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Crysis 2 MultiPlayer Crack Play + Update 1.1

Monday, March 28th, 2011 - 22:37
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Crysis 2 Patch 1.1 + MultiPlayer Crack Play-NoGrp
Crysis II update 1.01

Crysis 2 Crack for Multiplayer and Update 1 (c) EA

Release Date: 28-03-2011
Game Type : FPS
Size: 105 MB

Game info:

Eventhough resourceful PC gamers have already found workarounds to some of the issues that have been affecting Crysis 2, an update has been released that fixes some of the early issues that players have complained about. Some of the highlights of the patch include: Matchmaking changes, Cheater Detection, and Auto Aim removal are among the biggies.

One that was complained about heavily by PC fans is the auto aim feature of the game. It was removed completely just because a large portion of the PC gaming community voiced their disgust in the new feature. The full list of new features can be found below.


Server Browser shows incorrect pings – Fixed
Some matches never initiate – Fixed
Faster text chat – As speedy as can be
Console re-enabled – Console has been re-activated
Cheat detection – Now in place to ensure all users are on a level playing field
Fix USB headset issues – Current issues have been addressed and fixed
Fix hologram icon staying on screen after being used – Fixed
Remove Auto Aim – This has now been completely removed due to overwhelming community feedback

How to install

1. Extract from achive
2. Copy original exe to your crysis/bin32 director
3. Run Crysis 2 v1.1 Update.exe
4. Copy v1.1 cracked file to your game directory
5. Play the game

With this crack you can play Multiplayer.
Register free online account and enjoy!
If you ask for CD Key, enter what you what key you want, but not simpe as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX !!
dont forget to put dashes”-” after each four,try to make it unique…do not use simple keys jumble it up… the virus problem is fixed on this release.

Update: Crysis_2_v1.1-FLTDOX is out, but no idea if their release include multiplayer crack


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  3. Crysis 2 UPDATE v1.1 with MultiPlayer-iND

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113 Responses to Crysis 2 MultiPlayer Crack Play + Update 1.1

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| \ /_____ / / \ ______/_____ /_____\ / |
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\/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ (nw!)
ÚÄÄÄÄ FairLight DOX Division Presents: ÄÄÄÄ¿
ÚÙ Crysis 2 v1.1 *Cracked* ³
³ (c) Electronic Arts ³
: Cracked by: FAiRLiGHT : : Release Date: 28/03/11 :
³ Packaged by: FAiRLiGHT ³ ³ # of Options: N/A ³
³ Type: [ ] Manual/Reference Card ³ ³ Type: Crack ³
³ [ ] Walkthrough ³ ³ ³
³ [ ] Strategy Guide ³ ³ ³
: [ ] Cheat/Trainer ³ ³ :
: [x] Patch ³ ³ ³
³ Number of archives: x ³ ³ ³

Changes coming with this patch:

– Server Browser shows incorrect pings – Fixed
– Some matches never initiate – Fixed
– Faster text chat – As speedy as can be
– Console re-enabled – Console has been re-activated
– Cheat detection – Now in place to ensure all
users are on a level playing field
– Fix USB headset issues – Current issues
have been addressed and fixed
– Fix hologram icon staying on screen after being used – Fixed
– Remove Auto Aim – This has now been completely removed
due to overwhelming community feedback


– Install the update
– Copy the crack to the installed dir, overwrite when prompted


ÚÙ +-+ Kindest regards – FairLight DOX 2011 +-+ ÚÙ

how many characters in this serial ?!

serial have 20.
reply if works, didn’t had time to make an account

It works! don’t type numbers. use captital letters. make it something like this:
LMAO-LAWL-ROFL-COPT-ERSS :D , I already used that one btw

is there virus in this release? does it make the game lag or anything??

didn’t you read entire article

lol ye just downloaded and installed works like charm xD


thank you for sharing GoD bless you

sharing is caring

hey guys need help …. when i try to launch crysis 2 a message appears telling that my graphic card isn’t supported after i play for a while …. the game crushes & shows another error. ANY IDEAS ?!

when i try to go on a match in multy it says thatthe key code is in use ….pls help

@SoaP Just try to think of a unique serial code, the reason it says the serial is already in use is becuase it is… i first used a: ROFL-LMAO etc. type of serial but that one was taken so i just thought of something unique and it worked!

Hi all,
I have a problem. I played Crysis 2 1.0 in Campaign without any errors and treats. After campaign, I decided to play Crysis 2 Multiplayer.
I downloaded this update and crack, then followed the instructions.
1. I copied original exe to bin32 and updated game succesufully (I think so, becouse after update there was a note that the patch installed succesfully).
2. After update, I copied crack 1.1 (Crysis2.exe) to folder bin32 and replaced him with the original exe.
3. Then I runned it, double clicked, then it showed Loading and nothing happend, game won’t start, it just won’t load. I tried to run with administrator and tried to run Crysis2Launcher.exe too.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

This crack works for single playxer too? :)

i had the game already cracked and don’t know sure
if don’t work SP check this

@Daniel. ya same thing happens to me. help pls any 1?

HELP PLS! Did all the instructions… then when i click to play the game it jsut doesnt start up… help.

Thanks a lot man u the best.

please help me some1… lol. it wont open the game after i apply the crack etc.

LOOOL DUDE!! IT’S WORKING!!!!!!!!!!! As Meshuggah sad just use capital letters :) ) Thank you!!!!!!!!

Hello! I have a question. When u say copy the original exe to ur crysis bin32 u mean exactly there? Because my Windows are 64 bit so it had to be copied on the 64 bit folder right?

serial code already in use… any help?

try another code
what you enter should be unique

An update 1.2 is released should i get it or wait for an crack release?And will it be, one? Plz reply

i just cant get it working :/, it always says it isnt a real serial. .

it’s because was released update 2..
probably will be here in next few days

I cant get it work too now always says it isn’t a real serial :( i hope they’ll crack it thx so much for your work !

oh k thanks :D i tougth it was onley me, but ty alot,

it aint working anymore :S

you can still play multiplayer.
1) disable your internet connection.
2) Start crysis 2.
3) enable your internet.
4) login and play multiplayer.
5) enjoy!

sry at first it was working but now it is not working.

probably can be avoided once the key algoritm is figured out.


1) uninstall the game
2) reinstall the game
3) when installed, delete the file ‘Crysis2Launcher’ [copy it to a safe place just incase before u delete]
4) follow the steps in the multiplayer crack file [this torrent]
5) start the game, login and play!!

it works 100% for me!!

WOW works great, man! I just entered completely random code, with numbers then letters in a patter like this: abcd-1234-efgh-5678-ijkl. that was not my code that I used though. just a completely random one. :P

I don’t needed to reinstall game..I only removed the Crysis2Launcher.exe (so I copied it to desktop)..then I wrote a new serial key and it works for me :-)

It doesn’t work anymore. When comes the 1.2 crack?

@SnoopY: yea it could work, but if it doesnt work for many people, it’s better to use my steps..
the thing is that the ‘Crysis2Lanucher’ automaticaly downloads the v1.2 patch and that disables this crack, so just use my steps to play online again!!

oh nevermind.. it desn’t work anymore :(

oh nevermind.. it doesn’t work anymore :(

Yep, it doesn’t work again.. :-(

yeah, doesn´t work anymore to me to, but was cool play a 2011 game in multiplayer 4 free… tnx to the cracker!

game is very cool but i always have problem with a MP….Around 16-24 o’clock cry2 works for me but in the morning it doesnt work and its says ”invalid cd key”…i tried ALL solution like 1.1 and 1.2 patch cracked with deleted launcher but it was working yesterday but now its says again ”invalid cd key”….btw 1.2 Patch is cool a lot of bugs fixed and that patch has 30-40 servers….

@Zone3: where did u get the 1.2 crack from?

write on google ”Crysis 2 1.2 patch mp play”…..but its not problem with patch,i cant play mp on 1.2 and 1.1 patch its same shit…..problem is that cd key is sometimes valid sometimes invalid….so we need to find another solution to crack MP because i love that game and i’m realy like that game..:D…<3


hey .. multiplayer is working for me now it dosent ask for valid serial key..


Couldn’t play MP yesterday but today played a lot of hours, logged in 2 p.m. (GMT -3) and now (0 a.m.) cant log. Tomorrow I’ll try logging in 2 p.m. again.
Don’t wanna buy the game, singleplayer sucks a lot (terrible story, weak links between levels and gameplay not as fluid as Crysis 1).
Multiplayer is great but, dunno, don’t want to waste my money on this after the singleplayer crap.
Crysis 1 was great, Crysis 2, Y U NO TOO?

well thats sucks….:P….lol….i was playing yesterday at 10 o’clock but today i played 1-2 hours in the morning and after that i quit the game…after 10 minutes i wanted to play cry2 again but it said:”invalid cd key”…lol….

lol.. same thing happened with me

are you playing the game in v.1.1 or 1.2 if 1.2 how plz someone a link or smth??? is 1.2 cracked or no crack needed ???

For me the serial that I write in sometimes works and after a while it says that the serial is already in use…. Also if the serial works and I can connect to a server just before getting to play it says The connection has been lost :( Any thoughts?

this hapens to all..go to servers with the ea trademark at the i can play from 2 until 12..if u go out one time u cant play again after midnight,,in greece,,i dont the hours ea let us play in other countries,,check it out..

and only with 1.1 patch..

probably this it’s just a marketing strategy.
if they wanted, can be stopped, and nobody will no longer play with a cracked game

Today I played like seven hours, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m (GMT -3). Stopped because my connection was lost. Read, banned. I was already signed in and could browse servers, when tried to join, a serial message appeared.

I agree, guess it’s a marketing strategy. Maybe EA hopes people play the cracked multiplayer and buy this crap game (multiplayer is great, but what multiplayer game isn’t?).

Its 9 p.m. and can’t log in. I’ll play tomorrow. Cya, guys!

I forgot, I play game version 1.3 with 1.2 crack, look for it at torrent sites.

was the multiplayer working today? i got invalid serial the whole day.

its working perfectly now

hey did u guys notice that the servers decrease everyday??
there were so many servers yesterday but there r none 2day :S

20 servers available and 10 of them are with E.A trademark but the problem is that 7/10 has high ping like 250….so that sucks……:P…and one more prob. is that HYPERNIA and UK servers are not available..:P….

yea but why dont we get get like 1000+ servers??

becayse we playing cracking…and the server es nse is always there,,u guys can play there,,but only pier and skyline and unranked..i believe in some days we can not play to any server…

How many servers do exist for official game?
I can see a maximum of 31, and most of them are full!
Yesterday I got the serial message all of the day.

now its 15 servers available for me….OMG….-.-

i guess its best if we just buy the game.. no need to whine about everything then..

that wan the plan fron the beggining from free some hours a day and then to bye it…

17:15 and no myltiplayer until now..anyone played today?

ahh forget crysis 2.. BLACK OPS FOR LIFE!!!

did you tried 1.2 cracked update ?

yea it works.. but very less servers

yeWYHF I’m out of lgeuae here. Too much brain power on display!


Ok guys is this fake or not.
It looks fake to me

both cracked updates seems to don’t work now..
patch 1 was working for a long time, but EA found how to block that.
few users with 1.2 still say they can play. maybe on next update you will can again (or you could try 1.2 to see if you’re lucky)

I can’t play anymore, just get the serial error. I’ll try one last time tomorrow.

Logged today and there was only sever or eight ranked servers, plus ten or twelve unranked.
Couldn’t log on ranked server, all of them were full.
Sad :/

Please i beginn youu… !!
the single its working.
but the multiplayer not warking its say i need siriel… please help me !!!!

So … here is the deal, to play multiplayer 1.1 or 1.2 as all who play knows, you have to be logged from 17:00 to 02:00 GMT +1 in order to play thats a rough guess. (adjust your time according your GMT zone)

I type random serial key but all the time it comes as “serial code invalid”.PLS HELP!!!

Can anyone give me the serial code to play crysis 2 online???????PLEASEEEEEEE!!!

Hello! gkfecad interesting gkfecad site!

Very nice site!

try to install latest update from torrent tracker, create a unique serial and ‘hope to work’

Can i still play single player with this crack? :)

i think you need this crack for single player
this (was) worked with mp

i have crack that works single player but i ask can play single player and multyplayer when i crack with this crack

try to install latest update from torrent tracker (1.4) if EA didn’t patched the servers will work, if not wait for 1.5

What ever serial code i enter its said “Serial Code is incorrect. A valid serial is required to play Multiplayer” :P :(

so does this patch never work now? or does it sometimes work?
i get the dreaded “invalid seriel” message… so should i just try it at another time of day?

please help!- ive been looking for a patch for about 3 days now- im even thinking about playing COD MW online again if this doesnt work :P

EA patched servers no multiplayer until a new update is available and cracked

CD-keys for free
for all version


WOW it worked ! thanks a lot

When I open Crysis 2 an Activation Manager appears and
asking for a serial key pls. HELP!

internetten oynamak için bir seri kodu gereklidir diyo belki 5 tane yazdım olmadı neden lütfen yardımcı olun…

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