen, additional warnings
· ONLINE: New player condition tooltip
· ONLINE: Extension of the highscore list to 50,000 players
· CaC bug in Portugal fixed
· contract offers for players with a remaining contract longer than 6 months no longer possible
· less talent changes for highly talented players, more changes for player with less talent
· maximum 10-years contract at Game Start
· colors now work in the stadium editor
· fan banners issues solved in the stadium editor
· height and weight of the player manager work correctly
· problem with the Champions Cup screen (crash team>personal life) fixed
· overlapping Line-up screen in the 3D match fixed (still opens for injuries)
· less penalties in the 3D match
· less handballs in the 3D match
· goalkeepers not as good as after Update 2
· Shift feature for player suggestions during half-time
· Hall of Fame rule (options) now working

What’s new in FIFA Manager 10 Patch
New Features Offline Mode:
· huge database update (database of 24/11)
· option to either load the latest EA database or the Editor database (e.g. with your own data) at game start
· various new player pictures (focus on Coca Cola Championship)
· new Hall of Fame player pictures of retired players in the UK (only very few, but will become more in the future)
· new live ticker text
· complete historic league results of the Bundesliga since the very first matchday back in 1963
· additional historic league results for France and Italy
· better handling of widgets in resolutions like 1440×900 (move your mouse pointer over a widget to see it completely)
· improved website headlines
· pre-selected half-time talks (save some mouse clicks)
· option to switch off the display of song titles in the main menu

New Features Online Mode:
· new “Away from Keyboard” feature
· if you join a running game, you now get the status of the game, that is, at which point of the week the other users currently are (e.g. the main menu or a matchday). This way you can quickly estimate how long it will take you to actually join the game.
· click on a game in the game list to see its participants
· the market value of the next auctioned player is given on the transfer market overview screen
· team levels and the current matchday are now part of the match screen
· the timeline icons (goals, cards, substitutions), already used in the offline mode, will now also be seen online
· you can add another manager to your friend list directly from the respective manager info screen (available by right clicking on your avatar in the main menu)
· option for the host to set the maximum number of humans players
· date displayed on all menu sub-screens
· manager points on friends list
· manager points comparison happens more often
· option to turn off the profanity filter
· draws with no clubs of human managers are skipped

Fixed Bugs:
· 3d match improvements (better and more varied shots, more realistic number of cards, improved passing, improved goalkeepers, defenders react faster, more realistic handballs, improved 1 on 1 against the goalkeeper, more realistic back passes)
· several small Action Mode improvements
· various tuning efforts (e.g. tactical education, loss of acceleration for older players now slower)
· improved website (e.g. added a second club name to transfer news, manager info if you click on a picture)
· about 140 different other bug fixes in total
· about 40 graphical improvements and screen layout changes (e.g. Player Training Progress)

Some Examples:
· CaC problem in Italy
· “moved” clubs in France
· sometimes too much income when winning an indoor tournament
· “players sometimes end their careers too early” problem
· line-up crash (when saving a player list)
· not displayed goals in highlight mode
· long-term simulation crash
· improved AI training camp selection
· Ups & Downs now work for again for the player manager
· missing tooltips in replay mode
· won European Super Cup now added to the trophy list
· Hall of Fame: User pictures are now displayed correctly
· More realistic personal sponsor contracts for managers with a high manager level
· more modern German first names
· Youth department: Extension crash fixed
· Delegate transfers: Assistant now makes better use of the money
· Tactics/first team: Icons for crossing positions are now correct
· several graphical problems fixed at game start in the 1024×720 screen resolution
· user/additional desktop objects are now saved (no need to position them again after loading the save game)
· special characters are now correctly displayed on Russian OS
· Game start: Removed the cheat to start with more teams than allowed
· Player talks/Promises: Player levels no longer visible in UK version
· Live Ticker: Manager shouts no longer disabled after creating a player manager
· multiple player managers problem
· Pre-match screen: Background for international cup matches no longer dark
· Relegated players screen: Now with the option to add them to the short list or to scout them
· Stadium editor: Slope problem
· player manager can now make substitutions in Live Ticker match
· _PLAYER_CORNER_LEFT issues in Live Ticker fixed
· ONLINE: Matchday – sorting of the live table now works correctly
· ONLINE: Matchday – User receives ” 0 actions available” at the beginning of the match
· ONLINE: 8-player crash fixed
· ONLINE: Trophy images missing in the player stats
· ONLINE: Improved referee names

Install notes

1. Unrar.
2. Apply the update 5
3. Copy and replace the cracked content.
4. Play


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awesome! thank you so much!

I got this error when tryin the patch in windows 7

“The installation is not possible. There is already a later version of the game installed.”

this is crack only, update is

anyway did you installed other patches from internet ?

andy you must past original exe to your directory

I tried your crack, the app crashes when you start a new game (loading a database).
Could you fix that?

how did ual download fifa 10 crack????????????

I think your website’s crap

when i try to start in world cup mode it waits for hours then kicks me out. could somebody help me? (i tried uninstall and install again then install the patch 5 then cracked it)

you can play in normal mode ?
if you can’t means that your pc can’t handle the game and you need a upgrade

i updated, but now my manager level is permanently level 20 at newgame. if i didn’t select a team it stays at normal level, but again when on the first match day it changes to level 20 without a reason. Its reloaded version, what can i do? do i have to wait for fifamanager 11 to play again on normal level.

don’t know because i didn’t used this patch, but always is good to make a backup of your saves before update, just in case.

i cant change my tactics or make any substitutions during match viewed in text mode. What’s up with that???

anyone have original .exe and rld

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