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Assassins Creed 2 Crack Only-SKIDROW

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 - 20:22
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Assassins Creed II *cracked* (c) Ubisoft

RELEASE DATE : 21-04-2010
GAME TYPE : Action

more info & system requirements

Install Notes:

1. Unpack release
2. Mount image or burn it
3. Install
4. Run the v1.01 update exe from UPDATE folder on the DVD or let the game auto update by itself
5. Copy the content from the SKIDROW folder on the DVD to
these locations and overwrite. 32 bit is for both XP, Vista
and Win7 editions. 64 bit for Vista and Win7 locations.

32 bit version:
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher folder

64 bit version:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher folder

6. Play the game

Special Notes:

Thank you Ubisoft, this was quiet a challenge for us, but
nothing stops the leading force from doing what we do. Next
time focus on the game and not on the DRM. It was probably
horrible for all legit users. We just make their life easier.

if you have problems with this crack get the proper fix


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112 Responses to Assassins Creed 2 Crack Only-SKIDROW

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The AVG shows ‘ubiorbitapi_r2.dll’ as virus. Any say on that?

@Lost, should be a false alert.
be sure you downloaded from first links posted not submitted by users

Thanks for thre upload, I’d love to know how they did it.

AVG is giving false positives for this, scans clean with Kaspersky,

THX btarena,
works 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ths skydrow too

i instaled the game, then upgraded it to the version 1.01 and then applied the crack.
the thing is, when i try to run the game i get the error “ubisoft game launcher: error code 2″ and says that was unable to find the ubisoft game launcher.. already tried to re-install the game and nothing :S

does anyone knows why this is happening?

same for me!!! wy!!!

the same happens to me…I tried everything, and everywhere I find this patch it says the same, but I got that error: “unable to find ubisofrt game launcher….error code 2, if anyone knows the answer I think hugo, alucard and I would be really appreciated :) I want to play this game!!!

same here.. some help pls!

DON’T update the game, the crack work only with 1.0 game

are you sure??I found everywhere that we should update it first, you even have the updater inside the folder, but well if you say so I will try it :)

it worked. thanks asdasd3.

it worked for me too!!! I dont know how but after trying and trying it worked :P thanks asdasd3 :) I will start playing after finishing prototype :P thanks skidrow too!

Great! It Worked, thanks Skidrow…. i hope you able to cracked more of a ubisoft games to remove this damn DRM.

Amiable dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

great!… good job skid row guys. keep up the “good” work :)

i downloaded from

the skidrow.exe has a root kit virus Win32:Rootkit-gen
reported by avast

it’s a false alarm

I cant find this Ubisoft Game Launcher folder, when i install the game i dont find this folder, and i dont understand if i should run the skidrow.exe file or i just copy it in the folder i cant find, i’m sorry but its complicated for me!

excelent work, i just copied the SKIDROW files into the Ubisoft Game Launcher folder and it worked perfect, thanx

Oh man that you so much quest of your despatch at settle time. It helped me in my assignment. Thanks Alot

those having

“error code 2″

the problem is with your antivirus software(avg , avast).
how to fix :
1) turn of your antivirus software
2) copy the and paste the skidrow crack
3) launch the game

you can turn on the antivirus software once the game is running. make sure to turn off the antivirus software before you launch of the game.

what if im using microsoft security essentials? the skidrow.exe doesnt work after pressing space
can you help? thanks.

hey sorry, i’ve installed the game, used the crack ecc. but when i run the game i click space but it doesn’t work
anyone can help me pls?

Hey thanks for the crack. Worked well for me to begin with, but has stopped working for some reason. I’m halfway through the game and its very frustrating. Can anyone help?

do i have to make an account on uplay tou start the game?
i put a name and a pass in the fields and press start, but always says to put original name and pass cause it not found, pls help me


I have 2 problems,

1. I can not patch it, if i try it gives an Error, the error message says i cant install 1.0.1 because it only runs on 1.0
2. I dragged the Crack to the Assasins Creed II folder, But when i start the game, it wants me to register, i tried this, but than i need a serial, and cant continue…

Anyone have a Solution?

@messi, maybe your antivirus think is something bad (try to whitelist) delete it
or reinstall then apply the fix (keep your save files)
@for others who still have problems try the crack fix (link above)

Thank you SKIDROW!!!

i don’t find image someone can help me?

there is just the crack.
if you downloaded a torrent, extract with winrar sr-acii.rar and will result the iso image which is needed for install of the game

For all the people getting the errors, have anybody thought of doing it the otherway around? I cracked first then patch after – works fine.

i had to search a little but worked perfect ! many thanks :D

I played the game and completed the first sequence and in the next mission in which we have to learn to seal and blend, the game stops responding,was this crack only upto this point please tell me how to fix this. THANKS

please help me the game stops after 1st sequence after the talk with paola the game stops responding was the crack only upto this point please help me fix this.

1. Unpack release
2. Mount image or burn it

There’s nothing for me to mount on. Am I downloading the right one?

In the .rar file I only have;


crack folder

There isn’t any file for me to mount. Help please? Preferably step by step.

this is crack only
you can get image to install here:
install the game, install update 1.01 and copy the crack
after this you can play

help, after installing the assassin’s creed ii, i cant seem to run it. i dont even have the “ubisoft game laucher” folder available after the install, but am sure it was installed.
“error code 2″ any help pls?

I got the same problem like Mach331 and Kaspro. I installed the game first time having both folders AC and Ubisoft game launcher after reinstalling for newer skidrow crack the ubisoft game launcher folder dissapeared (or heavent been installed) so now I cant play. Any solution to this please?

can anyone answer robin’s ques… he has the same prob. with me…
I have 2 problems,

1. I can not patch it, if i try it gives an Error, the error message says i cant install 1.0.1 because it only runs on 1.0
2. I dragged the Crack to the Assasins Creed II folder, But when i start the game, it wants me to register, i tried this, but than i need a serial, and cant continue…

Anyone have a Solution?


when you play the game… disable antivirus.. it’s work for me…

plz is this for the white screen prob plz repli

if you get just a white screen maybe your pc need an upgrade or you don’t have latest video drivers

same probleme with the error code 2

i didnt update it and it worked i played the game 2 days and the code error 2 reaapperd /:::: idont fucking now ;;; what happend my save was deleted and the game dont want to stars ????

what m i supposed 2 do if i have the v1.01 already installed?? some1 plz giv me a link to the depatcher or something availabe

everyone you have to download the ubisoft game luncher from….i swear i’ve tried it and it worked:D:Denjoy the game:P

hi all, i hav a problem. the ubiorbitapi_r2.dll for the folder skidrow i cant copy it from the says read-only n cant copy. how to solve it?

i installed the game with .rar parts
after that i double click on the application to run the game iit says ubisoft game launcher error i downloaded the ubisoft game laucncher then its says error code 2
i used the crack only did noy know how to use it

You need to disable you antivirus when copying !!!AND EVEN WHEN PLAYING!!! If not, you will get antivirus message randomly during you play and the game will crash…

Only file you need to crack the game is ubiorbitapi_r2.dll from rar.
Just overwrite the ubiorbitapi_r2.dll file in:
Win XP, Vista x32, 7 x32:
C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher
Win Vista x64, 7 x64:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher

This worked for me, I’ve updated game to 1.01 and works fine!!!

My sequence freezes after i bring the broken blade to leonardo and ezzio puts it on. All the other menus work fine like Q or tab or main menu. Just the sequence has frozen…. Any ideas?

i’cant even find the ‘ubisoft launch folder’

when i start the game it tells me to givin the serialkey….

can anyone pleaseeee explaine how to use the crack and install the game properly


righty ho then dbrand, ill do my best.
I presume you have an iso? You have installed it to C:/, and now have the ubiorbitapi_r2.dll crack file. Your assassins creed 2 folder is named Assasin’s creed 2. Your Ubisoft Launcher is named similarly.
Find the Ubisoft Launcher folder in Start, Computer, C:/, Program Files (x86), Ubisoft game launcher. That is where you copy and paste the .dll crack. Hope this helps.

PS: If you dont have Program Files (x86), then you will probably have just program files, look in there.

I have instaled the game, everithig goes fine 2 or 3 min and then it slows down………. Does anyone have this problem? PLEASE HELP I tryed everything……..uninstal, instal, upgrade everithing……….

tried setting the graphics lower? maybe your comp cant handle it…

dbrand…its polite to say whether or not the help you received is sound….

Hi my game keeps givving me the error that there is no internet connection and i trid the patch from skidow and the one where you edit youre host text and still. now withe the skidow patch it goes to download update and finishes that but doesent enter the game

Good.. It’s Worked.. :D

hi i tried this game 2 months ago and it worked fine but there is some problem in paper boy mission will this cracks fix it

i am downloading it and will let u no if it doesnt work :)

i have pasted the crack in the specified folder but it asks key for me to play the game. plz tell what should I do now.

Hello! agdddgc interesting agdddgc site!

Very nice site!

i’ll tried now, i used skidrow on other ubisoft game,, if having problem, may your windows not good comunicated with this crack

I did everything, and when I start the game, an empty window comes up, and stops responding. Any Idea how to fix it?

Hello! edcaddg interesting edcaddg site!

Very nice site!

thank u,thank u, thank u so much…i’ve been so desperate to play this game…finally it works without internet….thanks skidrow:)

it says the crack is infected my antivirus and its this a false alarm and if itis a false alarm why antivirus detect him as antivitus ? sory about my english

with razor crack is the same thing but is not a root kit virus Win32 is a troian drooper funn anyway i played the game and i finish him and the final is laik the as. cr. 3 will appear

with razor crack is the same thing but is not a root kit virus Win32 is a troian drooper funn anyway i played the game and i finish him and the final is laik the as. cr. 3 will have to apear and its gooood

with razor crack is the same thing but is not a root kit virus Win32 is a troian drooper funn anyway i played the game and i finish him and the final give me the impresionn like the as. cr. 3 will have to apear and its gooood

hey body i was doing update befor crack :s
what i shoold do now :s:s

Could be the GREATEST topic I read ever…

worked perfect for me even with the update
thx a lot for the crack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It didnt work for me. I’ve read through this forum and followed all hints. I deactivated my antivirus(Norton 2011), copied both skidrow and that other dll file to the Assassin’s Creed 2 folder of my C:/ drive but still get error 1: cant find game launcher. If i update the game, then i get error 2: cant find game launcher. Pls help…

thank u btarena i love u thank u very much

Your Ubisoft Game Launcher is always at C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher even if you installed to another disk.
You installed your game at D:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Assassin’s Creed II
Your Ubisoft Game Launcher is at C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher

go to Ubisoft Game Launcher is always at C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher
and copy the crack inside there

Hope Helped…

Hey everyone, in the end of the game I get a real problem… See the problem is that…… Ok the secret of the game is that Several years of Ezio’s memories are inaccessible from the Animus, and Desmond only can revisit those starting in 1499, where Ezio and the Assassins plan to attack Borgia, now Pope Alexander VI at Vatican City. Ezio corners Borgia and strikes him down, but cannot come to kill him, as that will not bring back his family. Ezio uses the Apple and the Papal cross, also a Piece of Eden, and discovers the entrance to the Vault. Inside, he is confused when a holographic figure, calling herself Minerva, appears. Speaking directly to Desmond and those monitoring him in 2012, she explains that she was part of a far more advanced society that initially co-existed along with the early humans on Earth before they faced each other in war. A global catastrophe occurred that nearly wiped out both sides, and the survivors joined together to construct temples across the Earth to allow humans to prevent a similar catastrophe in the future. Before the hologram disappears, she warns Desmond, by name, that “the rest is up to you”. Shortly after recovering this memory, Desmond and the others are forced to flee with the Animus from their location as Abstergo troops surround it. As they head towards a safehouse, Lucy explains that there are newly-discovered weaknesses in the Earth’s magnetic field; a solar flare striking this weakness would cause a similar level of global destruction as described by Minerva. Desmond resolves to help the Assassins find these temples and prepares to reenter the Animus.

it worked very very good thanx :)

crack contains dangerous damaged my pc.fuck you basterd skidrow.


Guys u all r awesome….I did exactly what u all suggested & it worked 100% fine.
Thanks guys:)
And last but not the least Fuck u Ubisoft for i was stuck with the crack for so long,not knowing what 2 do with the crack.
“I just downloaded the crack from the link u all provided and copied & pasted it in the ubisoft game launcher folder.”………Thanks again.

hello, I try several times to install iso from SKIDROW (RESPECT TO THEM) but Ubisoft Game Launcher is not there after installation. Installation of UGL itself doesn´t work too-no UGL directory.Pls where is the problem? I have Win 7 64bit.Thanx a lot.

Cant work it out, when you say install do you mean run “Setup”, well if so, im stuck. When I try to run the “Setup” file I only get the error message:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (135)

@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) Non IE/Netscape 38096.68

Oh and btw im using Windows 7, so i cant see why some shit about XP is coming up. Please help me!

hey guys …. when i update and try to copy the DLL to ubisoft laucher i don’t find the it in program files ….. i mean i don’t find UBISOFT directory !!!!! what to do ???

probably you installed the game in other place, try search function from windows and find where is that folder

Ahhh, it wants a Serial Key?

when i start the game, its start in story mode. is it right ? have to play in story mode ? no other option is there to play….
plz help….
thanks a lot to you….

yes, just story mode

thanks alex

fuck you!!
your links does not work you stupid bloody skidrow

Hello! eceedfb interesting eceedfb site!

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when i start the game…its shows updating launcher…and after it finishes updating…nothing happens…wht do i do??

For those that have the launcher problem. I got that problem too, because I had other games (like the Brotherhood sequel) installed too, and they countered the skidrow crack. The solution which worked for me, was to uninstall the Ubisoft Game Launcher from the Control Panel, – then go and delete anything in its folder that was left. Afterwards I reinstalled the Launcher from the Assassin’s Creed II dvd – its in the \Support\GameLauncher folder, and applied the skidrow crack.

If you do this you will lose previous save games from this game, and other games (like Brotherhood) will probably not work, but Assassin’s Creed II will start.

ne mogu da skinem glupavi crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello! beefeab interesting beefeab site!

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I am thanking you GUYS from my heart…………you guys really rock……you did a great job back there……once again thankyou brothers…….may safety and peace be with you……..


avira reports a virus in file is it false or not

thanks a lot…

it’s false positive, almost 100%

Funcionou depois que instalei o GameLauncher quie está dentro da pasta suportt e por final copiei o conteudo da pasta SkidRow dentro desta pasta.

Should i launch the skidrow application to run the game? If so my screen exits after i press space…some1 plz help me!!!

668167 689454wohh precisely what I was seeking for, thankyou for putting up. 405903

when i run the program it says error1.. What to do..

I been browsing online more than nine hours today for &

I been reviewing online more than 7 hours today for &

I been browsing online more than 8 hours today for &

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