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Crysis 2 Crack Only-FLT

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 - 23:12
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Crysis II Game cracked

Crysis 2 (c) Electronic Arts

Release Date: 24/03/2011
Cracked by: FAIRLIGHT
Game Type: FPS
Size: 30 MB
Protection: SolidShield


Crysis 2 is the sequel to one of the greatest PC first-person shooters yet
created. Featuring futuristic war, gorgeous destruction and the chance to
kick alien butt on the grandest stage of all, New York City, Crysis 2 is
destined at the least to equal its predecessor, if not surpass it.
Additional features include: challenging AI enemies in the single player
campaign, 12-player support online, new and improved upgradable Nanosuit 2
technology and more.

The world has been ravaged by a series of climatic disasters and society is
on the verge of total breakdown. Now the aliens have returned, with a full
invasion force bent on nothing less than the total annihilation of mankind,
starting by trying to rip the heart out of Earth’s most iconic city.

In New York, terrifying alien invaders stalk the streets and a nightmare
plague strikes down the city’s myriad inhabitants with brutal epidemic
speed. The city’s systems are in chaos, its streets and skyline are
smashed and in flaming ruin. This is New York City like you’ve never seen
it before. Neither paramilitary law enforcement nor the might of the US
military machine can stand against the invaders, and all who choose not to
flee are dead men walking. Just to survive in this maelstrom of death will
require technology beyond anything any modern soldier has ever seen.

Installation Information:

* Install game
* Copy content of the crack archive to your game folder and replace Crysis2.exe when prompted
* Play !


Crysis 2 Gameplay Crysis 2 Gameplay

Crysis 2 Screens Crysis 2 In game

Crysis 2 Screenshots


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36 Responses to Crysis 2 Crack Only-FLT

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I guess I’ll test it then…

i knew it, skidrow isn’t capable to crack this and reloaded probably play the sims

Confirmed working. Thanks FLT!

good work flt

gooddd crack!!


Thanks… work perfect…

All right
tnx man
works even with the chinese upload

Crysis 2 Crack Only from FLT. FAIRLIGHT released the proper crack for Crysis 2 for PC. Download Crysis 2 Crack from torrents and multiple file hosts. This Crysis 2 crack works also with CLONEDVD version.


Hi, does it work for 1.0 or 1.1 (patched) version?

1.0, we gonna have to wait for the one working with 1.1

you know what guys? you really choose awesome host sites to download from. /sarcasm.

Crysis 2-FLT (Crack Only)

Single Link, Fast, Resumable 2-FLT (Crack Only).rar

Theres’s no Extreme graphics option its the same as the beta leaked iit’s the same as beta the only thing is that there’s no support for 64bit

LoL,FLT is the Team of people not a person……


Console doesn’t work. This crack needs to be updated to the newer patch which re-enables console.

nice flt, works perfect!

FLT can u make a crack for tron evolution???? reloaded’s one has many probs!(viruses with rld.dll..and ingame probs)

So this crack is only for 1.0??? It asked me to install the 1.1 patch and I did…Guess I’ll have to wait a while.

Doesn’t work for me, when I put all the contents of the crack into the game folder, and run the exe, it says “game folder game was not found”. Any help, guys?

Lol to the guy complaining about skidrow or something… unless you havnt realised, theyre the same people XD fairlight, reloaded and all that just different devisions of skidrow XD people will say no im wrong but if youve ever got a recent skidrow crack it states it pretty obviously if you run skidrow.exe

Im having a problem, when i finish the mission “sudden impact” i think that is the name, the game crashes and ask to be closed o.o

YMMD with that asnwer! TX

its askin for a serial what shall i do?!

Does this allow Multiplayer?

I have the Crysis 2 FTL iso downloaded.
Where can I find the crack for v1.2 + Multiplayer for the FLT release?

check latest crysis update from torrent tracker
but low chances to play MP, ea already patched servers..

There are so many bloody Crack Releases, its hard to tell which one is the correct one to download, or which will even work. I would be fine with just the newest version of the game, doesn’t even have to include multiplayer… the Crysis 2 Patch fixes some of the glitches.

Damn EA to hell!

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