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Dead Rising 2 Crack-SKIDROW

Saturday, September 25th, 2010 - 12:47
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Dead Rising II (c) Capcom

RELEASE DATE : 25-09-2010
PROTECTION : SecuROM + xlive
GAME TYPE : Action

The zombie hordes are on the move and this time it’s more than just a shopping centre they’ve invaded. As new character Chuck Greene you’re on a mission to save your daughter as the whole of Las Vegas stand-in Fortune City is overrun.

With thousands of zombies (the slow-moving kind) on screen at once you can’t shoot them all, so it’s a good job you can also bludgeon them with roulette wheels, croupier sticks and even a stuffed moose head you can wear on your head and run at them with.

There are guns, knives, swords and other more traditional weapons too, including the “paddle saw” – two chainsaws attached to each end of a boat paddle. For the first time you don’t just get to use these weapons in the story campaign, but also an all-new multiplayer mode where you must compete to kill (or re-kill) as many of the shambling undead as possible.
Key Features

* Game of the Dead: A new character, new location and hundreds of new ways to kill the undead makes this the most fun you can possibly have in a zombie apocalypse.
* Lethal weapons: If you can pick it up you can use it to kill a zombie with – from swords and guns to plant pots, stuffed marlins and every type of chainsaw imaginable.
* Smash T.V.: Take part in the new Terror is Reality TV show, as Dead Rising goes multiplayer for the first time and you compete online to take out the most zombies possible.
* Vehicular combat: Chuck is an ex-motorcross champion but it’s not just motorbikes he gets to ride but everything from golfcarts to a giant Gladiators style hamsterball.
* Thousands of ‘em: The last game had around 800 zombies on screen at once, this one goes up to a massive 6,000. Their bodies don’t disappear until you leave an area either.

About the Developer: Blue Castle Games
The first three games from this Canadian developer were all baseball titles and although well received it was still a big shock when they were announced as the developers of Dead Rising 2, working together with Japanese publisher Capcom to create a more Western-friendly game.

Install Notes:

1. Install the game
2. Extract content of the crack archive to your game folder and overwrite
5. Play


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do i really need to purchase sth so i can play normally?(save/load)


I can’t save either can someone post a guide for that ???? PLEASEEEEE!!!!

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